Surprise Trip Love is our theme this summer with the album and tour!

Summertime fun in Italy has been non stop and interesting with all the concerts and traveling. Italy is now our official second casa. Ronn kicked off his tour in our hometown of Fasano. This is in the southern part of Italy, in the region of Puglia. I wanted to celebrate my 60th birthday with friends from Europe and America with an intimate kickoff of the “Surprise Trip Love” concert tour.

This was a beautiful all white birthday theme party. I had guests that flew in from Holland, Belgium, Germany, England and America. It was truly an unforgettable evening under the stars with beautiful weather, music and Italian cuisine.

Angelique de Vries came from Amsterdam and took all the beautiful photos below from the party. My beautiful friend actress/sommelier, Sandra Taylor came all the way from America. Renowned artist Michael Moebius came in from Germany, singer Maria Elena Infantino flew in from England. Belgium journalist Sylvia Van driessche and her actor/producer husband Jelle De Beule rounded out my wonderful guests, along with many Italian friends that made my birthday an extra special night to remember.

Ronn and I are brand ambassadors of Italian/American designer, Jennifer Tattanelli. She made me a surprise birthday dress that was handmade with lace from Florence and we have been wearing her stylish clothing all summer.

Going into summer and getting settled into our new trulli was very relaxing. And then the bigger concerts began in picturesque Polignano a Mare. This was where the launch party for “Lost & Found In Italy” magazine presented a 24 page color cover story on Ronn and his career.

This was held on the beach of the most iconic spot of this amazing city and we had a great time dancing under a gorgeous full moon. As we moved into August, Ronn’s concert schedule got a bit more hectic. Ronn released his first music video, “Just a Little” from his new album and more videos are in the works from this album. Traveling for the “Surprise Trip Love Tour” we saw the crowds got bigger as most of Italian concerts are held outdoors in piazzas.

They are free concerts paid for by the cities within Italy and it seems Ronn is getting more and more requests for additional concerts. So he has decided to do all other countries next summer and focus only on Italy this summer. As we are now in the middle of summer here, I will bring you more updates of how the tour is going as we move into fall. Please check Ronn’s site for additional updates. Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!

Verona has always been one of those fantasy places to visit on my  bucket list and finally we had the time and the opportunity to explore it! Ronn was invited to go to the Venice Film Festival gala and since Verona was only an hour and half train ride away, we decided to visit what Shakespeare depicted in “Romeo and Juliet” for our own eyes to see.  The things we are discovering about Verona has made us fall in love all over again in a city that is as charming as it’s name.

I didn’t realize Verona was so close to Venezia, Rome, Firenze and Milan, all of which are only a couple of hours away by train. What we love so far about Verona is most all of the city is within walking distance to the charming center and gives off an essence of a smaller version of Rome, especially with the beautiful Arena displayed for operas and concerts. This experience of exploring Verona was a spontaneous one due to the fact that Ronn is in the midst of planning out his world tour of Europe in a much bigger way that we originally expected. We were not suppose to arrive in Europe until the end of September, but due to the invite to the Venice Film Festival, we decided to come early and have a bit of fun in between. 

This city is warm and cozy with all the charm and vibe you would expect from hearing its name. It makes you wonder if Romeo and Juliet really did exist and so a visit to Juliet’s house is a must see for fantasy and lovers to take photos on Juliet’s balcony, write their names on a wall entrance and even a letter via email to Juliet. As we wandered the streets of Verona, many people stopped Ronn for photos and we were invited to try the restaurant of one longtime fan.

Il Banco Prosciutteria” was simply an amazing experience. So far it was the best meal we have had in Verona! The presentation was unique and the restaurant also has a downstairs private room and outdoor seating. We are planning to go to dinner there again soon!  “Angelucci’s” was an awesome place for pizza that had a unique array of toppings and “Perbacco” was a very simple family style restaurant that gave you a preset menu which included wine, water and coffee. This place had the greatest value for the homestyle food it served.

Ronn and I really are loving Verona, it reminds us of a quieter version of Rome. So far we have met some really nice people, made new friends, had some wonderful meals and saw a concert of “Pink Floyd Legend” in the beautiful outdoor Roman theater. We look forward to seeing an opera someday in the gorgeous arena and its been quite an experience to walk around all the shops with Ronn. He seems to be loved in Verona and we are falling in love with its magic also.


