The Bold and the Beautiful


It’s so nice to be back in Amsterdam after spending a few days in Glasgow, Scotland. As most of you know, I was invited by the Burnt Church Film Club to make an appearance there for the film I did over 30 years ago called, “Society.” If you haven’t seen that film then you may not know what a following it has had for being one of the strangest movie ever made! Brian Yuzna, who wrote the film “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” and directed the critically acclaimed film, “Re-Animator” directed me in this film “Society” which has since become quite a cult classic around the world.

This was my first time visiting Scotland and it fell on our wedding anniversary, so two great excuses to say yes to this offer. Ronn loves a colder climate and it was a nice change from the heat we have been experiencing in Italy this past month. Now that we are back in Amsterdam, its starting to really feel like fall and I love seeing that the leaves are starting to change into all their fall colors. Life is ever changing and personally I love seeing things change and morphing into other interesting things that hopefully helps us all grow as human beings. Traveling is quite an experience because we are constantly seeing the changes of different cultures, foods and accents and this is what I love most about traveling. So I must say that Scotland was quite a quirky, but interesting experience just for the sheer fact that they drive on the opposite side of the street, speak with a distinct accent and have a much colder climate than I’m use to. The people were really down to earth and friendly also.

However, I’m more European at heart and look forward to the next couple months in Belgium and Italy where Ronn is doing many personal appearances and preparing for a much bigger music tour than we had planned. It’s been obvious that many fans miss seeing Ronn daily on television and for millions of fans he will always be their “Ridge.” So the requests for meet and greets have been getting overwhelming. Seems everyone now wants us to visit their country and meet Ronn and sometimes me and Prince. This is why we also said yes to an invite to make an appearance in Dortmund, Germany this Sunday, September 30th.  More appearances are now scheduled for Belgium and Italy in between the rehearsals for Ronn’s music tour that will now take place next summer!  Ronn is directing and starring in a commercial campaign with LooknLike for Belgium that will include some exclusive meet and greet acoustic concerts in October and November.  And Ronn’s new merchandise line will also launch his own cologne. You can find info out on all of this here.

This first meet and greet concert will be on October 7 and others will follow in early November. Other changes include a much bigger preparation for the “My Baby’s Back” world tour with band rehearsals in Italy in mid October and November, along with press appearances, as this will be a big production to present the first Ronn Moss music tour for Europe! We are also excited to announce “Ronn’s Garage” is coming back finally! We are shooting a new version in Amsterdam with a very  exciting guest to kick it off again! Life always brings us new and interesting things to share with you guys and we love sharing our lives with you, so I know you will love the new “Ronn’s Garage” concept that we are producing from Europe!

Just as there are life’s changes, there are also challenges and some of those challenges involve things from our past. In Ronn’s case, it’s been his battle with Peter Beckett and Player, of which most of you know he has filed a lawsuit against for his infringement on the trademark name.  Seems Peter Beckett has tried to steal the name of band for himself and Ronn had no choice but to file this lawsuit. I’m happy to announce we have prevailed in their attempt to dismiss our suit and a date has been set for the trial. No one, including the judge thinks of Peter Beckett alone as Player and I’m quite sure we will prevail in this dispute. It’s sad that egos and greed can ruin things once beautiful, but sometimes the universe gives you these curve balls for a good reason. These challenges become life lessons and enable growth and sometimes bigger and better things comes as a result. I believe this is true with Ronn as a musician because many of you have been asking for Ronn to sing more instead of just playing bass and doing “Baby Come Back,” as he’s been doing with Peter in concerts these past few years since leaving “The Bold and The Beautiful.” So many of you will get that wish now and see a lot more of just Ronn Moss singing all over the world!

Other challenges have included the world’s view of Ronn as “Ridge Forrester.” We can see the emotions from so many of you around the world that sincerely miss Ronn as that character he played so well for so long. He was part of your family and you miss him dearly and this is why he will always be “Ridge” to so many of you around the world. However, Brad Bell made the choice of recasting Ridge and he now wants you to accept this. Because of this change, and the fact that Ronn has moved back to music and other challenges like his role on our multiple Emmy winning Amazon series, “The Bay” as John Blackwell, it’s become obvious that Bell does not even want Ronn in photos with Katherine Kelly Lang.  Many of you have been asking why Ronn took out Kelly in the photo advertising his first personal appearance in Germany, so I felt that it should be addressed. He did that because Kelly was upset over it, which really made no sense to us? It’s nearly impossible to think of “The Bold and The Beautiful” for millions of fans in so many countries and not think of Ronn with Kelly? It’s also rightfully part of his resume’ and will always be a huge credit for him and it’s the way many of you still think of him. We have discovered that Belgium and Holland are binge watching ‘The Bold and the Beautiful” from the beginning because you miss Ronn so much and many of you have personally told us how much you dislike the current show. I understand the fantasy of wanting to see him back in that role, but it’s quite obvious that Bell has made a choice and that’s the way it is and will remain. He seems to want to now erase the memory of Ronn from the canvas and wants you to accept seeing Kelly with this new Ridge and we believe this is why Kelly was asked to say something to Ronn about this photo. Its pretty near impossible to erase 25 years of memories for millions of people and the petty ego of someone to dictate something like this is pretty disgusting not to mention impossible. Can you imagine having every co-star you have done movies or television scenes with asking you to not use their photo to promote yourself in a personal appearance?

Actors have credits from a body of work that they have done in film and television and it is from these credits that promoters take photos and videos to promote them. “The Bold and the Beautiful” seem to have no problem using Ronn for their benefit like that have obviously been doing with the use of these videos on DVD, but it’s going to be nearly impossible to erase the thousands of photos and videos of Ronn as Ridge Forrester that’s on the Internet and in the minds of so many fans around the world. Ronn did not make this promo for this upcoming German appearance, the promoter of that event did, but Kelly said she didn’t like it, so Ronn took her out of the promo as quickly as he could and vowed to never let that happen again. She claimed it wasn’t personal and that she should have been asked, but we suspect this was directly coming from Brad Bell. I’ve always been honest about my feelings regard him and how they treated Ronn and this is why I’m addressing it again now. This was truly the most petty uncalled for request and simply sad to hear coming from Kelly herself. Ronn did take it personally, how could he not? He worked nearly half his life on that show, did countless photos and content for it and they want to now dictate whether a photo is used in a meet and greet promo can be used by a promoter who does nothing but these kinds of things for hundreds of film and television stars? I’ll just let you guys talk about how you feel about that one!  Personally I think karma is setting in big time here and what goes up must also come down and soon the world can decide for itself on both of these challenges from Ronn’s past.

