In the wake of this past week’s drama on the top CBS soaps, “The Young And The Restless” and “The Bold And The Beautiful” there’s been more drama on my social pages than on these damn shows. This was all because I had an opinion on the recast of Ridge Forrester.


Many of you had been asking what I thought of this hyped up recast and I waited until the debut of Thornsten Kaye as the NuRidge to give it.  I simply didn’t think this recast was going to fly with the worldwide fansbase that Ridge Forrester has had for 25 plus years now.  And I thought this guy should have been given a new character because it was simply hard to see him as Ridge after Ronn has played him for so long. It was disrespectful to the role and to Ronn on so many levels.

 Ronn Moss 1

Also, as a longtime viewer of soaps it was a major insult to recast such a character that we have grown up with and loved as a family member for so long. This is the foundation on which soaps are built on. We as soap fans look forward to seeing some of these characters and invest our time into them only for the networks to take them away and replace them with actors who will work for less money.We are starting to see this more and more now especially with the CBS soaps. Just this week it was announced that Michael Muhney who plays Adam Newman, Billy Miller who plays Billy Abbott and Michelle Stafford who plays Phyllis Newman have all exited from “The Young and The Restless due to contract disputes or recasts.

 Michael Muhney Photo Shoot

These actors have won or were nominated for Emmys and are beloved staples of our everyday soap fantasy fix. A lot of soaps are using popular actors who are out of work from cancelled shows like “One Life To Live” and “All My Children” to sustain their ratings and capitalize on those cancelled show’s fansbase.

 This crossover has been successful for General Hospital who took on a few actors from “One Life To Live” but General Hospital still have veteran actors that are staples of their show like Tony Geary aka Luke Spencer. There are just some actors that you don’t replace.


With only four soaps on the air now, more and more changes are being made to them and we wonder about their future now? I felt that “The Bold And The Beautiful” was being very risky playing with their small cast to begin with because it’s the only half hour soap and the only one with a massive worldwide audience as the “Most Watched Show In the World.” There were only four original characters and two of them left over a year and half ago when their contracts were up for negotiation. It seemed like the producers just didn’t care about those core characters anymore and was favoring the younger storylines.



Now I understand you must keep new blood flowing on these soaps to sustain longevity into the future, but not at the expense of the core of what has made that show what it is. That core is what fans look to and cling to everyday and when it’s gone so are the viewers. I don’t think soaps are something young people are into today, not like they were when I was a teenager. There are just too many choices on the Internet and teens today are not loyal to anything because they have so much available to them. Thus not the case when I was a teen.



My mom watched soaps, so I did also and these characters became part of our family. Since Ronn’s left B&B I have had countless emails from many older viewers crying to me about missing Ridge. I’ve seen them cry to Ronn in person and ask him to come back to the show. So to recast this kind of character will break a lot of hearts. But producers will continue to cut actor’s pay and threaten recasting them until these shows are unrecognizable and become different shows. No wonder so many soaps have declined and gone off the air? Producers underestimate what viewers really want and what they will put up with.



Boring recycled storylines with new characters aren’t working for many of us and it’s insulting to our intelligence. After 25 years of following Brooke and Ridge he breaks up with her over a text message?  Brooke married Ridge’s father, two of his brothers and he forgave her, but just couldn’t take it anymore over a text message?



Then Ridge doesn’t attend his beloved mother’s funeral? It’s so not Ridge and such bad storyline. But the producer writers didn’t put much thought on how it would make the viewers feel. They didn’t think Ridge was important anymore and thought the show could survive just fine without Ridge. It’s only after a year and a half that they suddenly decide Ridge is so important that they must bring him back and go in a new direction with him?  Still not clarifying anything about what he’s been doing in Paris and why he didn’t attend his mother’s funeral?



Ridge could have been in an accident that left him without his memory and disfigured his face, which would have made way more sense to these issues than a text message and not attending his mother’s funeral.


So the producers and writers obviously didn’t put much thought into this character and I doubt they will now. Because I still am not seeing it in the writing. These shows are now becoming a waste of my time and unbearable to watch now.

They should be called ‘The Blind And The Boring” and “The Yawn And The Repetitive.” If this is what producers keep doing the future of soaps will surely become extinct.




Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. I agree Devin. Ridge (Ronn) should not of been replaced with someone else because it is just not fair to the fans or Thornton. We all love Ronn as Ridge. He is unforgettable. Love the support you and Ronn give to each other. Good job for standing by your man. 🙂

    • those writers at B&B are clueless. No actor in this world can replaced Ronn Moss as Ridge

      • Cecile Walker

        Amen…..They should have just killed of Ridge on the show. Well its not to late. They can kill the NuRidge NOW.because he’s killing the ratings in my country (Jamaica) The network is pulling the plug on Jan 31st. It was a riot down here when that guy should up as Ridge. He took the sexy out out the character & show. AND his on CRACK.

  2. I agree with most of it, & feel so much disrespect to viewers, & characters. As for Billy, he wasn’t fired. He quit, so did Michelle Stafford this yr. Tristan on GH quit, to join Y&R, aling with Steve Burton! As for the funeral, supposedly she threatened Ridge not to come back. (Yeah right!) Ridge even forgave her for sleeping with Oliver, “by accident” & with Deacon, Oops! Ridge shouldn’t have been recast…I love Thorsten, but shouldn’t be Ridge.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      OMG! So even more characters from Y&R are gone, I didn’t know Tammy. That’s all I’m saying to making him RIdge is throwing him into something that is just too massive and all it’s going to do is hurt a lot of people. He’s going to constantly get compared and it’s just not worth it in the long run, which I don’t believe will actually be long.

  3. Hi Devin. First I want to say thanks for another great blog. U are absolutelly right with everything. I started to watch bold 13 years ago and I fell in love with Ridge – it was because of Ronn. Ronn rocked and shined in this role, he made me laugh he made me cry. When he left in 2012 I was very upset, but now Im happy:.
    Im happy for Ronn as his loyal fan, because I see it was best for him, because now he is free to do things he loves – now he is man on fire who lives his life in color..
    But Im not happy as a Ridge fan – because of how Bell threated Ronn with disrespect. Ridge should have been Ronns legacy. TK may be a great actor but he will never ever replace Ronn as Ridge for me. Maybe I will watch but TKs Ridge will always will be fake, because the original left when Ronn left in 2012. .

    • Ronn is Ridge and always will be. The other guy seems really nice but I don’t see the passion out of Brooke for this one a
      Also I miss his mom Stephanie and that was a pitiful way to not have him come back. They could have at least shown him suffering from tieback as they made us believe RAidge coming back when was actually TK

    • Ronn Moss will always be Ridge…Thorsten Kaye does not hold a candle to him…actually all the CBS soaps have become quite terrible…I used to watch them daily, not so much anymore…the shows have become quite boring and not true to who they were…..If they were cancelled, I don’t think i’d care

      • David & Cherie Knight

        Thank you Tisha
        Your comment is the real deal. My wife & I have been reading the other post and we think its hilarious that they think anyone can replace Ronn as Ridge. He made that role. He don’t even have to act like that other waspy voice man..BECAUSE….he’s a natural. The other day Cherie tuned in to see what was happening with Wyatt & Hope..(another bad choice of showmance) and she saw that waspy-voice-man-trying to hold a pencil like he’s drawing a design, Cherie actually vomited. Now i know why she changes the channel when he’s on. And he’s so well known & loved that none of his sites on Facebook have an option to leave a comment. Hmmm!! We are wondering what he’s afraid of. We know..”the truth” Mr Thorsten Kaye cannot handle the truth that he sucks.

  4. Well, from what I’ve been seeing, TK has been received VERY well as Ridge. Even Michael Logan from TVGuide tweeted how great TK is in the role!!

    I hate that you are taking your anger out of Thorsten Kaye, who is an amazing actor and has a family to support. He was simply offered a job and he took it. He didn’t even know he was replacing Ronn as Ridge. He needed the job!! Plain and simple.

    You can complain all you want Devin, but TK is doing well and fans are accepting him. And he brings a ton of his own fans with him to B&B. Yes, Ronn has a large fan base, but so does TK!!

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      I’ve replied enough to you June on facebook on this subject. It’s time you my dear get over this and stop accusing me of bashing TK because I’m not at all. I’m talking about a beloved character that Ronn created from the very beginning that has helped make this show the most watched show in the world. It’s a matter of respect for that role period. Not something that is easily recastable to many who look at Ridge as a family member.