It seems like this past decade has been a struggle for most people we know all over the world. There has been major unrest, division and economic pitfalls that many of us have been constantly complaining of from all corners of the earth. However, all we can do is anticipate hope and change that each year will be better than the last. I’ve always been more of an optimist and believe in my heart that 2018 will bring about that hope that we have all been wanting for so long to finally become a reality. Personally, I’ve been seeing the changes in many of our friends, some of these changes have not been so good and some have been great. We all have our own life journey and life is for us to enjoy. That’s what Ronn and I vow to do each and every day moving forward, enjoy life! If you think about it, the simple things in life is what really brings us the most joy. Cuddling with your dog or cat, having wonderful meals with friends and spending quality time with loved ones.

It’s funny how the most simple things in life can warm your heart and create beautiful memories that we can cherish forever.  It seems the older we get the more simplified we want our lives to become. We revert back to being childlike in many ways both spiritually, mentally and physically even. Many of us are taking care of our parents now and watching the changes that happen with them in these areas. And many of us have lost loved ones who have made an impact on our lives. I can’t tell you how often I find myself forgetting what I thought was so important to say to Ronn in any given moment or how fast time seems to be passing by each year. This tells me that life is fleeting and we must stop and enjoy each and every moment it is offering us. Even the bad times are teaching us something and yet life is still so beautiful in spite of the pitfalls we may be enduring. Nothing is worth giving up a dear friend who has been a major part of your life or holding onto a grudge or anger. You are only hurting yourself in the end and hopefully by the end of your life you will only feel love and happiness, for that really is what life is all about. 

Since we have been in Rome spending quality time with our dear friend, Lavinia Biagiotti, we have been speaking of these kinds of things alot. Lavinia lost her mother Laura earlier this year and is an only child, so spending quality time with loved ones is near and dear to her heart, especially now. We were happy to discover a fun art exhibition called, “Enjoy.” Ronn and I were coincidentally introduced to the world’s first 3D sound meditation, called “Synctuition” by a guy in Estonia. And I had been listening to the meditation program each night, which made me sleep so much better. It turned out that I had just listened to one track that kept saying the phrase, “Enjoy life.” I was sharing this at lunch with Lavinia when her uncle suggested we see this “Enjoy” art exhibition that basically had the same concept. The simple things are meant for us to enjoy, whether its the contagious sound of laughter, funny unpredictable moments that are big or small, or anything that makes us smile and feel the essence of being childlike again. We spend way too much time worrying over things we cannot change, or trying to control people who don’t want change. It’s time wasted and energy focused on things that don’t really matter, all we need to do is simply enjoy life!

So as we anticipate 2018, we will take this simple concept with us and try to make each moment count with joy and laughter. We hope to inspire you to do the same for life is way too short and there is nothing else more important. We plan to continue to follow our God given talents and move forward with positive people, love and anything that brings us more joy and happiness. We are finding the more we do this the more of this life brings us. So take the time to let go of all the struggles from the past and know there are brighter days ahead. Deal with the bad things one by one in knowing these things are only temporary and will soon pass and better days are waiting for you to enjoy. Take the time to focus and set goals on only what brings you joy and happiness and all else will fall into place eventually. Enjoy life!





It’s been a while since we have visited Italy due to so many other obligations over the past few years, so it feels great to be back at our seconda casa. Ronn and Italy have had a love affair that has expanded over three decades. He did his first movie in Italy and they fell in love with him from “The Bold and The Beautiful,” which led to his dancing appearances on “Ballando Con Le Stelle” in 2009/2010. Now we are hoping to make some Ronn Moss concerts happen so Italy can see Ronn sing live in the future. In the meantime, it seems most Italians have missed seeing him and it’s become impossible to walk around Rome without constantly being stopped for photos. Rome has been one of the cities we have visited the most often and it always feels great to come back, like a second home.

While Ronn has been preparing for his live concert on the 5th of December in Estonia, he was invited to do a Christmas commercial for the Italian department store chain, “Acqua and Sapone.” So we decided to spend the Christmas holiday season with our dear friend, Lavinia Biagiotti who lost her mother designer, Laura Biagiotti earlier this year. Lavinia and Laura have been our Italian family for the past decade and we always stay at the Biagiotti castle outside of Rome as much as possible when visiting Rome. So it seemed fitting to spend this Christmas with Lavinia because we all felt so sad over the death of our beloved Laura.