We all make choices in life that take us on journeys and carves the roads that marks the path in our lives. Our choice is to move forward with the wonderful new path we have carved for our lives and continue to be happy and healthy in our minds, bodies and spirits.  Our choice is to be positive in spite of the challenges and to stay focused on all the wonderful new opportunities we have in front of us. Our choice is to set the past free and move into the future with the hope that we can all learn to love and support each other.  I am actually looking forward now to these next couple of months in Europe and I hope to meet many of you along our journey!


I want you guys to know that I’m writing this particular post as a fan of “The Bold and The Beautiful” myself and not as Ronn’s wife.


We have been bombarded with emails about how upset our beloved seconda casa Italy is about seeing a Nu-Ridge on their TV sets. It seems they are not happy with this and it’s causing an uproar with fans.


I see the good, the bad and the ugly from soap fans on a daily basis and from the looks of things the majority of fans are starting to really speak out about the stupid storylines and the fact that they miss Ronn so much.


I saw this video that was clearly posted a while back on Youtube and shared it on Facebook because it made me cry. A fan obviously went through a great deal of trouble to make a video of precious and heartfelt moments between Brooke and Ridge that was intercut with sound bites from Ronn. It was so moving and heartfelt that I could feel the pain most fans are going through, as I was a fan myself.


One of our devoted fans from Slovakia posted the video on our fan page and suddenly the video was blocked with a message that the content was owned by “The Bold and The Beautiful” and has been blocked on the grounds of copyright.


Wow!  Could this be more obvious? The whole world has been watching this show forever and look for their daily fixes of the past now on Youtube and suddenly a video that has been up for months is suddenly taken down once it was shared by me?


This video was made of clips that had been on the Internet for years and was a beautiful expression of love. So the fact that B&B has taken it down speaks volumes don’t you think?






By now everyone knows that Ronn will be appearing on General Hospital. We thought his debut would be Friday, but didn’t realize the Nurse’s Ball, which is General Hospital’s biggest show extends into next week. So Ronn will debut on Monday May 12th and it’s something I hope you don’t miss because it truly is special.

As a soap fan myself, I thought the concept and the storyline of this particular part of the Nurse’s Ball was very heartfelt, not to mention entertaining. I know many of you are speculating on what exactly Ronn is doing? Many are wondering what character he’s playing or if he’s singing and I for one am amazed at all the response. It seems alot of B&B fans have missed simply seeing Ronn and many GH fans are tired of new characters and want to see more of their favorites, which is understandable.

images-1 images-2

Y&R use to be my favorite soap and it’s become kinda of boring and B&B has become unwatchable in my opinion. So I have been watching GH and I love it! GH has more action, drama, suspense, surprises, romance and shocking storylines that the others don’t, which is way more entertaining. I think Internet content is taking over what daytime once was to many viewers such, as myself. A series like “The Bay” seems like a nighttime or primetime soap.

Many shows today that are on primetime such as, “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” are simply high production primetime soaps. A soap is a serial drama and daytime dramas need to change things around to keep their shrinking audience. No longer is television dominating the field, many Internet series are proving that in spades. “One Life To Live” obviously has new life on web because it’s nominated along with daytime television in this year’s Daytime Emmys.

white shirt copy

So I think General Hospital‘s marketing campaign was ingenious and they made Ronn an offer he couldn’t refuse, because it was a win/win. Fans around the world that don’t get GH will get to see this on the web after we do next week and the impact I believe could be massive. GH has already tied Y&R in ratings of women 18-49 and they have been number one in that spot for years. So I think GH could knock them down a peg after this airs.

Competition is tough today with so much interesting original content that is currently being self produced. No longer can television dominate, however they can and will start developing content currently on the web for their time slots because it just makes sense. We can produce our own shows like “Ronn’s Garage.” And I know how much you guys would love that to be on television! Just think maybe then you would get a new episode on a more regular basis instead of when Ronn has time for it.


Right now, Ronn is becoming very much in demand all over the world for various reasons. He wasn’t free enough before with B&B to have the time for a Player tour that is now happening. He was under a contract on a role that was taking over his entire life and he wasn’t feeling appreciated for what he was giving to that. Now he’s free to play, create and explore all those countries around the globe that are anxious to welcome him.

He’s also free to show you who he really is as Ronn and to show the world his talent and passions. I really have to laugh at some of the haters that constantly try to put him down. I’ve seen Ronn, Ridge and John Blackwell recently and they are all completely different characters that he breaths amazing energy into.  I’ve seen Ronn in concert and I know things that are brewing that you don’t. So like the new “Too Many Reasons” Player  song, “The Words You Say” I would almost bet some of those words will surely be eaten away very quickly as more creativity is reveal by Ronn.

Too Many Reasons

We all need to feel a sense of appreciation for our work in life. It’s way more important to follow your true passion in life than it is to work for money. The money will surely follow if true passion for what you are doing is present. That is what Ronn is doing now and I think it’s showing up all over the place. So GH was thrilled to have Ronn and it was a super fun and positive experience for him. And I do believe it will be for you too, even the haters.


We have been extremely busy fielding through various projects, some pertaining to Ronn and I together and some pertaining to Player. There have been some that are in development and some that are getting ready to start. All involving a variety of things that include, music, movies, television, endorsements and charity.

Spending time with friends and family has dominated our past week because we know we will start traveling soon and nothing make us both happier than to be home entertaining friends and creating new things that we are passionate about. We hope you enjoy Ronn’s visit to General Hospital next week and continue on this amazing adventure with us. Here’s to wishing all the mamas out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!  We are celebrating our five year wedding anniversary with some quality alone time as we prepare for the excitement of  what’s coming next!


In the wake of this past week’s drama on the top CBS soaps, “The Young And The Restless” and “The Bold And The Beautiful” there’s been more drama on my social pages than on these damn shows. This was all because I had an opinion on the recast of Ridge Forrester.


Many of you had been asking what I thought of this hyped up recast and I waited until the debut of Thornsten Kaye as the NuRidge to give it.  I simply didn’t think this recast was going to fly with the worldwide fansbase that Ridge Forrester has had for 25 plus years now.  And I thought this guy should have been given a new character because it was simply hard to see him as Ridge after Ronn has played him for so long. It was disrespectful to the role and to Ronn on so many levels.

