Our first family vacation to Italy is off to a pleasant start now that we are relaxing in the British Airways lounge. Although we weren’t sure if it was going to happen at all due to the British Airways strike that is taking place this weekend. I had calls from the airline that our flight was canceled from London to Rome and spent an hour on the phone booking an alternative flight. Then we didn’t receive Calee’s passport even though we renewed it well over a month ago. After spending more time on the phone with the passport agency and having more calls from British Airways saying that our new flight may now be interrupted, our nerves were on edge. I spent the past couple months planning the most special trip for us and everyone who knows me, knows I hate last minute changes. Calee’s passport finally arrived by federal express a half hour before we left for the airport and the traffic to the airport was massive, but as soon as we arrived at the British Airways check in, things began to take a turn for the better. We checked in almost effortlessly and went through security without much of a line, which is a first for me! Then we made our way to the lounge and ate something, so now the girls and Ronn are happy to be on their computers relaxing before our flight.  We are now looking forward to spending some quality time together is Rome, Venice, Florence and the Tuscan countryside over the next couple of weeks. It’s a perfect ending to Ronn’s Italian experience over the past few months and Italy really has become our second home. Spending Easter there with friends will truly be special and we plan to take lots of pics and video along the way. I will update you guys periodically on how it’s going and we hope to finally bring back Ronn’s huge trophy!

Love Dev


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  1. katarina Durcanska

    Hi Devin, wish you, Ronn and girls have great family vacation in Italy. Enjoy your time there. And I cant wait to see all uploads on Devronnblog.

    Ciao Katherine

  2. Good morning, I’m sure you’ve landed safely. Enjoy your stay with your family. I remember very colorful Easters in Europe, especially in the Catholic tradition. If the kids have never been, it’ll be quite an education.

    Have a good time, and post some pics if you can.

    Take care, Lilian

  3. WOW…DEVIN…..what a ride!!!!

    I am so glad that you are all there safely, and I hope you are all enjoying the country. Are you going to be in London any time this week??? My other brother, Scott and his son Jack are visiting with Keith and Teresa over there for Spring break, tho Teresa is in Paris today.
    Let me know if you all are going to be there for any length of time.

    I love you, sistah!!! Congratulations to the Dancing Dream!

  4. Sarah Femia

    Hi Devin and Ronn. First off I want to say I watched B&B sinced it aired. Love it. My husband & I went to Italy in 2007. Traveled to his hometown in Calabria and then toured the same places you are going. It was my first trip and I loved it. Am anxiously awaiting the pictures. Enjoy. Also I think it is great of you to take the time out of your busy schedule to keep us updated.

  5. I believe Italy is really a beautiful place.. Hope to have a vacation their with my family..