I want you guys to know that I’m writing this particular post as a fan of “The Bold and The Beautiful” myself and not as Ronn’s wife.


We have been bombarded with emails about how upset our beloved seconda casa Italy is about seeing a Nu-Ridge on their TV sets. It seems they are not happy with this and it’s causing an uproar with fans.


I see the good, the bad and the ugly from soap fans on a daily basis and from the looks of things the majority of fans are starting to really speak out about the stupid storylines and the fact that they miss Ronn so much.


I saw this video that was clearly posted a while back on Youtube and shared it on Facebook because it made me cry. A fan obviously went through a great deal of trouble to make a video of precious and heartfelt moments between Brooke and Ridge that was intercut with sound bites from Ronn. It was so moving and heartfelt that I could feel the pain most fans are going through, as I was a fan myself.


One of our devoted fans from Slovakia posted the video on our fan page and suddenly the video was blocked with a message that the content was owned by “The Bold and The Beautiful” and has been blocked on the grounds of copyright.


Wow!  Could this be more obvious? The whole world has been watching this show forever and look for their daily fixes of the past now on Youtube and suddenly a video that has been up for months is suddenly taken down once it was shared by me?


This video was made of clips that had been on the Internet for years and was a beautiful expression of love. So the fact that B&B has taken it down speaks volumes don’t you think?







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  1. Lore Apted

    Unfortunately the time must come when a person must decide whether they are a Ronn Moss fan or a B&B fan because now it can’t be both. I loved it when Ronn was on B&B, but because I loved him being there could not make him stay where he was not happy or possibly felt he was not appreciated. If you are a Ronn Moss fan you just have to sit and wait to see him on TV at some point like when he guested on GH with Player or was with his beautiful bride on Celebrity Wife Swap. It’s your choice….

  2. Pam Lamb Presnell

    I, for one, hate the NuRidge….and have stopped watching the show. Bradley Bell RUINED B&B when he let Susan Flannery and Ronn leave. The Core 4 was what made this show enjoyable to watch. So, so sad…I had watched from day one…and always recorded it, so I could watch the scenes over and over if I wanted to. But no more….Bell should have killed the Ridge character off. I actually feel sorry for KKL and John McCook right now.

  3. Hi Devin and Ronn.
    I stopped to watching B&B after Ronns last day on it. Ronn was the star on that show and and without him it turn to boring crap. Bradley bell with replacing Ridge only confirmed what I said that he has absolutelly no respect for Ronn and for all those 25 years – Ridge should have been Ronns legacy. TK may be good actor, but he will NEVER be Ridge! Because the one left in 2012. After watching last epi with Ronn in 2012 I was very sad that Ronn left, but now I m happy – Im happy for Ronn, because he did the right desicion.

  4. donewithbravo

    First of all, that’s pretty sad if a video you shared was taken down just for the mere fact that YOU had something to do with it. Is the B&B team that vindictive?? I wouldn’t be too surprised, since it seems like they’re all babies running the show now. Ronn left at the right time. There are immature children writing these repetitive, horrible shows. It’s the same storyline again and again (incestuous, three-way affairs that are endless). It’s painful to watch now. There are no empowering roles for women now that SF left. Every woman on the show is used and manipulated by men. It’s really horrible.

    • Devin Devasquez

      This show will soon be the least watched show in the world

  5. Tina Garrett

    Bloody Cheek That B&B Took Down The Beautiful Tribute Video Clip ….. Thank You Devin & Kat …. So Happy I Got To See It …. Shame On B&B For Never Giving Ronn A Send Off/Tribute …. I Am No Longer A Fan Of B&B …. Have Not Watched Since Ronn, (As The One & Only Ridge) Left.

    • Devin Devasquez

      I’m sorry but I use to love the show now I hate it

  6. I’ve watched B & B since day one. I miss Bridge so much!! The show has never been the same since Ronn left… Still hoping for a miracle to happen

    • Devin Devasquez

      Brad Bell’s ego is too big for a miracle because he doesn’t have common sense to know that he has totally f**k up his father’s legacy.