 Ronn Moss 1

Also, as a longtime viewer of soaps it was a major insult to recast such a character that we have grown up with and loved as a family member for so long. This is the foundation on which soaps are built on. We as soap fans look forward to seeing some of these characters and invest our time into them only for the networks to take them away and replace them with actors who will work for less money.We are starting to see this more and more now especially with the CBS soaps. Just this week it was announced that Michael Muhney who plays Adam Newman, Billy Miller who plays Billy Abbott and Michelle Stafford who plays Phyllis Newman have all exited from “The Young and The Restless due to contract disputes or recasts.

 Michael Muhney Photo Shoot

These actors have won or were nominated for Emmys and are beloved staples of our everyday soap fantasy fix. A lot of soaps are using popular actors who are out of work from cancelled shows like “One Life To Live” and “All My Children” to sustain their ratings and capitalize on those cancelled show’s fansbase.

 This crossover has been successful for General Hospital who took on a few actors from “One Life To Live” but General Hospital still have veteran actors that are staples of their show like Tony Geary aka Luke Spencer. There are just some actors that you don’t replace.


With only four soaps on the air now, more and more changes are being made to them and we wonder about their future now? I felt that “The Bold And The Beautiful” was being very risky playing with their small cast to begin with because it’s the only half hour soap and the only one with a massive worldwide audience as the “Most Watched Show In the World.” There were only four original characters and two of them left over a year and half ago when their contracts were up for negotiation. It seemed like the producers just didn’t care about those core characters anymore and was favoring the younger storylines.



Now I understand you must keep new blood flowing on these soaps to sustain longevity into the future, but not at the expense of the core of what has made that show what it is. That core is what fans look to and cling to everyday and when it’s gone so are the viewers. I don’t think soaps are something young people are into today, not like they were when I was a teenager. There are just too many choices on the Internet and teens today are not loyal to anything because they have so much available to them. Thus not the case when I was a teen.



My mom watched soaps, so I did also and these characters became part of our family. Since Ronn’s left B&B I have had countless emails from many older viewers crying to me about missing Ridge. I’ve seen them cry to Ronn in person and ask him to come back to the show. So to recast this kind of character will break a lot of hearts. But producers will continue to cut actor’s pay and threaten recasting them until these shows are unrecognizable and become different shows. No wonder so many soaps have declined and gone off the air? Producers underestimate what viewers really want and what they will put up with.



Boring recycled storylines with new characters aren’t working for many of us and it’s insulting to our intelligence. After 25 years of following Brooke and Ridge he breaks up with her over a text message?  Brooke married Ridge’s father, two of his brothers and he forgave her, but just couldn’t take it anymore over a text message?



Then Ridge doesn’t attend his beloved mother’s funeral? It’s so not Ridge and such bad storyline. But the producer writers didn’t put much thought on how it would make the viewers feel. They didn’t think Ridge was important anymore and thought the show could survive just fine without Ridge. It’s only after a year and a half that they suddenly decide Ridge is so important that they must bring him back and go in a new direction with him?  Still not clarifying anything about what he’s been doing in Paris and why he didn’t attend his mother’s funeral?



Ridge could have been in an accident that left him without his memory and disfigured his face, which would have made way more sense to these issues than a text message and not attending his mother’s funeral.


So the producers and writers obviously didn’t put much thought into this character and I doubt they will now. Because I still am not seeing it in the writing. These shows are now becoming a waste of my time and unbearable to watch now.

They should be called ‘The Blind And The Boring” and “The Yawn And The Repetitive.” If this is what producers keep doing the future of soaps will surely become extinct.



Ronn and I attended “The Bold and Beautiful’s” 26th anniversary party held at The Standard Hotel in Downtown LA. It was in a ping pong sports bar and enticed alot of the cast to challenge each other in ping pong. The party seemed like a high school reunion for us due to the fact that we hadn’t seen the cast in crew for several months. Everyone seemed to miss Ronn and he of coursed missed everyone, so there were constant pictures and hugs throughout the night, so much so that Ronn didn’t even get a chance to eat anything and was starving by the time we drove home. Can we say “In and Out” burger? 


It was fun to hang and see friends like Winsor Harmon, Katherine Kelly Lang, Scott Clifton, Jacqueline McInnes Wood and so many crew members that Ronn considers family. So funny how fast time flies as it’s now been over six months since Ronn left the show. A funny video was made spoofing B&B with Mrs. Lee Bell as the star with her little dog, “Joy.” Here’s to wishing “The Bold and The Beautiful” many more years of success and many more parties!

IMG_0384 IMG_0386 IMG_0390 IMG_0389 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0396

Like the die hard fans around the world that have watched B&B for a quarter of a century; I was in anticipation of how Ridge Forrester would exit the role Ronn Moss created, and what kind of impact it would have on me, us and all of you. Now I’m not going to say I wasn’t emotional, because I was beyond emotional yesterday during the final wedding scene of Bridge. I knew how passionate you all felt about Bridge and the love you had invested for so many years in them. I even thought Brad Bell did a wonderful job incorporating Tridge memories and flashbacks of all the previous weddings in that episode. Finally it seemed like the B&B we all fell in love with was being honored properly and so many emotions flooded my body. I cried like a baby and even tweeted kudos to Brad Bell for that. Ronn watched it and felt emotional and as you know hung with you throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook with memories, trivia postings and our true feelings about what was going to be the end of an era. Trust me, Ronn is not pulling an Eric Braeden or playing games and making a decision like this one was not sudden, although it seemed that way. Many of you have asked if Brad Bell wrote the final scene that way before Ronn announced his departure, which Brad Bell confirmed he was prepared for in case Ronn decided not to renew his contract. Then when Brad announced so suddenly that he would recast Ridge, Ronn felt hurt and totally disrespected for the 25 years he had given to the B&B brand and it sort of made him feel even more solid about his decision. Respect for that much time given to anything deserves recognition and is more important in the end that sheer dollars and cents. A person needs to feel that in order to continue to be excited about their profession. I think we all stand in agreement that today’s final Ridge moment left a sense of disappointment in us. We felt Ridge/Ronn deserved much much more for what he stood for all these years. We felt cheated and cheapened, and rather angry that he wasn’t given the proper send off after the legacy he created for B&B. The disappointment was felt just as strongly today, as the tears of joy were yesterday when we cried and gave kudos to the raw emotional wedding of Bridge. Today’s final Ridge scene was non existent. It was like he was not important anymore. The focus of the show is clearly centered on Brad’s vision of a younger audience. What I think he’s failed to recognize is that the veteran core four is the heart and soul of B&B, and without it there is nothing to care about. The true love of B&B is lost and the dream is gone. In light of today’s episode, it’s clear to see that we are building a bridge now to a better place and we hope you will join us on Ronn’s Garage, TwitterFacebook and on tour with Player to help us continue to build this bridge to our destiny now. B&B has turned into another show and like a table with four legs to stand, one is now missing. Just know that Ronn is happy to see you understand things a bit clearer and respect his decision to take this new path. This will be a strong powerful bridge that you can help us build and together we can conquer anything.

