I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog and I apologize, but there just hasn’t been much time to do alot of the things I’ve been use to doing. As Ronn and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary, it seems life is passing by so very fast and changing even faster. All the talk about politics, ISIS, our environment, the economy, and all the in your face corruption that is just too bad to ignore is getting even more prevalent  Our world has gotten smaller because of social media and the fact that news is so instantaneous due to our advanced technology. It seems to make our world spin even faster and time to move at a different speed like we are running on empty. It seems like mankind has really lost his mind in so many ways. You start to wonder if you are trapped in a bad nightmare and if you will ever wake up?

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I’ve always been a positive and optimistic person. It’s how I’ve survived a horrible basically non-existent childhood of abuse and foster homes and I truly believe in the power of your mind and focusing your thoughts on good rather than bad things in life. That’s why I do not watch the news and read about what’s happening instead of obsessing about all the negativity around us. I realize it’s always been there for as long as mankind has been here. It’s just instantaneously in your face 24/7 now. That’s why it’s so important for mankind to wake up and start monitoring their thoughts and feelings. It’s important that we live in love and not a fear based world.

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I believe balance is the key to everything here and the only way to keep balance in all areas of life is by being able to feel and think rationally and optimistically about life’s journey. That’s the reason I wrote the book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty” to help people find balance and understand that your thoughts and feelings go hand in hand in manifesting your future destiny or turning back time if you so desire. The power to change things in within you! We cannot control others only ourselves and we must start working together as a united species if we are to have any real growth and enough positive change to overcome the negatives.


It is surely possible to do if we collectively decide to do it! Stop fighting to be right and start working for the good of all concern, which is our whole world. Stop thinking its their problem and not ours because at the end of the day we are all living on this planet together as one species called human beings. I guess I’m just venting a bit in writing this particular blog? Maybe it’s because the season is changing? The election for a new president is around the corner and more changes will surely come as a result of whoever is elected. Right now I wish everyone who take the time to stop and the hatred over just about everything and anything and look at the our world a little more lovingly for all the beauty it offers. Maybe by doing this, your thoughts and feelings may change and we can then all collectively start healing the wounds of so many.



It’s been over a week and a half since hubby left for Italy and even though I miss him terribly, I love being alone. I always get so much done and haven’t stopped since he left spring cleaning my closet. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but never having the time to devote to doing. Getting rid of things you don’t use or need for others to enjoy tells the universe you are ready for new exciting things to come into your life. I devoted a chapter on “Home” in my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty.” It’s something I’ve been doing all my life and being a Cancer, my home is very much where most of my energy is. Cooking, entertaining and spending quality time with the family and intimate time with hubby is what’s important to me. “Home is where the heart” is, I’m sure you’ve heard that before. 

True Age, Timeless Beauty

I’m  also happy that I got our taxes off to the accountant. That is something I hate to do, as I’m sure most of you do too. But I find doing the mundane things you hate doing a little bit each day will get those tasks out of the way in record time. I love what i call, “Time Management” and budgeting my time to have free quality time with hubby by getting these things out of the way. I hate waiting until the last minute to scramble to do such things. Procrastination has been an issue with all of us from time to time I’m sure, but I feel it holds you back from moving forward in life to get into such habits. So when I put my mind into doing something, I just do it!  This time spent alone has also given me the chance to catch up with some of my friends and spend quality time together, so I’ve not been bored one second. 

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I try to be in gratitude each and every day for whatever life throws at me because it’s always a learning experience for growth. This is also explained in my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty.” Everything starts with gratitude. Be grateful for what you have not what you don’t is what I try to live by. I’m am at a period in life that I don’t feel I want or need anything and wish to get rid of most of the things I have accumulated over the past years. I want to simplify my life and not have so many things to deal with anymore. I love life to be in balanced in every area so that the universe can bring me to that next level of growth. Letting go of the old things only tells the universe that you are ready for new ones and it’s the period between the old and the new that’s most exciting. The transition into the exciting new unknown has always challenged and thrilled me because I can feel my growth happening and welcome it.

So I’m excited to welcome the new things that I know are coming into our lives soon and I’m grateful for the old things that have been there to get me to the point I am thus far in this game called, “Life.” 

There has been alot going on with Ronn and I for the past few weeks and 2013 has taken off with a bang! Ronn has been busy preparing for his upcoming trip to Italy in which he will be promoting his fashion campaign with Katherine Kelly Lang for Impero Couture. They are launching the commercial on Valentine’s Day. Now if I didn’t love KKL so much myself, I’d be jealous that my husband isn’t spending Valentine’s Day with me and will be in Italy with her on that day. However, I’m not jealous, but happy that the campaign is so elegant and beautiful and it’s a perfect day to launch such a campaign. So hubby and I will celebrate the day before and I will see his cute little butt off to fly into the sunset with his Logan. I know how much you all love that and being a fan, so do I.