[wpvideo Y0mDQrfq]

Due to other promotional obligations, we are also traveling to Belgium to introduce the video and song for the children’s charity project that Ronn has launched with Belgium star, Chris Van Tongelen and German star, Melanie Wiegmann later this month. This is a terrific charity song that we are hoping to expand out to other countries to join in the quest to raise money for various children charities because children are our hope for a better tomorrow. We are planning to visit Finland for a couple of days after Estonia, since we are so close and celebrate their 100th independence day with them and there a few other surprises in the works that I will tell you about with they are more finalized.

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost over and another year is just ahead. Time is passing us by so fast and we must be grateful for each and every moment of happiness that we have. There have been so many losses this year of beloved loved ones and so many turbulent things happening in our world today that many of us have endured. So we are hoping and wishing for a more peaceful and loving solution to many of these issues as we embark on 2018. Sending you all lots of love and blessings for this holiday season from our family to yours!


I want you guys to know that I’m writing this particular post as a fan of “The Bold and The Beautiful” myself and not as Ronn’s wife.


We have been bombarded with emails about how upset our beloved seconda casa Italy is about seeing a Nu-Ridge on their TV sets. It seems they are not happy with this and it’s causing an uproar with fans.


I see the good, the bad and the ugly from soap fans on a daily basis and from the looks of things the majority of fans are starting to really speak out about the stupid storylines and the fact that they miss Ronn so much.


I saw this video that was clearly posted a while back on Youtube and shared it on Facebook because it made me cry. A fan obviously went through a great deal of trouble to make a video of precious and heartfelt moments between Brooke and Ridge that was intercut with sound bites from Ronn. It was so moving and heartfelt that I could feel the pain most fans are going through, as I was a fan myself.


One of our devoted fans from Slovakia posted the video on our fan page and suddenly the video was blocked with a message that the content was owned by “The Bold and The Beautiful” and has been blocked on the grounds of copyright.


Wow!  Could this be more obvious? The whole world has been watching this show forever and look for their daily fixes of the past now on Youtube and suddenly a video that has been up for months is suddenly taken down once it was shared by me?


This video was made of clips that had been on the Internet for years and was a beautiful expression of love. So the fact that B&B has taken it down speaks volumes don’t you think?






It was a last minute request from Milly Carlucci that invited Ronn, Katherine Kelly Lang and me to Salsomaggiore, Italy for the 70th annual Miss Italia Pageant. This year Milly Carlucci hosted the three day live televised event. Ronn and Katherine were judging the “Miss Cinema” portion of the event. This four hour live broadcast showcased some of Italy’s most beautiful women and this year was looking for beauty and talent, as the top 9 girls auditioned for a part in an Italian movie as “Miss Cinema” The stage was set to display some of the most gorgeous women we had ever seen. I thought the show was great and that Milly Carlucci did a fabulous job. It certainly wasn’t an easy task for Ronn and Katherine! All of our clothing was provided by our dear friend designer, Laura Biagiotti.  Ronn and Katherine did a little dance, when a surprise guest entered the stage,  very pregnant! Sara DiViara looked so beautiful and elegant when she made her surprise appearance during Ronn and Katherine’s dance. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0prneJosrw] It felt like “Ballando con let stelle” revisited because of the many cast and crew that were there with Milly working on “Miss Italia” The weekend was short and sweet for us. Great Italian food, wine and friends! Apparently, Sofia Loren was the first to win this title and is helping the judges crown the winner on Monday night!

In the airport waiting to fly like a bird to Italy. For some reason, they asked me to judge the Miss Italia pageant. Tough job. But I’ll endure. For me, it’s a chance to watch a bunch of movies and suck down a couple glasses of vino. Well, …. ok, maybe more than a couple. Hey, I’ve got to rehearse for when I arrive in Italy! Isn’t that all they drink there? Actually, I get to see my wonderful friend, Milly Carlucci, who is hosting this show, and pretty much every other show in Italy as well. She is an absolute sweetheart and I love her dearly. Will take some pix and vid and put it up asap.  Love you all.  —-R

This is from our recent trip to the cutest little town called Bulgheri in Tuscany, Italy. We stayed in Bulgheri after I finished Ballando con le Stelle (Dancing with the Stars) and went to spend some time visiting my Italian dance partner, Sara Di Vaira, and her wonderful family. Sara grew up in this special scenic town. In this clip, we’re meeting Illia. She’s 92 years young. She’s the oldest person in Bulgheri and, as you can see, probably the most spry as well.[wpvideo 9dnenMkm]