It’s been quite a transition period for Ronn and I these past few weeks. Since he’s left the show, he’s had more time to devote to the girls. Creason is leaving for college soon, so the little bit of time we see her is rare. School starts next week for Calee and it will be strange for her to not have her big sister this year. So the girls are going through a transition along with us. Ronn always felt like he never had enough time with them because of his dedication to Ridge Forrester. It was nice to see him relax for a change and enjoy watching movies with them without having to cut it short to study a script for work the next day. It was also nice to have him make our daily cappuccinos that you know I so treasure. It’s become our morning ritual. He’s been overwhelmed with offers for various projects, including commercials, appearances and movies. So he wants to take his time in deciding what exactly he wants to do now. We are however visiting our second home of Italia at the end of September when Ronn will reunite with Katherine Kelly Lang for a fashion commercial and appearance. We plan to attend the Laura Biagiotti fashion show in Milan and enjoy some quality time with some of our friends. Ronn and Peter have completed the artwork for the new upcoming release of PLAYER’s album entitled, “Too Many Reasons.” I think that was fitting title to the new journey they are about to embark on soon with a tour that is being formulated now for Europe. It’s a must to see PLAYER in concert if you love their sound, there is no doubt you will LOVE this new CD. You may get the title track now at Itunes to sample for yourself. I know alot of you have been requesting more B&B and PLAYER trivia, so Ronn is aware of this and putting on his thinking cap. He’s told me so many great stories over the years, so I’m sure you will continue to enjoy that on twitter and facebook as they pop into his mind. He’s really having fun on twitter with you guys and understands it much better so it makes him happy to know what you want to see more of. I know you’d like to see more cooking segments with me, so we are planning on doing that as well. Ronn’s Garage is a huge hit with a fast growing audience all over the world and Ronn couldn’t be happier that you enjoy the latest one on our wedding vow renewal in Puglia. This was the most personal Ronn has ever shared publicly and I was so proud of it and him. Since the 25th of this month marks our 3 year wedding anniversary, it’s a beautiful anniversary present for me. I’m so happy you are all getting to know more of who Ronn is now, but I’m truly sorry you are counting down the days to say goodbye to Ridge on September 14th. I’m sure that day will go down in history as the most watched B&B episode. You know I’ll keep you informed on what’s happening and know that Ronn is here for you now more than ever on Twitter, FacebookRonn’s Garage and soon to be in person when Player tours.  Many of you have been asking how we are healing since the accident. I can tell you we both have good and bad days due to lack of sleep primarily. Ronn has 3 fractures in his shoulder and needs to see a surgeon for his opinion. He has trouble with his shoulder and this is making karate impossible right now. I have pain in my right hip and am awaiting an MRI on that area to find out more. We both are moving slowly, but happy and grateful for all your concern and well wishes. Right now for him, it’s “All About YOU.”


I can’t tell you all how crazy the past two weeks have been for Ronn and me both, physically and emotionally. It’s not so easy being the wife of the most beloved man that we all have love, fantasized and grown up with. Believe me I’m feeling your love, pain and adoration for my hubby. Now you know why I frickin married him!
What you guys don’t know yet is more of what I do know and that’s Ronn. So as you say goodbye to Ridge and remember I feel ya, you are saying hello to Ronn, someone that you don’t know as well. Ronn has always been extremely private about who he truly is and all you really saw was Ridge and how magical was that?
It’s been magical for me a fan and viewer for the eight years that I’ve been with Ronn. How could I not follow B&B and support my hubby? I was already watching “The Young and The Restless” for years and it was my favorite because my mom use to watch it. I remembered meeting Ronn at a party when I first won “Star Search” and he was just becoming “Ridge Forrester.” So although I didn’t follow the story from day one like a lot of you did, I can see how Ridge has become a personal friend, family member or fantasy guy for many of you. So the loss of that feels like a death. There will be a hole in your heart to lose this everyday ritual that has now been 2 and a half decades. That’s huge folks and around the world, so I feel you!!!! I also feel my husband, his heart, soul and talents of other areas that you don’t know and would never know if all he ever showed you was Ridge! Have you been disappointed for all these years with him thus far?
What makes you think the best is not yet to come? Why do we always jump to the negative side of the situation, why not look at the positives? Let’s see, you now can be with Ronn more here on Ronn’s Garage, onTwitter and Facebook, remember B&B took up way too much of his time before? Try learning and memorizing so much dialogue! Sometimes he was so talked out that he had no interest in talking to me when he got home.
I understood, but wished I had more of him just like you guys do with Ridge. His children would sometimes have to hang out at the set with him just to even see their daddy because he devoted so much time to Ridge. His passion as a musician, father, and friend took a back seat to Ridge for 25 years. That’s a lifetime to devote to anything and do it as well as Ronn played and kept the world hooked on Ridge Forrester.
There is a going to a hole in your heart forever for that, as well as a hole in his heart for the amazing cast and crew he grew to love as a family. It breaks his heart to leave them behind, but sometimes endings are indeed new beginnings that will bring us all even closer. Ronn now has freedom to fly, shine, sing, dance, visit and share more of who he really is as a person and I think you will fall in love all over again, just like I did.
Hell we have been married twice now and it’s only been three years since my last one! We are sharing that with you on this coming episode of Ronn’s Garage and this is very personal coming from Ronn. You will see a side to him that only the cast, crew, myself and his band know already. Just like your voices ringing around the world on his/mine Facebook and Twitter since the news broke. Shows the producers and Hollywood something that you guys have known for 25 years already, Ridge/Ronn is loved and adored by practically the entire planet! It doesn’t matter what it is you just want to see him. And always there’s more to a person that just what you’ve grown to know and love already. I think you’re gonna go on a roller coaster ride now with Ronn Moss that will take you places, Ridge Forrester never would or could. You have already gotten a to know us as a couple due to the wonders of social media, gotta love that! But, now you get to really do that with Ronn and still see him, communicate with him, follow him and be with him on this upcoming exciting journey that we want to take you all on.
Even the die hard 25 year old fan is gonna want to take this journey with us. I promise you once Ronn speaks to you about his feelings you will all understand completely. Our fantasy guy Ridge Forrester will be busy for a while on his honeymoon with his destiny Brooke, while Ronn and Devin hang out with Katherine Kelly Lang in my kitchen cooking! I’m for one am looking forward to cooking with Kelly in ‘Ronn’s Garage” soon. So keep retweeting to your followers your favorite comments on twitter and keep the conversation going on what you want from Ronn now. I think you all can see he’s so much more than Ridge.
However, you must speak up now and you can and will be heard! Facebook his page your likes, comments and shares on what you want from him. He’s listening and loves you all so very much. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Ronn or working with him knows this. I’m just trying to heal our wounds from this car accident and our hearts emotionally from the sad goodbye to Ridge. But you see I’m more excited than anyone for you guys who don’t know Ronn to know and meet him. And I don’t think you will be disappointed, but enlightened to much much more than you could have ever dreamed.