I chose not to go this trip because in addition to doing that promotion, Ronn will be traveling alot within Italy to various cities to promote his upcoming Player CD, “Too Many Reasons.” I don’t think this wil be a a fun trip for me to tag along on because he’s going to be on the go constantly. Besides, I have so much on my plate to deal with here at home with real estate now picking up finally and getting things prepared for the 411movie shoot and Ronn’s Garage. We have Ray Parker Jr, Jacquline MacInnes Wood and Rove coming up over the next few months and I’m looking forward to them all visiting us and to cook up something yummy! I’ve been getting all your requests to have Ronn and I cook together and I believe that is a real possibility. There’s even been talk about Ronn and I doing a TV cooking show together, which I would just love.


All that being said, we are absolutely loving life these days. Ronn is more relaxed and feeling creative. He’s writing for his memoir and it’s quite good and very interesting. I’ve told him his life story’s roots are fascinating and should be a book. All the stories he’s told me from his experiences growing up to his days on tour with the band, to 25 years of being Ridge Forrester. It’s something he must write and wants to now. Ronn is also doing the music for the 411movie, so he’s been busy preparing to shoot some music videos that will be in the movie, as well as, theme music for it. And as you know he does everything for Ronn’s Garage, including the editing, so he’s finishing up German pinup artist Michael Moebius now. I can safely say Ronn is also loving life because of all this creativity he now has time for in doing the things he loves the most. This past week we were spending time with our new friends from Monaco and their three adorable little girls, a set of twins who are four years old and the oldest daughter who is six. One of the twins really took to me and we are now best buds. I look forward to seeing them again soon.

 Last night we celebrated another birthday with my dear friend writer, producer, director Jeff Franklin. Known for his brilliance in comedic writing, he created the hit syndicated TV series, “Full House” and has been a close friend since I arrived in Hollywood back in 1985. I said my first words on TV written by Jeff when I appeared as Garry Shandling’s fantasy girl on the “Garry Shandling Show.”  Jeff created “Full House” shortly after Garry’s show was canceled and is also responsible for writing and directing movies such as the cult classic comedy, “Love Stinks” and “Summer School.”  Now Jeff always throws fabulous parties and last night was exceptional with an amazing band, delicious food and beautiful decor in his lovely home filled with exotic fish tanks. He even has baby sharks in one tank and has three of them built into the wall of his house that is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. The views are 360 and the house has a bit of history that may freak some people out. It sits on the same site where the Manson murders took place many years ago.

However, Jeff’s great energy and beautiful home has brought nothing but, joy, peace and love to those grounds and his amazing parties have only helped that energy and I believe he too is loving life with another birthday under his belt. Jeff and I have a tradition in that we are both Elvis fans and he has a large Elvis collection. I always try to add to it with something he doesn’t have and have been successful the past couple years with a bubble gum Elvis pack and a mini Elvis lunchbox. He has a Priscilla and Elvis Barbie that I wish I had for my Barbie collection! I’m so thrilled that my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty: Finding the Fountain of Youth and Everything You Desire is touching lives and I’m happy to be a part of a new book entitled, “Wounded, Survive, Thrive” 101 Women’s Journey’s from Torment to Triumph in which I share my personal story. I hope this book helps many women overcome abuse of any kind and thrive in their lives.

So we hope you too are loving life as much as we have been lately and that the new year is filled with laughter, love and fun times with family and friends because that’s really what life should be don’t you think? Don’t forget to join the PlayerAngels and enter our contest to win a FREE Autographed Player CD! I want to see Player Angels from all over the world flying around and cheering Ronn and the boys on their new journey. Tours are being planned and I will keep you informed as they develop. I am confident you will love the CD as much as I do!

Player Angels


I wanted to get a few of my girlfriends over for an all girl pow wow before the summer got to busy and thought we’d celebrate my birthday. There were about 20 of us outside by the pool and since it was getting a little too hot, we moved everyone under this cabana area to snack on finger sandwiches and champagne punch. I started opening presents and was just screaming over my purple custom made blinged out cell phone case made by my neighbor Sharyn. Then my pal Sandi Taylor wowed me with this cute bunny ring and rose colored beach bag. More bling followed with picture frames, jewelry boxes and earrings, chocolates, roses, beauty products and sexy clothing! The girls all looked so beautiful since only I would have a brunch in the middle of the week and many of my pals work or have kids to pick up. I feel so blessed to have so many amazing gals in my life. My dear friend Fiona Horne’s birthday is the day before mine, so she’s my soul sister and we blew out the candles together. Ronn had to work so he missed out on seeing all the pretty girls having a blast in our backyard, but arrived just as the last few girls were leaving. My pal Alana Curry and Fiona ended up hanging out a bit longer to chat with us around the fire pit. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day with the girls! I’m looking forward to more gatherings out by the pool this summer!