  7. I am French and I watch episodes via internet in English a few hours after broadcast. So I saw the new Ridge. This is a disaster, perhaps a good actor but not for the character of Ridge he is. Ronn has class, charisma and chemistry with Katherine Kelly Lang. Mr. Bell is destroying the soap. And fans of the first hour that looks like me from the first episode he cares. This is sad. The soap has nothing to do with before. Ridge between the new and stupid stories on the bottom button. Frankly, I wish the best to Ronn away from soap and good luck to Katherine Kelly Lange and John Mc cook not easy for them I think.

    • Devin Devasquez

      Yes I guess he thinks the French are buying into this stupidity also because of his recent shoots there in France. Obviously, I’m not alone with my opinions worldwide as I see the same feelings daily. I guess only Brad Bell lives in this world he has now created that he thinks is being watched only to find out it’s being ridiculed and laughed at. I think anger has set in now for fans to start expressing themselves such as myself so that he wakes up and stops this stupid nonsense.

      • I’m afraid it is unfortunately, t Bell, persists in his feeble stories, and the destruction in the short term, the soap. Bell will never come back on these decisions. I have stopped watching the current episodes in the usa. I prefer to watch old episodes and relive all the magic moments with Ronn. Similarly, Lane Davies, who replaced Ronn when the latter turned to Italy, “the Baron” was a better Ridge, the new Ridge. I hope anyway, even if I have little hope that the anger of fans around the world will change.

  8. I cried watching that . The memories….. My younger years , where I would tape the show ,while I was at work and then come home and watch the B & B and never missed an episode. Brooke & Ridge , it was like growing old with them. I stopped watching the show also and can only say it belongs on the trash heap now !

  9. Yes, dear Devin. You are right. As I said a few days ago, the Italian public is in shock. We’re seeing the character completely changed. The ratings of “Bold and Beautiful” are dropping precipitously here in Italy. We Italians are wondering what the producers have in their head!!!
    A big hug to you <3

  10. I watched B&B since I was a Twelve – in kenya .I can’t stand it no more without ridge F and Stephanie F…. It’s a shame if the clip was removed … Shameless manipulative people !!!

  11. B&B didnt take it down! What r u talking? I MADE THIS VIDEO. Its on MY ACCOUNT and its working just fine! So many ppl shared it already including ronn and kelly so why the hell should bb take it down bc u shared it as well? The screenshot u posted above with the blocked thing was one of ronns last scene’s and it was a whole bb scene/show and they always get blocked on YouTube and has absolutly nothing to do with ronn or who shared it!!!! But thanks for the nice things u said about my video. It truly was a lot of work. I loved Ronns Ridge. I am a day one viewer, i have loved Brooke and Ridge since day one! And now i love nuRidge as well. Thorsten is doing a great job and i am still a Bridge fan! New or old Ridge, i love them both! And most of all i love Brooke. Bridge forever! B&B forever, nuff said!

    • Devin Devasquez

      Well it sure looked that way when I posted it and was told it was taken down by fans? I don’t understand how you could make a video like that and like the Nu-Ridge though. I have nothing against TK, but he’s not Ridge to me and many others. That ship sailed and he feels like a completely new character that happens to have the same name to me.

      • simply, i moved on to new adventures as well and that new adventure on BB is nuRidge and nuBridge. would i be thrilled and partying a whole year if Ronn would return? Hell yes! But since he doesnt i dont think about it even for a minute. i know many that turned out when Ronn left (including me) but turned in again when nuRidge showed up(including me)! its about a love story of 2 tv characters that i am in love with. Ronn left, Thorsten came. i have Bridge back. period. do i compare old and nuBridge? no! i would be crazy to do that. i am not stupid, i do know the special chemistry Ronn and Kelly have, i have watched them my whole life, i did tons of videos, they are the reason i fell in love with Bridge and BB in the first place. but life includes change. u of all ppl know that, and even though i had a hard time accepting that my so beloved oldBridge ended, i have moved on to new things and i actually enjoy how they r building up nuBridge. Brooke sure as hell needs someone to save her from those evil bastards aka Bill and Deacon and who else can save her than Ridge. no one! that is what its all about! when ronn left my heart broke in zillion pieces and i missed my BB so much cause i just couldnt watch it without Ridge. it was soooooo boring! so when nuRidge came, the tension came back. i found a way to still enjoy my soap that i grew up with even though one of my faves left and the secret is accepting things i cant change and try to see the positive in the change. i did it, so i am one of those who can still enjoy BB. i am just not one of those ppl crying over something for years that i cant change anyway. i took my time to grieve over loosing Ronn as Ridge and believe me, that hurt a lot but after some time i was able to accept it. Why should i still be mad or sad or disappointed?Ronn is happy, and thats great and i am happy cause i still can watch Bridge on my tv. so everybody is happy. and the ones who dont like nuRidge, well, just turn out and watch something u enjoy watching. Be positive, People!