We are proud of this month’s Ronn’s Garage “Summer Special” that is like 3 shows in one. Since we were in Italy for B&B’s remote shoot and PLAYER’s publicity tour, Ronn decided that he would document the trip. There was a small jam party at our house before we left for Italy, so Ronn included that in the special also and it is the 1st segment. The 2nd segment is the behind the scenes of the B&B shoot and the upcoming 3rd segment is our spontaneous vow renewal in romantic Puglia. We are very happy to see that so many of you are enjoying Ronn’s Garage and stats are showing that it is a huge hit. We welcome your comments and suggestions on making it better with each and every show. Ronn is truly enjoying producing and editing each new show and wants to know what you think. His goal is make the interviews moving and personal, the music fun and to make you feel like you are there with us when we travel. The next upcoming Ronn’s Garage guests will include, Katherine Kelly Lang, Australian artist Brett Livingston Strong and “Quiet Riot” drummer Frankie Banali. So please check out Ronn’s Garage and spread the word that more is coming!

It’s been over a week that we have been in our beloved second home, Italy. As always, we feel the love instantly especially with Ronn, as he has always had a big love affair with beautiful Italia. It seems since, “Ballando con le Stelle” he is more recognized as Ronn instead of Ridge, which is quite nice. After all of the press he did for his PLAYER album with Peter Beckett, we celebrated the release of Lavinia Biagiotti’s book, which is a cute and colorful book that displays tips on fashion. Lavinia is like my sister and she and her mom, Laura always makes us feel at home with them. I’m happy to announce that I will be helping them bring back the beloved fragrance, “Venezia” to America. The fragrance has many fans and requests in America and right now isn’t currently distributed there. I love the smell and right away started getting compliments since I’ve been wearing it. Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood who plays Steffy on B&B fell in love with it instantly also. So we are excited to relaunch “Venezia” in the US now. Since we have said goodbye to our friends in Rome, we are now in beautiful Puglia among the olive groves, which feels like heaven. There is an amazing spa that I’m looking forward to trying and the food has been spectacular. Seems like the vegetables are so fresh and flavorful that is all I want to eat right now. The seafood is also amazing and so is the wine. Needless to say we never go hungry in Italia. The B&B shoot is going very well, quite relaxing with gorgeous days and beautiful nights spent with the cast and crew. There are more of our Italian friends coming later this week to visit with us and Ronn and Katherine Kelly Lang are shooting a cute and funny commercial at the end of the week. Italia is always busy for Ronn with shoots, press and trying to fit so much in with friends in such a short period of time. But, we love Italia and their culture and really do think of it as our second home. A home we hope to spend more and more time in future years.

PLAYER is performing with Bad Company and other groups in Vero Beach, Florida on Saturday September 24th and we are so excited. Our 2nd year wedding anniversary is September 25th so we are staying to celebrate it there. Some of my Louisiana girlfriends will be at the concert so I’m super excited to party with them. If you are around the area and want to see PLAYER this is your chance for a super fun weekend of great music! Ronn is looking forward to meeting many of you there and so am I so I hope if you are around you will come by and see us!

I just read this article that says “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” will continue online, which doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been telling Ronn for the past few years that I believe television will soon be a thing of the past and will merge with the Internet. Networks are really behind and stuck in the 20th century. The fact that they keep soaps separated from the rest of television is a joke. Many huge stars were once soap stars and no longer is it a man’s world. The days when women stayed home and men were the only bread winners are long gone. Women are in the work force and both sexes need to work to make ends meet. So there is an audience for soaps and long and faithful one, but they aren’t watching their shows during the day anymore. They tape them and watch them at night or on the Internet. It really is silly to continue to separate daytime actors. They work harder than other actors who do film and prime time shows and those actors get paid way more! When you work on a film or prime time show there are numerous takes to make the actor look good and only a few pages of dialogue to memorize. Daytime actors have sometimes up to 40-50 pages of dialogue to memorize and only one or two takes to get it right. It’s so not fair and networks are just stupid. They believe most people watch TV at night, but are ignoring the power of the Internet and loyalty of Daytime fans.  I think this move to put soaps on the Internet will be a good one and could start to change television completely.  How cool would it be to have a huge television screen that is also your computer? The problem with television is that they are not open to the fast changing pace of the 21st century. I remember when film actors didn’t do television and now you see many film actors on TV. You also see actors from hit TV shows merge into major films, but soap actors are still stuck in the 1950s regarding their status within the industry. I call that discrimination. There has been talk of SAG merging with AFTRA which is much needed for the actors. It’s very stupid as I’ve said before to separate Daytime Emmys from The Emmys. They should be one as it’s all television. So perhaps with this noted change from television to the Internet, the soaps can take a life of their own and thrive even more, as more people are on the Internet anyway. So I say to television, you will be a extinct soon enough, so wake up and get into the 21st century!!!

Ronn Moss and Brad Bell

The past couple of weeks have been crazy, but fun! We headed to Vegas for the Daytime Emmys and had a great time hanging out at the B&B parties. Of course, B&B took top honors again for the 3rd year in a row as “Best Daytime Drama.” They won a total of 12 Emmys and we were so proud. It was then time for my birthday and I decided to have a few friends join us at Winsor’s latin restaurant, “D’Cache” to hear PLAYER do a few acoustic songs.

Winsor Harmon, Johnny English, Rob Math
Frank Stallone, Ronn and Devin

Frank Stallone joined in and sang a couple of Blues numbers and helped make it a very special birthday. The only bummer was that my pal Tina O couldn’t be there as she’s been so ill.