I just love spring time, seeing all the beautiful colorful flowers in bloom and the sunshine makes my heart sing like the birds. It also makes me want to clean out all the old stuff and allow the universe space to bring in new things. It’s been that way for me for years and seems to work. I use to hold onto everything and never wanted to part with anything. I found out that was not a good way to be. It happen for me when I had to clean out a garage that had a pile full of stuff when I moved into a new home. Sound familiar? I cried, laughed and threw away most of what was in there because I was starting fresh and clean into a new place with new memories. So I vowed to never let things pile up like that again. Especially after so many new and wonderful things started entering my life as a result of finally letting go of the past ones. It seems the older we get, the more STUFF that accumulates and is it really worth hanging onto? I figure alot of less fortunate people could use some of the STUFF I have such as clothes I haven’t worn in years, electronics that I don’t use anymore or anything that is just taking up space and collecting dust. Those things could be someone else’s treasures right now. So that’s my philosophy behind spring cleaning now. I love to reorganize my office and closet so that I can see the things I love and want to wear and keeping the office organized makes business move a lot more effectively in my opinion. I know exactly where to find receipts, etc. There is a place for everything and everything has a place. I’ve tried to get Ronn to adopt this behavior and he seems into it now. I ask him, “Do you really need 25 guitars?” He finally  sees that it’s best to keep the special ones and let the others go, so can we say EBAY? Our neighborhood is having a huge garage sale that we are all getting ready for next week, so I’m thrilled that the garage will be cleaned out and more organized. He’s also going through his closet and parting with the many leather jackets and scarves that he has collected over the last many years! This was all his idea folks! I guess he has watched me for the past few years do this and he sees the results that it brings. Trust me letting out the old stuff allows in the new stuff that could be much better for you today. Try it and I think you will see a tremendous change occur in your life.

Love Dev

Last weekend was a blast of fun for Ronn and I when we participated in a celebrity gun shooting tournament that benefited our troops and Veterans. The event took place in Ojai and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We were in good company with some old friends like Erik Estrada, Tristan Rogers and some of the cast members from “The Young and The Restless.” There were some real sharp shooters in the Sporting Clays competition, pistol and trap shoots. Who knew that “The Beaver” Jerry Mathers would be taking home the highest honors? Robert Carradine was on our team and Ronn did some pretty impressive shooting to say the least. I shot very well in the pistol competition, but we all need to practice a little harder for next year to beat the “Beaver!” The NRA put on this event along with “Associated Television” who is also doing the Daytime Emmys for CBS this year in Las Vegas! These guys did last year’s Emmys and do a first class event always. Everything was fabulous and Ronn and I can’t wait until the next one. We really had a blast and I want to practice my shooting for next year. Who knows, maybe I can give the Beav a little competition?


Since Easter, we have had the most amazing food and wine ever in Italy. We have visited a couple of the premier vineyards, including Sara Di Vaira’s vineyard. Here is Ronn in a photo with Sara’s father. We picked our own vegetables to cook and experienced the Tuscan way of life. The girls have loved it so much that we have opted to stay and extra day and not go to Venice. We will go back in a couple of days by train to spend our last day in the beautiful castle of Laura Biagiotti before returning home. The Tuscan part of our vacation has felt very homey. I cooked fresh picked artichokes the other day and the girls found the biggest head of cabbage we have ever seen! Last night we had a beautiful seafood dinner on the beach.  Ronn has enjoyed tasting the wines and it seems that there are a lot of tourist visiting right now for the food and wine obviously, we can understand why. Today, I will go to a spa and relax with a massage and soak in the hot springs. The weather is amazing today, so the girls are excited to pick more vegetables, including wild asparagus and will make homemade pizza. Looking forward to good weather for our last days here in Italy.

Love DevRonn


Our vacation so far has been very relaxing and the weather has been fabulous! Just what the doctor ordered for Ronn, weather that is in primavera and not too hot or cold. A trip to the Spanish Steps, The Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain was the start of our first day. Walking around Rome was grand and it was funny for the girls to see how many teenagers wanted photos and autographs with their daddy. . Our dear friends Laura and Lavinia Biagiotti hosted us in their apartment near the spanish steps, which was in the center of everything. Our wonderful guide Isabella toured us around the city as we walked all day long. We had the most fabulous homemade pasta, steamed artichokes and of course vino rosso. Our second day has been another private tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, compliments of our friend Loreto. Our neighbors Steve and Sue and their kids were in Rome for a short while during a cruise and joined us on the tour and then we had a fabulous lunch. The girls then opted to walk around some more with Ronn, while I came back to blog and rest up for dinner. We decided to take the girls today to the Villa Borghese and had a private tour of Caravaggio’s amazing work and the President’s Palace before having dinner with Actress Nancy Brilli and her husband Roy. Plans changed and we decided to rest in the castle of Laura Biagiotti tomorrow before heading by train to Florence to see the “David.” There are so many people that we have decided to go to Venice after Easter. We will complete our Roman Holiday with one last day in Roma before heading home next week.