      • Sorry Devin, where are you living? How could you ask a person,…..”how you could make a video like that and like the Nu-Ridge though”????? Do you always like/love only one person in your life? So you are a very poor person. And that I think, is the only reason why you get Ronn down. It seems like in your life only exist Ronn. Wake up and see what happens with Ronn, since he left b&b….!!!! He is a great actor and he deserves good film roles. But how can he get, when you always doing what you are doing????? Nobody will take him seriously and many people will laugh at him. He wanted to cease with b&b and so the show must go on. What did you think? Ridge would die? There is only one ridge and that’s Ronn???? I am also a day one viewer and Brooke and Ridge are/was a dream team – forever in our hearts. But now TK is Ridge!!!! He is good in his job and he will be better day by day. And Devin, you have to live with!!!

  12. Carlo Smith

    Well Devon it couldn’t be said better, as you may know I had always watch the show based on my ex watching it and just caught it ever now and then but my 76 year old Dad is a huge fan of the show and hates the new Ridge.. Heck I think he even sent the show a bitch But I have been a big fan of Ronn’s music since I bought his CD in 2007 and as you may remember use Photographs and Memories at my Mother’s funeral in 2008. So as I see it Ronn getting away from BNB is just fates way of putting him back doing what he is really awesome at his music. And you can bet if my promotions company can we will book Player in the Midwest someday in the future.

  13. Hello, I’m Italian. Ridge is Ronn Moss and STOP! I think the production don’t to respect the Fans.They are doing a very bad shape. I am very disappointed because the pleasure of seeing “Beautiful” is that the characters have style. The production on the other hand has been shown not to have a little cash … their stinginess is very much in contrast with the level of Beautiful!! Please…Baby come back!

    • Devin Devasquez

      It’s the “Blind and The Boring” now and changing daily into something none of us recognize anymore. It’s very sad, but I can’t even watch for 5 minutes now it’s so boring and repetitive.

      • Alizander

        LOL Devin you got that right Blind & the Beautiful is the perfect name for that soap Monaco’s reaction to the Nu Ridge is NO-RIDGE & yes to Dy..they should have killed off the character of Ridge Forrester. Father Bell is not resting in peace

  14. Devin Devasquez

    For you DY I don’t know where this anger is coming from here? But, this post was about Italy’s reaction to Nu-Ridge and they don’t seem to like him. If you accept him you are in the minority because from what I’m seeing it’s not working. No reason to get pissed at me I don’t watch the show anymore so I’m happy if you are happy with your Nu-Ridge. Ronn is doing just fine and I’m not bringing him down, I’m building him up!

    • Alizander

      Thank you Devin for setting Dy on the path of righteousness. Tell her your husband is quite contented hanging with his band Player and getting acting jobs is not on the top of his list. And if it was, he would not be denied roles because of you. Like I said on the other blog..”you’re a sport” and once again thanks for the updates on your lives.
      We love you over here in all of Europe
      Peace to you & the loyal fans

  15. Cindy Chambers

    Devin, I can’t stand the nuRidge. TK is a good actor, but he is NOT Ridge and he never will be. I miss Ronn but hope he is enjoying life. I only wish the best for you both!!!