The next morning Ronn brought up all my presents to open and it felt like Christmas in June.  I then had to prepare for a stunt scene on the TV show, “Dexter” which was a lot of fun. I also just did an interview for a new Playboy TV show called, “Playmates.” This show takes a look at what’s happening to Playmates from the past now.  So of course I talked about “Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning” and my books. It’s also been a challenge to find time in between kids to see my pal Tino O who’s been ill.  Ronn and I  went over to visit her and model some of her clothing items for her wannawear line. Ronn shot the pictures for Tina’s new website. Now we are getting ready for the 4th of July, which we will spend at the Playboy mansion. Since Hef’s wedding did not happen, we are anxious to see him. It really feels like summer now and we are preparing to have a few parties of our own.  I’d like to have just my girlfriends over for a potluck and a BBQ with a few neighbors and their kids.  Ronn and I aren’t planning to travel this summer, we’d rather stay home since we traveled so much last year. So the summer madness will continue as we party all summer long!

Ronn and I have been having a blast with our friends the past few weeks. Hanging out with dear friends like my pal

Alana Curry

Alana for her awesome birthday bash and attending events like the celebrity gun shoot where we met new friends like. “Leave It to Beaver” star Jerry Mathers and “Housewives of Orange County”, Peggy and Micha Tanous.

Peggy, Micha, Dev

 We have been having a great time and looking forward to summer.  As always, it’s a busy time for us with charities, parties, events and kids. Starting with “The Daytime Emmys” in Las Vegas. Ronn is presenting and it’s the day after Hugh Hefner’s wedding and that’s one wedding we are looking forward to! Then there’s my birthday and that’s followed by the 4th of July! So it’s going to be a fun summer! I am not planning any trips and would like to stay home and entertain with some small intimate dinner parties. I will also work on a new cookbook that is gluten-free and dairy free since I’m loving my new eating habits and am enjoying making up new recipes.


Ronn wants to work on music and prepare for more tour dates with PLAYER. We are also making some needed repairs to our home and I’d love to redecorate some rooms. Now that I’m officially a California licensed realtor I hope to perhaps make some sales in this slow real estate market. In the meantime, I am happy to work on my next book, edit more videos for youtube and enjoy the upcoming summer with parties and events. We hope whatever you have planned this summer will be fun and exciting too!

Ronn and I participated in the CIMA awards, which stands for Catholics in the Media Association. It pays tribute to movies and television shows that promote positive programming and family values.

Ronn Moss and Rick Hearst


Texas Battle and Kristolyn Lloyd

“The Bold and The Beautiful” won an award for their homeless storyline. The television series, “Blue Bloods” also won and the movie “Conviction.” There was a full Mass in which Ronn spoke and beautiful choir. A wonderful lunch was served and

Susan Flannery and Lee Philips Bell

Susan Flannery presented the award to Brad Bell. This was the 18th annual celebration and it was an honor to be a part of it.

Ronn, Susan Flannery and crew members

Ronn and I attended the 75th annual DGA awards because B&B’s director Michael Stitch was up an award from the Homeless storyline. We’ve attended these awards before, but it was the first time in this location, which was bigger and much nicer. There was a open bar the whole night and food was delicious. I got really excited to learn that my favorite director Clint Eastwood would be there. I really wanted Ronn to meet him because personally I think Clint would see himself in Ronn.

Carl Reiner and Ronn

Carl Reiner who is 88 years old was the host of the evening as he has been for 20+ years now. We especially enjoyed the history of DGA that was told during the ceremony. Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Natalie Portman were also in attendance. I was thrilled to briefly meet Clint Eastwood after the show, but he was in a hurry to get home and there wasn’t much time to chat. While we were waiting for our limo, I got to meet

Andrew Garfield and Devin

Andrew Garfield from “Social Network.” Unfortunately, B&B did not win the award, although they should have in my opinion. I was really pleased that “The King’s Speech” took the top honors for Best Director at the end of the night. We look forward to attending the DGAs again next year!

It was a lovely introduction to B&B producer Ron Weaver’s new novel, “Soul Mate” last night at the Barnes and Noble located next door to CBS at the Grove. Ronn read the introduction to Lance Van Arden, the lead character patterned after him and one could clearly see that Ron Weaver has a talent for story telling. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT5_ZumCVO8&feature=player_embedded] Lesli Kay read the introduction to Claudia De LaRosa, the midwestern teacher who falls in love with her student and find their destiny together makes “Soul Mate” an erotic and entertaining read. Leslie Ann Down and Joe Miscola joined in and read a couple more chapters that clearly says a sequal chouldn’t be far behind. I really enjoyed the novel and couldn’t put it down. Who knows maybe Ron may start writing storylines for B&B now?

After spending a glorious week in Hawaii, Ronn and I were happy to sleep in our own bed. It was also wonderful to have our dear friends from Italy, Lavinia Biagiotti and her boyfriend Francesco visiting us. They made the drive out from Santa Monica and encountered a massive amount of traffic along Pacific Coast Hwy around 5pm yesterday and didn’t get to us until about 7pm for dinner. We wondered why there was so much traffic and learned that Obama was in town, so we of course thought that he was the reason. When I wake up every morning, I like to lie in bed and read the news on my ipad and the first thing I read  this morning was about the tragic death of a dear friend, renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan. He was only 5o years old and died yesterday at 4:30pm when his jeep turned over on Pacific coast hwy in Malibu. This is what contributed to our Italian’s friends traffic woes getting to us yesterday, not Obama. I woke Ronn up with the news and we both were in shocked over the loss of such a dear, sweet soul. Within minutes, our phone rang and a reporter was asking me to give comments on Dr. Frank’s death. It seemed so surreal since we had just seen him at the Playboy mansion’s midsummer night dream’s party a couple weeks prior. Ronn and I celebrated his 50th birthday at his wonderful “Bony Pony Ranch” in Malibu a couple months ago and the kids always loved going there to see all the animals. Dr. Frank was just an all around great guy and a wonderful friend for many years to us both. I met him over 15 years ago when he first arrived in LA from Ohio and have watched him blossom into the ultimate plastic surgeon to the stars. I use to always ask him if I needed anything when I would see him and he would say that I made a pack with the devil because I didn’t, but that when I did he would happily attend to anything I needed. I always imagined if I were to ever have plastic surgery, Dr. Frank would be the only guy I would trust to work on me and now he’s gone and it’s just so hard to believe. We are truly going to miss him and want to send him lots of love and light . I know that everyone who knew Dr. Frank feels this way about him and world will just not be the same without him in it. It light of the tragedy, his border collie Jill was in the jeep with him and survived the crash. Jill gives new meaning to the phrase, “lucky dog.” I’m sure Dr. Frank will be in her heart and ours for a very long time.