Our first family vacation to Italy is off to a pleasant start now that we are relaxing in the British Airways lounge. Although we weren’t sure if it was going to happen at all due to the British Airways strike that is taking place this weekend. I had calls from the airline that our flight was canceled from London to Rome and spent an hour on the phone booking an alternative flight. Then we didn’t receive Calee’s passport even though we renewed it well over a month ago. After spending more time on the phone with the passport agency and having more calls from British Airways saying that our new flight may now be interrupted, our nerves were on edge. I spent the past couple months planning the most special trip for us and everyone who knows me, knows I hate last minute changes. Calee’s passport finally arrived by federal express a half hour before we left for the airport and the traffic to the airport was massive, but as soon as we arrived at the British Airways check in, things began to take a turn for the better. We checked in almost effortlessly and went through security without much of a line, which is a first for me! Then we made our way to the lounge and ate something, so now the girls and Ronn are happy to be on their computers relaxing before our flight.  We are now looking forward to spending some quality time together is Rome, Venice, Florence and the Tuscan countryside over the next couple of weeks. It’s a perfect ending to Ronn’s Italian experience over the past few months and Italy really has become our second home. Spending Easter there with friends will truly be special and we plan to take lots of pics and video along the way. I will update you guys periodically on how it’s going and we hope to finally bring back Ronn’s huge trophy!

Love Dev

I feel deeply sadden by the death of actor Corey Haim. I happen to work him and his best buddy Corey Feldman on a comedy called, “Busted.” in the mid 90’s. He seemed to have his life back on track then, but I understand he had a constant battle with addiction. Winsor Harmon lived next door to him and said he was a really nice guy. My heart goes out to Corey Feldman whom I’ve know for long time. It is like the loss of a family member for him and 38 is just to young to die.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-5plGU0Kug]Ronn and Sara had the pleasure of watching show #8 as the contestants that were previously voted out had the chance to come back in for the semi finals next week. However, he and Sara had to dance the charleston and as a surprise learn a disco dance on the spot to perform within minutes. He did so well that the judges gave him the 20 points that are to be added to next week’s score. Two other couples made in into the semi finals rounding the number to six total.  He is not working on B&B this week, so instead of flying home for just a couple days decided to stay the week and put in extra dance lessons for the finals. The cast and crew of Ballando surprised him with a birthday cake and champagne on the set and Sara gave him a beautiful scrapebook of photo memories from his dancing experience. I’m so thrilled he had a wonderful birthday and got to share it with me being there. Lavinia and Laura Biagiotti also surprised him with a birthday cake and a terrific dinner. Actress Nancy Brilli and her husband Roy join us along with Lavinia’s boyfriend Francesco. We feel so blessed to have so many amazing Italian friends who are now like family to us. Ronn is getting more comfortable with his Italian and starting to speak more. I made it home last night, but was too tired to watch the Oscars. Ronn had an Italian TV appearance with the Ballando cast and everyone was talking about his disco moves. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6cVx8K6o-g] I had to come home to prepare for my first personal appearance is nearly 5 years and am looking forward to finally promoting my book. Ronn and I truly feel so blessed to have good health, love and happiness, a wonderful home with amazing friends and family and want to pursue our dream of giving back and helping others achieve success in all areas of life. This is basis of my next book, which I am putting the finishing touches on right now. I want to share the secrets I’ve learned so far in life. My life feels like a dream come true and Ronn and I couldn’t be happier. We decided we will renew our wedding vows in the future in Tuscany with our Italian family and perhaps make it a regular thing to do all over the world, what do you think? A good excuse for another wedding dress huh?