    • Alizander

      You me & a trillion other people feel your pain Cindy. I have not been watching but today I did to see what stupid script they had for Hope when Liam told her he was in Paris. And I saw Brooke in action ( that lady can act) when she was talking to TK and she teared up KKL-style when she discovered Ridge lost his talent to draw. She must have done a lot of practicing looking at a photo of Ronn Moss to get those emotions out. If not well she gets my Oscar/Emmy for that performance

  16. Kristen Smith

    Devin, it was Ronn decision to leave B&B and we have to move on.Unfortunately you will be making enemies with the Bells if this feud continue. Your personality is rubbing on Ronn in a bad way and he’s letting you run his career?? Ronn is a puppet now??

    • Devin Devasquez

      This post is about the worldwide audience which has always been big for B&B and they have been behind for over a year with these current storylines. Their reaction is why this blog post was made as we are getting tons of email because the rest of the world loves Ronn. So you can say and think what you want Kristen, but I do not run my husband’s career, he’s very much his own person and in control of what he wants and doesn’t want to do. This is freedom of speech and about what’s happening because of the Bell’s decisions not Ronn’s so get your facts straight.

    • Jasmin (a devoted Devronn fan)

      I Jasmin Hall is replying to Kristen Smith…..Lady get your facts & stop writing trash
      Thank you & try not to come here on this blog when you are having a bad day

  17. Ronn is happy and I m happy! B&B turned to crap without him, Its their fault. I dont waste my time and energy to watch it anymore. No Ronn, No Ridge No B&B!

    To dy Dont attack Devin! She is good person and she is helping Ronn, and he is helping her.

    • Devin Devasquez

      that’s for women 18-49 of which they never had before so something from nothing is up to something there and that’s also press that they pay for here. This does not apply to the rest of the world of which countries have been dropping off and declining.

      • The ratings are declining because of the horrid story lines and bells ridiculous fascination with triangles and shoving Hope down the audiences neck. There is absolutely no balance in the show. It is repetitive and boring.

    • Jasmin (a devoted Devronn fan)

      Utter rubbish Jerry What Bambi & Devin says is 100% correct What you watching?

  18. TK is doing a great job, he is the Ridge we’ve always wanted a guy with balls and a spine, Ronn chose to leave over money and you thought they’d be begging him to come back, we’ll you snooze you loose, it’s over deal with it and move on, it’s over, quit stalking folks on B&B pages and acting like a loon over this, if he’s such a great actor why can’t he get another job, and just cause he played Ridge doesn’t mean he owns the character, you have no right to tell the show what to do with Ridge, you don’t own rights to the show, it’s really starting to look pathetic, move on!

    • Devin Devasquez

      This is the first time in 2 years that Ronn has said a word and it was a worldwide exclusive for Australia who hates Nu-Ridge as does Italy and many other countries. I told you this would happen because the rest of the world is 2 years behind in storyline. So if you think TK can compete with the world you are sadly mistaken. You need to show some respect for the man who put life into the character of Ridge for 25 years and stop deluding yourself that your precious TK is Ridge after barely a year cuz he’s not and never will be. He should have been a new character as I said from the very beginning. As it stands now, he is a new character who happens to have the same name as Ridge, but he ain’t Ridge!

  19. Lindsey Abbott

    I so agree with you Pam. The Ronn Moss fans Down Under feel your pain and agree with every. word you wrote We can’t believe the show is still on in the USA.

    • Devin Devasquez

      These poor TK fans are so delusional and will be in for a huge surprise soon I’m sure. The way the show is going and the way fans around the world that are leaving will eventually speak volumes. I really hope the International fans will educate them a bit because I’ve tried, but they really do think this poor guy is Ridge??

  20. Jasmin Hall

    Hey Devin
    I have a Q My friends & I would like to know how can we get our pix into those squares

  21. My dear Devin, I said, for the first, several days ago that Italy hate nu-Ridge. And italian audience actually hate nu-Ridge: a major newspaper article now writes: “Thorsten Kaye said: “ITALIAN AUDIENCE HATE ME!” A big hug to you and Ronn

  22. Geneva Kennedy

    Trying to take Ronn’s place as Ridge is going to ruin TK’s carrer. Those shoes are way toooooo BIG for anyone to try to fill. I still watch sometimes and my best episodes is when TK is not on. But my best laugh is when he fell out of that helicopter. I was soooo hoping it was a “kill of TK scene.
    Looks like Baby Bell lost his chance for “Greatness”