It has been a most relaxing enjoyable vacation for all of us and a very memorable one for us as a family. We have been made to feel at home with the Biagiotti and the Di Vaira families and it was a very emotional goodbye to all for now. The girls have experienced Italy in a very unique way, both the traditional Roman way and the traditional Tuscan way of life. We want to thank everyone who help us feel so at home in both Bolgheri and Roma. The beautiful dinners, private tours and loving hospitality will endure in our memory for a lifetime. We have made so many wonderful friends along the way, learned so much about wine, food and art and taken away gorgeous memories of the countryside and their culture. So we say arrivederci for now, but we know we will be back to our second home very soon. I will continue to study Italian so that I am speaking more fluently next time. Ronn is loved more than ever in Italy and loves Italy more than ever, so this love affair will continue I’m sure for years to come. It will feel good now to be back home with the animals and our friends who we have missed so much from all our traveling during the past few months.

Our first family vacation to Italy is off to a pleasant start now that we are relaxing in the British Airways lounge. Although we weren’t sure if it was going to happen at all due to the British Airways strike that is taking place this weekend. I had calls from the airline that our flight was canceled from London to Rome and spent an hour on the phone booking an alternative flight. Then we didn’t receive Calee’s passport even though we renewed it well over a month ago. After spending more time on the phone with the passport agency and having more calls from British Airways saying that our new flight may now be interrupted, our nerves were on edge. I spent the past couple months planning the most special trip for us and everyone who knows me, knows I hate last minute changes. Calee’s passport finally arrived by federal express a half hour before we left for the airport and the traffic to the airport was massive, but as soon as we arrived at the British Airways check in, things began to take a turn for the better. We checked in almost effortlessly and went through security without much of a line, which is a first for me! Then we made our way to the lounge and ate something, so now the girls and Ronn are happy to be on their computers relaxing before our flight.  We are now looking forward to spending some quality time together is Rome, Venice, Florence and the Tuscan countryside over the next couple of weeks. It’s a perfect ending to Ronn’s Italian experience over the past few months and Italy really has become our second home. Spending Easter there with friends will truly be special and we plan to take lots of pics and video along the way. I will update you guys periodically on how it’s going and we hope to finally bring back Ronn’s huge trophy!

Love Dev

I’m near the end of this amazing experience of Ballando con le Stelle (Dancing with the Stars) in Roma, Italia. I want to express how laborious, taxing, exhausting, frustrating, stressful, invigorating, rejuvenating, emotional, rewarding, challenging, and downright life changing this has been for me!! I owe my wife, Devin, and our two amazing girls, Creason and Calee, a debt of gratitude for putting up with my horrendous schedule during the last three months plus some. I’m looking forward to a lot of R&R with them, after this is done.

I now want to say something about my Tuscan born dance partner extraordanare, Sara Di Vaira. She is, without a doubt, the sweetest, kindest, most down to earth, talented dancing person I’ve ever known. She never failed to come into work without a huge welcoming (lets put everything we’ve got into this dance) smile every morning. It’s very very difficult to feel depressed at all around Sara. And I wasn’t. At all. The more we worked on learning her choreography for our dances every week, the more I wanted to win this thing. She was passionate, understanding, forgiving, a bit of a slave driver at times, but always with a laugh. She and I hit it off immediately and laughed and sweated our way to this moment now. I don’t yet know how the final show will turn out. If we will be blessed with winning this competition. But I do know either way, she and I feel we have already won. In so many ways beyond the competition. Our friendship. The sharing of families. She came to LA and stayed with Devin and my girls. And we went to stay in her Tuscan town of Bulgheri, where some of the best wine of Italy is grown and made. Her family are wine producers. The Di Vaira label. And take it from me, it was the finest wine I’ve had in Italy.