Love Dev

It was a fun weekend spent with the girls. Creason had a few girlfriends over for a sleepover to start celebrating her 16th birthday, which is tomorrow! I told her she should celebrate for a whole month. So I cooked a bunch of Italian dishes and had some friends over to welcome Sara and her mother. Then I cooked a bunch of Cajun dishes in celebration of Mardi Gras and introduced it to Sara.  Ronn and Sara practiced the Rumba and the Marangie all weekend.  We shot some video of Sara gunshooting, horseback riding and visiting the set of B&B for a Ballando profile. I must say I am looking forward to seeing them perform the Rumba and think it’s going to be their best dance. It’s so sexy and beautiful to watch. Ronn has really come a long way and looks very graceful now when he dances. His body has transformed also into solid muscle. He was always in great shape, but he’s in amazing shape now! I believe we will continue dancing together after the show is over because he likes it and it will be fun for me to learn some of these dances now. We capped off a great week with Sara yesterday at the spa and had amazing massages and facials. I’m really proud of how much Italian I’ve learned and look forward to the next 10 days in Roma now to practice speaking more. I’m also taking my real estate workbook with me to study every night for my exam. I won’t be able to take the exam until the end of April, so I don’t want to forget what I’ve learned so far.  Right now I’m in the British Airways lounge waiting for my flight to meet Ronn in Roma. We are looking forward to going to Milan for Fashion week, compliments of Laura Biagiotti. I was hoping to see my friend Dita Von Teese there, but will just miss her, as she will arrive the day after we leave. So I’m hoping to visit her in Paris this summer and learn some French! Sara has invited us to visit her on her Tuscan vineyard during the wine festival and we are looking forward to doing that with Creason and Calee. After Ballando is finished, we will take our first family vacation with Creason and Calee and visit Florence, Venice and Roma!

Love Dev

It was great to have Ronn home if only for a few days. All he can talk about is dancing. He really is excited about the progress he’s making and seems to be enjoying it. We have invited Sara to come to LA to visit for a few days next week, so that she and Ronn can practice a little more since he doesn’t get to as much as the other contestants. I look forward to her helping me with some Italian.  I went to a great charity event last week with my pals Wally and Lori for http://www.standupforkids.org/“Stand up for Kids.” It’s a charity that helps homeless teenagers get off the streets. Some of the cast from “Desperate Housewives” were in attendance. I’ve also managed to make some progress with all of my studies and feel I’m almost ready for my real estate exam. However, due to the fact that I will be going back to Italy in a couple of weeks with Ronn and then again for our Spring break vacation with the kids; I probably won’t be able to take it until late April.  I’m so looking forward to our first Valentine’s day as a married couple and will celebrate it with our dear friends Bob and Kira Lorsh at a private dinner party when Ronn returns home. He will then be home for 10 days, so we are looking forward to that and celebrating Creason’s 16th birthday! Geez it seems like yesterday she was 10 and three inches shorter than me, now I’m looking up all the time to her!  Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love and chocolate covered kisses.

Love DevRonn

[wpvideo 18lj8xZF]Ronn and I had a nice relaxing day in Rome walking around the shops and having lunch at Babington’s a unique tea house near the spanish steps. We then visited the boutique of Laura Biagiotti and had an early dinner. It’s so nice to spend our first Christmas as husband and wife in such a romantic and beautiful city like Rome. We plan to now relax in our hotel room and watch a Christmas movie and tomorrow we will spend the day at the home of Laura Biagiotti. But, for now would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope Santa brings you all that you desire. Here is my little Christmas present to you of me singing “Santa Baby” with Johnny English playing piano.

Love DevRonn

Tiger Woods

Seems everywhere you look these days all you hear about is Tiger Woods and his marriage issues. It’s really sad that we love to revel in other people’s misery, shortcomings or mistakes in life. No one should judge another unless you walk in their shoes and there’s not a damn person on the planet who has had the life and legacy of this athlete.

However, he’s a human being and none of us are perfect. Seems to me, the guy has been the picture perfect son, professional and family man with a gorgeous wife. So why would he cheat and why do we care so much? It’s probably because he’s been so perfect most of his life that he was so careless and human.

There isn’t anyone who is perfect on this planet. Look at the falls of ministers, political figures and picture perfect couples from the past who were also human. We as a society need to focus on who we are becoming instead of other’s miscomings.

Tiger’s wife is probably so embarrassed from all of the magnified gossip, but hopefully love and time will heal them from what we all know is human.

I wish we would all open our eyes and hearts as humans and embrace Tiger and his wife for what they must be going through instead of judging, gossiping and speculating on what these human beings will or won’t do under the circumstances. Haven’t you been in a situation similar at one time in your lives? Maybe you lied, cheated or stolen something and got caught. Did you learn from those mistakes or did you continue doing them? Did you feel sorrow, remorse or sadness for hurting someone you loved?
Are you human?

Take a moment to send Tiger Woods and his wife love and light for the sake of their children and know that we are all human.