Vegas marked the first time the Daytime Emmys was held there and I don’t think it will be the last. The Hilton hotel hosted the event with a bevy of stars and fans. Ronn presented a special part of the CBS presentation of “Feed the Children”, a charity that helps American homeless families and Veterans. We visited the LA mission where Ronn interviewed a family with 5 little girls all living in one room. The father lost his job over a year ago, along with their home and all their belongings.  Their 7 month old baby girl was born in the shelter, it was heartbreaking to see this type of homelessness is a realty in our country and we want to do all we can to help!  The production of the Daytime Emmys was different, moved a lot quicker and was more entertaining. A tribute to Dick Clark brought a tear to everyone’s eyes. I met Dick Clark years ago and he told me he voted for me in the finals on Star Search and PLAYER was on American Bandstand with their hit song, “Baby Come Back” in 1978, so Dick is very special to us. We were doing the twist with Chubby Checker and The Bold and The Beautiful won their second “Best Drama” award! I predicted to Brad Bell who was sitting right next to us that he would win again and to get that speech ready at the beginning of the show. Drew Tyler Bell won along with the B&B writing team, so it was a Bell night and a much deserved one. The after parties were amazing. We toured the remodeled ELVIS suite which was 16,000 sq ft and met Marie Osmond, Susan Lucci and Tony Orlando. Then we headed to the B &B/ Y & R bash at the Wynn hotel’s Tryst club. It was the coolest place and everyone danced their asses off all night long! Needless to say, Ronn and I were completely exhausted and got only a couple hours sleep. We believe the Daytime Emmys should be combined with the Prime time Emmys now. Because of the Internet, the networks need to realize how dumb it is to separate the two and the fans love to see all the stars that have been a part of their lives for decades. It’s time for them to wake up to the 21st century and get with the program here. Perhaps from this year’s broadcast they will finally know how loyal and devoted the daytime fans are and how necessary it is to to combine the two Emmys. Here are some highlights from the show.



Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley P. Bell, with Co-Creator Lee Phillip Bell and the Cast of The Bold and the Beautiful, accepting the Guinness World Records certification for “Most Popular Daytime TV Soap,  this marks another great moment for the world renowned series.

Los Angeles, CA… Guinness World Records® named THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL “Most Popular Daytime TV Soap – Current.” A Guinness World Records® Adjudicator presented Emmy® Award-winning Executive Producer and Head Writer, Bradley P. Bell, and the Cast, with the certification of this coveted distinction on Stage 31 of CBS Television City, where the series has taped since its inception in March, 1987.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s international ratings success is unequaled in its genre. The series can be viewed on more than 45 broadcasters in over 110 countries. In the 66 countries and territories where there are scientific people-meter systems in place to measure television viewing audiences, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL garnered 24.5 million viewers in 2008—a higher figure than any other telenovela or soap opera.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL was the recipient of another award based on worldwide ratings consecutively during the years of 2006 through 2009: the Golden Nymph for the Monte Carlo TV Festival’s TV Audience Award. The series was nominated on May 4, 2010, for the same award, and the winner will be revealed on June 10th, in Monaco.

June 1 through 7, 2010, the series’ steamy summer storyline features performances by Latin Recording Artist, Daddy Yankee, whose new album, “Mundial,” is currently #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Latin Artist Album chart, and Tony Okungbowa, the DJ from The Ellen Show.  In these episodes, what starts out as a high school girl’s fabulous graduation party turns dark, as the pulsating rhythms entice certain characters to let down their guard, and subsequently fall into the depths of uncharted territory. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is the first and only U.S. English language daytime drama to simulcast in Spanish utilizing SAP (Secondary Audio Program) technology.

The new Guinness World Record comes on the heels of 11 Daytime Emmy® nominations, which the series received last week, including Outstanding Drama Series, Writing, and Directing. These nominations come for episodes that feature an all-female cast, headed by former “Golden Girl,” Betty White, which deal with the sensitive subject of dying with dignity. Winners will be announced live at the Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards, Sunday June 27, 2010. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL was the recipient of the Daytime Emmy® Award for “Outstanding Drama Series” at the 2009 awards gala for the first time in its 23-year history.

We say Congratulations to a wonderful show and all the amazing people who work on it!

Love DevRonn

Since Easter, we have had the most amazing food and wine ever in Italy. We have visited a couple of the premier vineyards, including Sara Di Vaira’s vineyard. Here is Ronn in a photo with Sara’s father. We picked our own vegetables to cook and experienced the Tuscan way of life. The girls have loved it so much that we have opted to stay and extra day and not go to Venice. We will go back in a couple of days by train to spend our last day in the beautiful castle of Laura Biagiotti before returning home. The Tuscan part of our vacation has felt very homey. I cooked fresh picked artichokes the other day and the girls found the biggest head of cabbage we have ever seen! Last night we had a beautiful seafood dinner on the beach.  Ronn has enjoyed tasting the wines and it seems that there are a lot of tourist visiting right now for the food and wine obviously, we can understand why. Today, I will go to a spa and relax with a massage and soak in the hot springs. The weather is amazing today, so the girls are excited to pick more vegetables, including wild asparagus and will make homemade pizza. Looking forward to good weather for our last days here in Italy.

Love DevRonn

Susan Flannery organized a beautiful wedding supper to celebrate our recent nuptials at the gorgeous Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was held in the private dining room off of the elaborate kitchen and guests included, John McCook and his lovely wife Laurette, Ian Buchanan, Katherine Kelly Lang and her husband Alex, Maria and Billy Bell and our gracious host Brad Bell and his wife Colleen. The menu was absolutely amazing and the private chef told us about each course before their presentation. We ended the evening wedding cake and more champagne. We have certainly had our share of that in the past few weeks, hahaha. Since this is Ronn’s second family, we were, needless to say, thrilled and grateful for this amazing opportunity to share our joy with them. Here is a clip of the evening.
[wpvideo EEZ0EFCW]
Love DevRonn

walking the aisleWords cannot describe our wedding yesterday. It was truly perfection and we couldn’t have been happier. All my planning came together and God blessed us with beautiful weather in spite of the past few days of heat and fires.wedding party There was laughter, lots of it and tears, moments of true harmony and beautiful music that the groom himself bestowed upon his bride.Bridesmaids ring The bridesmaids were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and the groomsmen truly the most handsome bunch ever to wear a tuxedo. Our guests dined, danced and toasted us with lots of love and affection. We were not nervous at all and throughly enjoyed every moment of the day, from getting ready with the bridal party, to taking photos and laughing all night long. I feel so blessed and blissful today and can’t wait to see the photos and video. We soaked in every moment of the day and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. There was a wedding brunch at home with Ronn’s brother and cousins from Australia who are visiting and we are still eating wedding cakewedding cake and drinking champagne today, not wanting the feeling to end. I told Ronn I want our marriage to be like this every day of our lives and if it ever gets off course, we will try extra hard to get right back on it, because it was simply a dream come true for me to have my fairy tale come true.