This experience has given me a newfound awareness of my body. I know that may sound strange, as physical as I’ve always been, but it’s true. It has shown me I can do something I NEVER thought I could do before. It has shown me I can still overcome fears. Major fears. It has shown me I can fly across continents many many times and forget about the massive jet lag I’m feeling by working my ass off, literally, sweating and dancing myself to euphoria, kind of like the runners high I’ve always heard about but never really experienced before. But mostly, it’s given me new friends. My Italian comrades who have also been working their asses off in this experience we call Ballando. Milli Carlucci and Paolo Belli are seasoned hosts of the original Dancing with the Stars. It began here in Italy. This is where it started. Words do not express my love and admiration for these two amazing people. Always positive, always with a genuine smile of encouragement. A much need supportive comment. The true test of a long lasting organization and show like this is the people working within it. All extremely professional, attentive, helpful, personal, but most of all they share a love of life. And that always shows. The Italians have a wonderful, unfailing love of life. That’s one of the many things I’ve always loved about them. And that’s just one of the many qualities I chose to absorb from this unique blessed experience.
Love to you all.

Tutto è bene. —–Ronn

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-5plGU0Kug]Ronn and Sara had the pleasure of watching show #8 as the contestants that were previously voted out had the chance to come back in for the semi finals next week. However, he and Sara had to dance the charleston and as a surprise learn a disco dance on the spot to perform within minutes. He did so well that the judges gave him the 20 points that are to be added to next week’s score. Two other couples made in into the semi finals rounding the number to six total.  He is not working on B&B this week, so instead of flying home for just a couple days decided to stay the week and put in extra dance lessons for the finals. The cast and crew of Ballando surprised him with a birthday cake and champagne on the set and Sara gave him a beautiful scrapebook of photo memories from his dancing experience. I’m so thrilled he had a wonderful birthday and got to share it with me being there. Lavinia and Laura Biagiotti also surprised him with a birthday cake and a terrific dinner. Actress Nancy Brilli and her husband Roy join us along with Lavinia’s boyfriend Francesco. We feel so blessed to have so many amazing Italian friends who are now like family to us. Ronn is getting more comfortable with his Italian and starting to speak more. I made it home last night, but was too tired to watch the Oscars. Ronn had an Italian TV appearance with the Ballando cast and everyone was talking about his disco moves. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6cVx8K6o-g] I had to come home to prepare for my first personal appearance is nearly 5 years and am looking forward to finally promoting my book. Ronn and I truly feel so blessed to have good health, love and happiness, a wonderful home with amazing friends and family and want to pursue our dream of giving back and helping others achieve success in all areas of life. This is basis of my next book, which I am putting the finishing touches on right now. I want to share the secrets I’ve learned so far in life. My life feels like a dream come true and Ronn and I couldn’t be happier. We decided we will renew our wedding vows in the future in Tuscany with our Italian family and perhaps make it a regular thing to do all over the world, what do you think? A good excuse for another wedding dress huh?

Love Dev

So far it’s been a fun week for us. We had a blast at the Laura Biagiotti fashion show and Ronn presented Laura with flowers at the end of the show. We stayed at the beautiful and prestigious Principe Di Savoia hotel and had a romantic dinner cooked at our table. Dan McVicar joined us at the fashion show and for lunch at Bice with Lavinia and some of her friends. We then headed back by train and stopped in Florence where Sara DiViara picked us up to drive us to her hometown, Bulgheri. This cutest little town I’ve ever seen and we were greeted by the entire community upon arrival. Then we had the most delicious tuscan food and stay in a sweet little hotel, woke up to a beautiful breakfast overlooking the scenic view of the town and Ronn signed autographs and took pictures with just about everyone.A Ballando crew was on hand to capture the moments as Sara gave us a tour of the vineyard and we stopped at her home to have lunch, compliments of her mother’s cooking. Their wine DiVaira is one of the best Italian wines we have had and the meal was complete with homemade lasagna and home grown vegetables that were so tasty and fresh. We continued walking through the town greeting everyone. I felt like I was campaigning for Ronn to run for Italy’s next president, as I took pictures with people, was kissed by a lot of grandmothers and held a lot of babies along the way. I got a lot of compliments on what I said to the jury in Italian last week on the show and the whole town had flyers and banners up that said, “Vote for Ronn and Sara.” We went around to several houses when “Beautiful” was on air and surprised a few people when they saw Ronn and Sara the their door. The day ended at the beach with a beautiful sunset and Ronn and I got a wonderful invitation to vacation at the prestigious Tombolo resort, which has the most amazing spa and view of the sea. We headed back to Rome and Ronn has been focused on dance lessons the rest of this week. He didn’t want the cast and crew from Ballando to do anything special for his birthday and it’s a usual work day of rehearsals for him. We will go out to dinner later to celebrate with a DiVaira bottle of wine, a present from Sara’s family. I will return home on Sunday after show number 8 and Ronn will stay until next Sunday so that he can get some more dance lessons in before the finals. I think it’s so cute how much he wants to win this competition now, considering I had to kick his butt to get him to do the show to begin with! Personally, I think they have an excellent chance of winning and predict that they will take home that huge trophy!