Susan Flannery organized a beautiful wedding supper to celebrate our recent nuptials at the gorgeous Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was held in the private dining room off of the elaborate kitchen and guests included, John McCook and his lovely wife Laurette, Ian Buchanan, Katherine Kelly Lang and her husband Alex, Maria and Billy Bell and our gracious host Brad Bell and his wife Colleen. The menu was absolutely amazing and the private chef told us about each course before their presentation. We ended the evening wedding cake and more champagne. We have certainly had our share of that in the past few weeks, hahaha. Since this is Ronn’s second family, we were, needless to say, thrilled and grateful for this amazing opportunity to share our joy with them. Here is a clip of the evening.
[wpvideo EEZ0EFCW]
Love DevRonn

family halloweenLast night the whole family got dressed up for Halloween parties. I was a devilish girl, Creason a cat, Calee “Little Red Riding Hood” and Ronn was a second mouse with very large ears. He’s been talking about being this second mouse ever since he heard the phrase, “The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.” So he put in these horrible looking teeth, wrote that phrase on a t-shirt with blood splatters and went around the neighborhood with me.Devilish Devin I had a devilish good time with him and was happy to see him bring that second mouse to life. This year was the first time Hef didn’t have his own Halloween party, seems the mansion is now being rented out for other’s to throw parties and Hef is just attending them now with a few of his close friends. Things change and now that I’m a married woman Devin weddingI must now stay closer to home for these times. It’s fun in our neighborhood, kids come from all over to see the decorations and trick o’ treat. Hope you guys had as much fun as we did!

Dev's heart rockToday Ronn and I are spending the day with family and going to a street fair, then we are off to visit some friends and then have dinner with our neighbor. I did a lot of cooking yesterday so this is a welcomed delight. I am still car shopping but have my eye on the BMW 328i convertible.BMW Right now I’m driving a rental Kia, hahaha. I can’t believe Halloween is around the corner and I’m not sure what I will dress up as this year. We have several parties to attend, so it should be fun, but it’s always a problem getting Ronn into a costume. With the wedding and family visiting I just haven’t had time to focus on costumes this year, so it may be a last minute thing to put something together. I really enjoy Sundays and just adore hanging out with my family or being alone with Ronn. We always have fun, so today should be a good one. I’m so happy everyone is enjoying the wedding album. It makes me happy to look at each and every picture and I can’t wait to see our wedding video! I feel very blessed, happy and content. Hope you all have an awesome Sunday with your family.

Love DevRonn

I kicked off the weekend with a night out with the girls for drinks at the Beverly Hills hotel’s 1912 bar and lounge. We had a blast as usual. Dev and the girlsDev and Ronn reagan libraryJoan Then Ronn and I took his relatives visiting from Australia to the Reagan Library. It was a lot of fun and we got to go on board Air Force one. Airforce onehelicoper Ronn and I attended the Desi Geestman annual charity event and surprised them with a check for $10,000. We felt so bad we didn’t win the Newlywed Game prize so we gave it to them anyway. It was a lovely evening under the stars with many soap stars in attendance. We then had a wonderful wedding reception thrown for us by our friends Bob and Kira Lorschccakecut2 copy It was also Kira’s birthday so we combined it with wedding cake compliments of my dear friend and bridesmaid Cindy Margolis and birthday ice cream, champagne, martinis and yummy appetizers. It was out by the pool and the weather was gorgeous. Many of Ronn’s B &; B cast and crew friends were there. I need to now take a break from too much champagne!

Do we feel different? No not really except for everyone called me Mrs. Moss. We felt married before and this was just an awesome party to celebrate with family and friends. We both were rather tired the first few days after the wedding and since we had Ronn’s relatives visiting all the way from down under, we didn’t want to run off on a honeymoon right away. Besides I know how much most of you would miss Ridge if he took off work right now. So I planned a wedding brunch the day after the wedding for everyone who stayed at our house.ronn and joan 2 There was so much wedding cake left over I shared it with some of our neighbors and then everyone decided to leave us alone for a few days. That was the best present of all because it was just so needed and appreciated. Not only did we catch up on alot of things at home, Ronn showered me with awesome cappucinos in the morning, candlelit dinners with champagne at night and roses that he cut from our garden, asking me everyday if his wife was happy and that she is. There is no place like home for us both and we are enjoying our new role together as husband and wife. We are having another wedding celebration this weekend for all of the B&B cast and crew hosted by our dear friends Kira and Bob LorshBob and Kira. It’s also Kira’s birthday so it should be a fun party. Ronn and I plan to be on a constant honeymoon, but will take an official one sometime next year. Our wedding day will always be the most special day to both of us. Thank you so much for all the wonderful cards, gifts and comments wishing us well. We couldn’t be happier!

Love DevRonn

FIRE/CALIFORNIAWe appreciate all your concerns for our safety due to the fires surrounding us. But please note LA is very spread out and it always looks much worst than it is on the news. They tend to zoom in on what’s burning, which makes it look like LA is on fire and in fact it’s a small area. You can rest assure I would post asap if there was a reason to be concerned. We cannot smell smoke where we are, which is good and it seems they have gotten a better handle on it over night while the weather was cooler. In California we are always at risk during the Santa Anas season with winds and hot temperatures and a brush fires could occur anywhere. But that’s the price we pay for having sunshine most of the time I guess. It truly is a pain in the butt when these fires break out and a good reason to be concerned for the safety of animals and structures, but as you can see LA firefighters are very good and have had lots of experience fighting these fires. They really are heroes and brave, amazing men. It’s suppose to be very hot today, but not as windy as yesterday and cooling down tomorrow into the weekend, so I’m optimistic that this fire will be contained by tomorrow.