Love DevRonn

Daytime Emmy Awards ShowIt was the best Daytime Emmy show ever with an awesome opening performance thatalbum-silver-gold Vanessa Williams did featuring Ronn, which was very funny. It was so hot that we skipped the red carpet to stay cool enough for Ronn to present the Best Game show. He was wearing a velour Armani suit that was made for him, so we just couldn’t take the heat for the red carpet, sorry. I had a strong feeling they would win, “Best Drama” finally and it was so deserved. They have been overlooked so many years for this and I told4267_1_76357 Brad Bell who was sitting right behind us that they would win. I even made a bet with Ronn, so now he believes I’m psychic, hahaha. It was an awesome moment for them to share and I was very happy for them. The after party was such a madhouse that we couldn’t even get a drink and so we headed over the the Eddison, which was so beautiful and elegant for a private after party just for us. The food was amazing and the drinks were flowing. Ronn and I really enjoyed the evening, but had to get home to the girls who had to evacuate their mom’s house due to the fires. It’s the forth time this past year that they’ve gone through this! Today I’m finalizing music for our wedding and spending the day with Ronn and the girls. I hope everyone is staying cool from this heat.

Love DevRonn

AmsterdamThe past couple of days were pretty rough, both Ronn and I were only averaging about 6 hours of sleep with the aid of a sleeping pill to get back into our time zone. I spent most of the day catching up on emails, phone calls, bills and mail urrrghhh! So I became a little cranky by the end of the day. I happy to say I feel more like myself today and will do some more catching up, but I wanted to post some of the photos from our trip here and on our sitesEze. So check them outLoire Valley. Ronn shot so many amazing shots, especially in Sanremo.Sanremo My birthday is on Thursday and I just want a quiet dinner this year, no big party as I don’t have the energy for it. Tomorrow Ronn and the kids are cooking me dinner and that’s the best birthday present spending it with them.

Love DevRonn

DevRonnFinally we are back online in the London airport heading home today. It was hard to distinguish the Internet in France since both Ronn and I don’t read French or speak it. We have decided we want to learn and have already started with a few basics. Our time last night in Paris was magical. We walked for hours taking in the Louve, corner cafes, shopping and a romantic dinner before saying goodbye to our now favorite city together. Everywhere we went, people recognized Ronn and asked for pics and autographs. Even the female taxi driver in little town of Onzain, which was near Lorie Valley asked for his autograph. The women at the counter where we exchanged dollars for Euros did also. Seems I can’t go anywhere with him without this happening. The security guys in the Louve asked for a photo with him. The chef at Loire Valley who prepared the best french meal we have ever experienced asked for an autograph for his mother! Will post pics from this dinner later, it was a work of art! The show is very well the most watched in the world, that’s for sure. At one point we had people from Italy, France, Morocco and Zanzabare asking for autographs and pics! We both have very much enjoyed this vacation and consider it one of our best. But, we are missing home now and can’t wait to see Nayo, Romeo and the girls. I’m glad you guys got to share some of our trip from our blogs here. Will post more pics and we are working on our video from the whole trip on our plane ride back.

Love DevRonn

B&B award winGolden Nymph awardsCongratulations to “The Bold and The Beautiful” for their 4th win of the Golden Nymph award last night. It was a lovely evening spent in Monte Carlo with Prince Albert of Monaco. We had dinner afterwards with Katherine Kelly Lang, Dan McVicar, Ashley Jones and Brad and Colleen Bell. Designer of the award show Bain Du Nuit offered me this gorgeous yellow dress to wear for the red carpet that I could not resist! Prince Albert is so down to earth and gracious, we gave him a can of “Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning” and he loved the name, kept saying, “I can’t wait to try some kickass!” It was very cute.Prince Albert Needless to say, we got absolutely no sleep last night because of a 4am drive to the Nice airport for our flight to Amsterdam. I’ve never been so tired in my life! I swear I don’t know how Ronn does it as he has press all day today and it started at the Amsterdam airport upon arrival. God I do not want to see those pics of me! I just woke up from sleeping all morning, while poor Ronn is yet again working. Yesterday, before the awards we went to Sanremo for a quick photo shoot with Ronn. It was so touching to see how much the Italians love Ronn. From babies to elderly people, the love they give him is priceless. We took photos of Ronn taking photos of them and had a delicious Italian lunch before driving back to Monaco for the awards. Truly amazing memories of Monaco, Prince Albert, Sanremo and all the love from the fans. I even had a few asking for my autograph, which was a total surprise to me! Will post more pics that we’ve taken as soon as Ronn and I have time to look at them in our camera.

Ujena Sanremo 3Monaco viewDevRonn2Ronn and I made it to Monaco and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Our flight was smooth and pleasant, but we missed our connecting flight to Nice and had to take a later one, which made our arrival at about 1am Sunday morning. By the time we went to bed it was 3am. We had been up a total of about 32 hours by then and was sooo tired. This was my second visit to Monte Carlo/Monaco and Ronn’s third. My last visit was about 10 years ago and his was about 4. Monday late morning Ronn joined Ashley Jones, Doug Davidson and Michelle Stafford for a private luncheon with contest winners from all over Europe. It was at the beautiful Monte Carlo Bay hotel. After lunch, Ronn and I were so tired, we took a nap and didn’t wake up until later in the evening. We went to dinner and back to sleep. Then Ronn discovered he had blown out the charger to our video camera by using the wrong converter, so not like him. Made me feel better for forgetting my phone, but nevertheless, we need a new charger to continue taking video of our trip. Today Ronn is busy all day with Press, so I went to the mall to get a new one, but they didn’t have one for this camera, so I’m not sure what we will do now? Tonight we are having cocktails at the Prime Minister’s house and tomorrow night we meet Prince Albert at the palace. Thursday we go to Sanremo for a photo shoot with Ronn and then we have the award show in the evening. I will post again later and hopefully have some better news about our camera situation.

Love DevRonn