Love Dev



Last night was a great show for Ronn and Sara, but a controversial one for Lorenzo Crespi who walked off the set in the middle of the competition. Ronn and Sara were the first to dance and did the Merangie, which was awesome. The judges scored them better than usual, but still did not give them what they deserved in my opinion. I surprised everyone with blasting the judges in Italian and giving my strong opinion on how unfair they have been with Ronn and Sara week after week.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaQXD-Xhi50] Ronn spoke up for the first time and expressed his thoughts also to the judges. It seems the judges constantly give high scores to Lorenzo Crespi and even though he walked off the set and left Natalia Tatova alone for a big part of the competition, they were willing to have him back? Lorenzo’s behavior has been like that of a spoiled child for the last couple of weeks and this was not the first time he has done such a thing. The rest of the cast were furious that Ballando has coddled this type of unprofessionalism. It’s unfair to the rest of them that have worked so hard and we all know how hard Ronn has been working. So it was only fitting that Ronn spoke up last night to express it. As usual, my husband is diplomatic and eloquent in his speech and everyone was receptive with what he had to say. At the end of the night, Ronn was one of four couples left to compete in the finals, which will be show #9. Show #8 will bring back everyone that has been eliminated including maybe Lorenzo Crespi to compete for two spots open in the finals. The final show #10 will have 5 couples competing for the #1 spot as the winner of this season’s, “Ballando con le stelle!” In my opinion, no one has improved more that Ronn and Sara and it shows. In my opinion, they deserve to win, not Lorenzo Crespi. Lorenzo is good dancer, but his behavior  is not acceptable and not fair to the competition and if he is allowed back in will be a big controversy for the final shows. I was so happy that Ronn made it this far and am very proud of how much he has achieved with this challenge. Today we are going by train to Milan for Fashion week and will be in the Laura Biagiotti fashion show tomorrow. We will then stop in Florence to visit Sara’s Tuscan vineyard and shoot some footage for Ballando there before returning to Rome Tuesday evening for Ronn’s dance lesson. Until the next blog…….

Ciao Devin

It was great to have Ronn home if only for a few days. All he can talk about is dancing. He really is excited about the progress he’s making and seems to be enjoying it. We have invited Sara to come to LA to visit for a few days next week, so that she and Ronn can practice a little more since he doesn’t get to as much as the other contestants. I look forward to her helping me with some Italian.  I went to a great charity event last week with my pals Wally and Lori for http://www.standupforkids.org/“Stand up for Kids.” It’s a charity that helps homeless teenagers get off the streets. Some of the cast from “Desperate Housewives” were in attendance. I’ve also managed to make some progress with all of my studies and feel I’m almost ready for my real estate exam. However, due to the fact that I will be going back to Italy in a couple of weeks with Ronn and then again for our Spring break vacation with the kids; I probably won’t be able to take it until late April.  I’m so looking forward to our first Valentine’s day as a married couple and will celebrate it with our dear friends Bob and Kira Lorsh at a private dinner party when Ronn returns home. He will then be home for 10 days, so we are looking forward to that and celebrating Creason’s 16th birthday! Geez it seems like yesterday she was 10 and three inches shorter than me, now I’m looking up all the time to her!  Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love and chocolate covered kisses.