Love DevRonn

10631_157094319026_834024026_3626922_7701463_nOkay, it’s less than two weeks away from the wedding and I think I have almost everything done finally. I’m excited, but always feel like I’m forgetting something. I have something old, new, borrowed and blue, so I’m not sure what it is? My memory isn’t as good as it use to be, so I hope I remember before the big day. It’s funny cause I had a dream a while back that I had everyone waiting on me, which is so not like me, cause I’m always on time and I couldn’t find my wedding dress. So I was running around looking for it?? I had a beautiful bridesmaid’s luncheon planned for this weekend and had to cancel it due to Cindy and Tina being sick. Barbara couldn’t make it and a couple of other people were under the weather, so I just decided to wait until the rehearsal to give everyone their gifts. It’s funny I’m not nervous at all cause I know I’m marrying the right guy, but I’m just concerned that I’m forgetting something?? Tina says, it’s normal and that every bride goes through this and speaking of Tina, she had to cut down her toasting speech to five minutes instead of an half an hour, hahaha. I hung out with her last week and she kept me up til 3am, which is way past my bedtime! Coming up next is the bacholerette party and I hope the girls are feeling better by then so we can start celebrating. It’s funny but Ronn and I got our marriage license the same day Brooke and Ridge did on the show, weird coincidence huh? Check it out, it’s pretty funny!

Love DevRonn

Ronn and I had a nice day hanging out in our pool with Nadia Bjorlin 55092726 who is singing in our wedding. Her boyfriend Brandon Beemer 419px-Brandon_Beemer and Lorenzo Lamas 57317223 rounded out the hunkiest men ever to be present in our pool on a single day! Ronn got a little sunburned as a result of forgetting to put sunscreen on his back, bad boy! I cooked Cajun crabcakes and shrimp etouffee. Nadia and Ronn did some music and then we watched, “I Love You Man” which was so funny. It was an awesome day spent with great friends. We are looking forward to a nice relaxing day today cause the weather has finally cooled down and is beautiful. Hope you all are enjoying Labor day weekend. Be safe!

Love DevRonn

It’s exactly one month away from the big day. Since I chose not to have a wedding planner, I’ve done everything myself. Now I’m a pretty good organizer, planner as my friends call me and it truly takes a year to plan a spectacular event such as a wedding. I say a year to not become totally stressed out and that’s having no help. I have much more respect for wedding planners and what they do for the bride. There are just so many things to do and think about. Dont think this one was rentedFlowers, cake, photographer, videographer, Entertainment, food, liquor, decor, wedding attire, vows, music, bridal party gifts, favors,invitations, thank you cards, rings, did I forget anything? So in order for me not to feel at all stressed, I started on this project and trust me it was a project because it will be a fun, exciting day that Ronn and I will remember fondly for years to come! Together we have come up with a very unique yet traditional concept for our wedding, but I can’t talk about it due to an exclusive with Australian magazine, “Woman’s Day“.ez7k3v8mld4fzekd I do think what we are doing will produce some very interesting photos and video. It’s funny because the groom doesn’t have much to do except show up! It’s really all about the bride, isn’t it? Her choices in decor, attire and cuisine. But, I have a man who wants to be involved and that makes him happy so who am I to say no? He thinks I’m more traditional, maybe it’s my deep southern upbringing, but I think I’m no different from most girls who dream about this day, and for me to find it with the most amazing man, how could I not want to celebrate it to the max? As you can see, I throughly enjoyed my bridal shower, hosted by the most amazing Matron of Honor a girl could ask for in Ms. Tina O and now I’m looking forward to a special catered bridesmaids luncheon to thank them for all their wonderful efforts in helping me bring this day together. I also have a bacholerette party planned by bridesmaidcindy and Tina Cindy Margolis and Tino O that I know will be out of this world fun with all of my girlfriends, can you imagine an all girl party thrown by those two? Sorry but no guys are allowed at that either, it’s my time with my girlfriends before spending the rest of my life with the most amazing man in the world!