      • Camilia Pagan

        That is 100% correct Devin Your husband owns the role of Ridge Forrester. So whay May, June or July have to say is not important. I just want Ronn to know that there are more fans who believe in him and appreciated the 25 years he gave to that show. Ronn Moss is The Bold & Beautiful. Without him there is no need to waste time watching. I have not been doing so since he left, but I do come here to read..what’s goin on…
        I might have mentioned it to you and other fans..but you guys should get a reality the Ridge fans..can see Ronn as you see & love him.
        Anyhow, forget about the “haters” and enjoy your New Year.

    • Micheal Logan is paid to say crap Ask a real fan like myself and seem to be doing a good job is not good enough. ITS ALL ABOUT THE LOOK PEOPLE If Ridge Forrester is not easy on the eyes Then he is dead and buried 6ft under… Brooke has always made an on screen romance look hot & real with chemistry flying out of the TV,,until now. I am sure you all see that there was no fireworks between she & TK. Now the writers have another dumb idea to hook TK up with Katie. Really!!! I ask the same question Devin has What is happening to our Soaps” I wonder how long is his contract OR maybe he working for free. I never like him on AMC and I sure don’t like him on B&B..for any role

      • Devin Devasquez

        I don’t think he fits KKL and his head looks really large next to hers. So he looks better with Heather Tom, but truly from what I’m hearing overseas, no one is liking this recast and I stand by my original opinion this recast was soooo very stupid and disrespectful.

  5. Your opinion is your opinion. I’ve wAtched and TK is doing a great job. I’ve not seen him play anything else so not used to a different character. Ridge Forrestet is a character, not a real person. Business is business. You are in it to make money which is what they the Bells are trying to do. Change isn’t always a bad thing. As Ronn’a wife, not Ridge’s it’s embarrassing for you to keep ranting about it. If Ronn has truly moved on then you should too. As his wife I respect the loyalty but really…enough is enough!

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      I’m a fan and viewer of many many years and I’m also a writer, so yes my opinion of this recast isn’t just because I’m Ronn’s wife, quite the contrary.

      • Julia & Brad

        Tell that person who call themselves BBfans to go to hell and take TK with you. How dare she/he..or it tells Devin “enough is enough” Ronn is her man. She can say what she wants. So enough of you AND DON’T COME BACK HERE… I if don’t have a name, you should not be here, FOOL

    • Camilia Pagan Reply

      NO! NO! TK is not doing a great job. So enough of you. I see you as someone who probably have never watch B&B..and just looking for some attention. That is pathetic So enough of your meaningless comments. We only want to read what true fans have to say.

      • BOBBIEJO


      • BOBBIEJO


      • Faith "down under Sullivan

        DON’T WATCH


      • BOBBIEJO


    • OMG!! Why are you on this blog. If you don’t have something good to say about Ronn & Devin You should not be here and if you love the new Ridge so much..Go crap on his blog. Or maybe he does not have one..either way BEAT IT and that goes for Bobby-Jo and the other Haters

      • BOBBIEJO


      • Alizander

        I wonder how much BOBBIE JO is getting to writing all that crap about Ronn. That TK can stay all he wants on B&B but my country is watching Ronn as Ridge wherever he goes. So you (BOBBIE JO) should vanish with your stupid comments..
        I wrote all the above on behalf of Monaco

      • Devin Devasquez

        we are hoping to come to Monaco for the festival this summer btw for another series Ronn is getting ready to do that’s very exciting. We love Monaco!

    • David & Cherie Knight Reply

      You have no idea what you are saying. Its a business,,yes Not a ugly business. They did not have to replace another actor to play Ridge. The better “business choice” would be to kill the character of Ridge Forester. Because he died the day Ronn Moss..left the buliding So looking at that waspy-voice man is like looking at all that blood in the shower at the Bates Hotel.