Love DevRonn

It was great having Ronn home even though it was only for a couple of days. He really seemed exhausted and said this has been very hard on him, but as always, he seems to blaze through it. Working on B&B non stop and doing 7 shows this week didn’t give him much time with me and the girls, however we managed to have a lovely family dinner of stuffed pasta shells last night. He left in the wee hours of this morning heading back to Rome, this time for 10 days! Peter Beckett joined him on this trip and they will perform a little mini live acoustic concert in Rome. It is the longest we will be apart, since our wedding. I am deep into studying for my real estate license and still into learning Italian, so the quiet time alone is good for me right now. I’m also attending a dear friend’s birthday party on Saturday, so that should be fun. Personally, I don’t mind being alone, because I always seem to get so many things done. It’s been great to get back to the gym and I plan to start pole class again next week. I’m also finishing the edits on my next book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty” which is a guide for keeping your life in balance and finding the fountain of youth and all that you desire in life. I’m very excited to share personal secrets that I have learned over the years with everyone and have been writing this book for the past three years. I finally feel it’s almost finished. The DevRonn website is also going through a makeover and I’m currently taking meetings with potential investors to take it to the next level in marketing. We have a wonderful product that everyone seems to love as much as we do and it was made for a great cause, so I believe with all my heart that it will be in the supermarkets soon. Our dream is to make it available to a mass market. I am happy to announce my first personal appearance in years and will be signing autographed copies of my book, “The Truth About A Pinup Model” along with other memorabilia at the Pasadena Convention center, March 20th, 2010. Other celebrities joining me there are Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Stallone and Shirley Jones just to name a few of over 150 celebrities in attendance. Check out this link for more details and come and see me!

Love Dev


Ronn and I skype after his shows and he tells me how it went for him. Last night was a hard one. He said he was surprised that he was called at the start of the show to do last week’s dance, the “Paso Doble” by himself! He did so well, the judges gave him high scores for a change.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XkrwaJKqak&feature=sub] This score was added to his score for this week’s dance, which put him at the top three of this week’s scores. As usual, he was near the last to dance his dance for this week, which was the “Salsa.” Now keep in mind “Ballando con le stelle” is nearly 4 hours of live television, so the waiting around is grinding for him. Not to mention, he’s been down with a cold/allergy type of problem now for weeks. I was very worried about him getting through this week of dancing. The flying back and forth alone has taken a toll on him, along with doing 8 shows in two days on B&B. This schedule hasn’t given him much time at all with me and the kids when he is here. He will be home tomorrow to work on B&B for two days and do 7 shows. He will then leave on Thursday for 10 days in Rome to do the next two shows for “Ballando!” As you can see, my husband is a superman! He makes it all look so easy and he’s wonderful because he never wants to disappoint his fans. I love how generous and hard working he is with all that he does. Please send him your love and support on twitter/ronnmoss57, he needs it right now.

Love Dev

Ronn Moss’s Italian fan base loves him, and on the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars Italy (Ballando con le Stelle) the ballroom competition dance show won the night in the ratings department.  Saturday evening in Italy, the hit show had an average share of 29.75%.  Ronn Moss’ dance performance of the Quick Step achieved the highest audience numbers of the show with a peak of 7.3 million viewers. (36.54% market share). The show began with a 32.19% market share with 6.2 million viewers.
B&B’s Moss, was elegantly dressed in a tuxedo, and did not miss a step of his routine. In the end, Ronn was tied with three other competitors for 7th place after the technical jury’s scores were tabulated, and was not in the bottom four. After the final audience voting tabulations were combined with the jury scores, Ronn was not eliminated.  He did not achieve immunity. Ronn has largely been the main focus of the reality show’s media campaign, and has graced several covers, including GENTE (the first time ever that a B&B actor has graced the cover of this magazine). The magazine Gioia covered Ronn Moss with a four page feature, and this is the first time ever that this magazine has covered an actor from B&B. Ronn will commute back and forth from Rome, Italy, where “Ballando” is broadcast live every Saturday evening, to Los Angeles, California, from now until the end of March, in order to continue taping episodes of “The Bold and the Beautiful,”  as Ridge Forrester. The next live show for Dancing with the Stars Italy is this Saturday, January 16th! Good luck, Ron!
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It was so great to be home and cook for Ronn and the girls. Calee had a growth spurt and is almost as tall as me now. Ronn unfortunately, had to work late on B&B, so we didn’t get to actually have dinner with him. Nevertheless, it was great to be home and all together, if only briefly. Ronn left in the wee hours of this morning to head back to Rome and will have an intense day of dance rehearsals tomorrow. I’m down with a dreaded cold and have been resting all day, drinking hot tea and slowly catching up on business matters. Please send Ronn all your love and support, he needs it more than ever right now. Here are a few of the magazines that have featured Ronn in the past week for any of you that read Italian. I’m proud of how well I’m doing with my Italian lessons and intend to keep practicing everyday. I understand a lot of words, but need to work on pronunciation and putting sentences together. I feel like a little kid again learning to speak.

Love Dev