Loving the anticipation,


Well the big day is just a little over a month away, so a bridal shower was held at my house and hosted by my Matron of Honor, Tina Hillstrom. Tina did the most amazing job with the decor decorfor this all white theme showerflowers. We had white flowers, candles, food and all of the girls were dressed in white tina and meThere were over 50 girls in attendance, including bridesmaid Cindy Margolis, who provided me with the most amazing cake that Tina designed.the cake There were three different flavors, chocolate banana, carrot and marble. Needless to say, everyone took cakecake home and had a blast playing games. One game included making a veil out of toilet paper and putting on a fashion show for me, in which I had to choose a winner. It was hard because the girls were so creative and came up with these amazing veils in just 10 minutes!5280_136320763734_544818734_3182034_6741151_ngirls in veil I was put to the test when asked 30 questions to determine how well I knew the groom ronn and me turns out, I know him pretty well and got 17 out 30 correct! Ronn showed up at the end of the shower and video taped the veil fashion show. It was a day to remember and the bridal shower of the century! I am so blessed to have so many amazing girlfriends that are happy to share in my romantic bliss. The presents were too numerous to open, so I’ll be doing that today and writing my thank you cards all week. dev and creasonThanks Tina, Cindy, Creason and all of you who attended, I love you all so much!!girls in whiteshowercindy and Tina

Kisses, Dev

playboy mansionRonn and I had a blast at the Playboy’s midsummer night’s dreams party Saturday night. I saw so many of my friends like artist Michael Mobius, it felt like a class reunion. Hung out with Mamie Van Doren who still looks like the most amazing grandmother on the planet. I was happy to enjoy the evening after feeling ill all week and had one too many whiskey sours and didn’t get home til 4am! I’m a real light weight when it comes to liquor so it only takes a couple of drinks for me. It’s hard to even say hello to Hef these days cause it seems there are just so many people standing in line to do so. No doubt the mansion parties are still the best around. I’m planning on making some personal appearances for my book nakedtruth but it probably won’t happen til after the wedding. I’m so happy everyone is enjoying the book, I am very pleased that it is helping future pinups. Please keep your comments coming on my website, I truly do want your feedback.

Love DevRonn

We just returned home from vacationing in the mountains with the kids. It was a lot of fun this year. Creason, Ronn and Calee went water skiing. It was a little too cold for me but I will try it next year. It hailed quarter size balls one day, which was rather cool. I spent alot of time writing and editing video footage, reading and relaxing. IMG_0106 We go every year to the high sierra mountains with the kids. The tiny cabin that has been in Ronn’s family for 100 years is very special to him and the girls, so we are finally getting the ball rolling to fix the place up.IMG_0108 Apparently, the forest service has a lot of required permits for renovating something that old because it is nestled in the heart of the forest, so the process will be long and tedious one. Nevertheless, we are expanding it and turning it into our dream cabin for future vacations with friends and family. I’m sorry I seem to be having tech problems with my site. I have alerted my webmaster and it is fixed now. I so apologize to those of you who were trying to order autographed copies of my book and thanks to those of you who alerted me to the problem. But, I had no Internet at the cabin except for limited cell usage. Technology is great when it works, but it’s not always perfect huh? Anyway, it’s good to be home in my own bed, yes I am sooo spoiled, hahaha. I felt like I was roughing it for two weeks in the woods! Here is the link to order my book on Barnes and Noble or you can go to my website to order a limited autographed copy there.

Love DevRonn

5935_127251820411_661760411_3447722_4616946_n I spent a memorable 4th of July hanging out at the beach with my girlfriends Alana Curry, Sandra Taylor and Dee Dee Bigelow. Dee Dee had me dancing to Michael Jackson and laughing most of the day. I don’t think the 4th would have been complete without dancing to Michael’s music. Almost two weeks after his death, the news coverage is relentless and it seems to be 24/7 Michael Jackson. I can only imagine how his family is feeling, but I imagine it is important to have closure for fans.michael_jackson_whitePersonally, I’d rather watch the memorial on TV than go and deal with the massive traffic and crowd that will be there. I was at the supermarket today and it seems every single magazine had him on their cover. I don’t like how people are making money off of his death, but I know that will continue and just get worst. Michael was a goodhearted person, who gave alot of money to charity and I think it’s fitting that he gets this kind of a tribute, he did alot to feed the hungry and his music was positive and all about love. Unfortunately, I truly feel for what his children will have to endure over the coming years living in a fish bowl. Hopefully, their family’s love will shelter and protect them. Michael will live on through his music and I plan to dance to it every 4th of July in celebration of his life from now on.

usa Ronn, Creason and I are going to a party at the beach this year. We are all missing Calee because she’s at a summer camp for the next couple of weeks, so it’s pretty quiet around here. I had a few friends bring me an awesome ice cream cake and celebrated my birthday the other day. nakedtruth My book is being printed this week, there was a delay with the publisher that was beyond my control, so everyone who ordered a book will get it by the end of this month. I’m sorry for the delay, but that’s the publishing world for ya! I hope to do some personal appearances this fall and hope to make Glamourcon this year. Right now my focus is on finalizing wedding plans, even though I gave myself a year to take care of every little detail, it’s seems a bit overwhelming just before the date rolls around. Time is just flying by faster and faster now. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!

Love DevRonn