  6. My take on all of this is this. First of all Ronn from what i hear CHOOSE to leave. Secondly while ronn does have good looks he is SORELY(no disrespect intended) lacking in the acting dept i don’t think anyone can argue that he is certainly not emmy material. Soap characters are as disposable as the actors that play them. If ONE LIFE TO LIVE could replace the ICONIC character of TODD MANNING and the actor that played him ROGER HOWARTH with another actor(who by the way had an 8 year successful run in the role) then ronn moss certainly can be replaced by Thorston Kaye and be successful. As for TK knowing his work well on OLTL AND AMC I do know he is a powerfull and teriffic actor that will more then likely do very well as ridge forrester giving his own take and flair to the role. Hey maybe they will cast TK real life wife 3 time emmy winner susan haskall in a role on the show. This show certainly needs some new people in it thats for sure.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      They tried to recast Ridge in 1992 for 3 months when Ronn went to do a mini series. This is when the creator Mr. Bell was in charge. It was a complete disaster and Mr. Bell never let Ronn off the show since. Ridge has always been front and center until Brad Bell decided to focus on the younger storylines and didn’t even give Ridge much to do before he left. You say I’m bashinng TK with my opinion of this recast and you keep saying Ronn is a bad actor? If that’s the case why has Ridge been the star of that show for 25 years and why even bring him back? No one around the world knows who TK is, but they sure do love Ronn and his bad acting, lol.

      • Margaret

        I agree. I have watched from the beginning. The veteran actors are vital to the show. yes add new characters, but let the mainstays be. What would happen if Katherine Kelly-Lang were to leave. The show would crumble.

      • Julia & Brad

        I agree with everything you say Devin, .but don’t agree with that picture of TK on your beautiful blog, and this is the first one you have reply to so many times. That means you are just as shocked and bothered at the injustice to Ronn..casting anyone to replace him, much less this lizard-voice-TK I am sick to my stomach sooooooo sick I cannot watch. I hate all those new people on Bold Wyatt & Quinn is a joke and i had plan to stop watching if they were the reason Hope & Liam did not get said done.
        You & your bloggers have a lot more interesting things to say. Only thing I want the ones “bashing” Ronn to shut-the-F-up I am going to take this week since I’m relaxing in a hotel to finish reading, everything.
        Glad you have recovered from your surgery….and love the way Ronn catered to you.
        We are true fans of both of you

      • Devin Devasquez

        Thank you Julie, I’ve tried to leave the bad and the good comments here as to let everyone voice their opinions. Unlike some B&B boards that have kicked off people like yourself that isn’t keen on this recast.

      • Sharon Wells

        I will say it agin, When he first came in and saw his Dad, Eric, I felt odd about it. But I watched and asked myself questions about why the nuRidge was so different from Ronn. I finally came up with the idea that by hiring TK to play Ridge was to totally do away with the memories of Bridge. He is not even looking right for the character. Brooke is not even gone overboard for him, but admits she has strange feelings for him. She also does Bill very much so. I think as someone else mentioned that he is probably there to play against Don D. in his role as “Who walked in and took my Wife” against Dolla Bill. Brooke is not really showing much emotion toward him but maybe that is how it is suppose to be.
        Any way I am saying that this man is so different from Ridge and Ronn that there has to be a big reason. I just can’t figure it out. I sure hope they clean him up before long because his scrappy hair all over is turning me off.
        And another thing I would like to make clear is I was thrown off SoapCentral about the first day or so he was on for mentioning the things I have said above. I noticed that others can throw almost anything out and get by, but the moment I start commenting a little yellow sign comes up inmy post and I know for sure they are going to find something wrong with what I saidd. I did say something like Baby Bell had made a big mistake, which was some kind of bashing, and then that I thought a man to play Ridge would have been cleaner and dress better. Ok, that was a personal attack on TK they said and I was throwed off for 31 days and the next day after that I was sent another email saying I was getting a 60 day off the site. Seems like they would want some real people’s response and not a bunch of made up ones. The websites are run by who ever they want to be popular and if you don’t agree with them they DO throw you off. I figure the person who is over that site will read this and i will be totally shut off. Devin hasn’t lied about saying people are being thrown off of sites if they don’t agree completely with the character as Ridge is now.
        But :::My God Why do you people keep something going with Devin all the time. Ths is her blog and if you don’t like it just stay off it. This is Ronn’s and Devin’s Personal blogg and you would have been long gone to talk to me as some of you have to her !!

    • Faith "down under Sullivan Reply

      Why are people who knows absolutely nothing about the casting of a Soap Opera leading man, commenting about who is who & who is not. People like Luella, JwTeddy, Bobbie Jo, Jonie BBfan and the rest who fit the above profile
      Acting have nothing to do with it. I and other soap fans “really” want to waste our afternoons looking at the best looking..the best dressed & best sexiest voice ever. And who gets the prize for all those attributes> The only & only Ronn aka Ridge Forrester Moss. OH!!! lets not forget the walk, the pose the look into the camera..aka looking at me and the other “real” Ronn Moss fans. Ladies & Gentlemen if you don’t understand all of that..then you have absolutely no sex appeal. I will always remember when Ronn was presenting an award at an Emmy (he came out with Katie (Heather Tom) and just the way he walked out..look & pose…knocked me and about 300 others fans watching from a Emmy party off our feet..screaming like fools. Yeah we know we are fools over him, and until this day I still can see that memorable moment. So if you are wasting your time viewing Soaps for “great acting” Oh please go get a job or go work out at the gym..better yet Go bungy jump and don’t come back.
      Don’t Judge Me cuz I’m 2sexy 4 ya

      • Ellen Clinton

        Love and agree with everything you said. Don’t remember the name of writer, but well said wonderful fan of Ronn “aka Ridge Forester Moss…lol

    • David & Cherie Knight Reply

      Here we go again My Cherie amour will respond to this one.
      Lady jwTeddy if i am going to waste 1/2 of my better be worth someone good to look at. Acting has nothing to do with a soap opera. Looks..Charisma & with the Ridge role on B&B..a sense of style is required. TK has “bomb” that role. You talk about the actor who replace Roger on OLTL…His name is Trevor and he was “bad-ass..good looking..and I loved him. Never liked Roger as Todd. He best suited the role he played on Search For Tomorrow. (i bet he would be still there if that show was not cancelled) But he screwed his way back-into the Todd-role….and Trevor was sent packing. I never like that either & stop watching. So there is no comparison. Only on this blog & the blocked social sites I read that people like this guy for any role on a Soap Opera. The only one i would cast him in is Dark Shadows..and btw I like his wife. But always wonder how did she ever fine him attractive, enough to fall in love & marry the guy.
      Well I am done..going to fine another hobby for my afternoons..but come evening time I am watching Ronn Moss on his garage show or B&B re-runs on Youtube…Its me and my BRIDGE 4ever.

  7. Sorry Devin, but I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Billy Miller was not fired, he left on his own. Michael Muhney was indeed let go and he admitted that he felt that he had a part in his termination. Do I agree with Y&R letting him go? No. I will very likely not watch Y&R after January 30th as that is the last airdate for both Billy and Michael.

    As for the Ridge recast, get over yourself. Ronn left of his own accord because he didn’t like the deal he got from Brad. Plain and simple. Thorsten is far and away a better actor than Ronn will ever be. He has more tools in the shed so to speak acting wise than Ronn ever did. Ronn was always a deer caught in the headlights most of the time. He was so one note it’s not even funny. I’m sorry you feel the way that you do and you’re entitled to your thoughts and opinions as we all are. I am grateful that Brad recast the role. It was high time he did. Brad needed someone who could feed off and feed into Katherine Kelly Lang’s extraordinary acting abilities (and she does have some acting chops, something I think that Ronn’s not so much acting held her back in that regard. Now, she has an Emmy nominated actor of Thorsten’s ability to feed off of and do even better than she has in the past.

    Just be happy that Ronn is doing what he loves to do and that is make music, be a husband to you, and a father to his kids.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      I didn’t know Billy left must have been the same reason why Ronn did. Ronn was asked to take a ridiculous insulting paycut and was willing to take a pay cut btw, but not that ridiculous. So Bell had options back then and made his choices and Ronn made his. You guys are sure quick to bash Ronn’s acting when he created that role and did it for 25 years and has a tremendous worldwide fan base. Ronn had to make stupid storylines believable like digging up his wife from the dead. Emmys are political and have nothing to do with anything. KKL hasn’t won one and deserves to.

      • Billy Miller, in an interview I read yesterday, said he made the decision to leave the program when they decided to drastically cut his “hiatus time” away from the program ( that time the cast uses to pursue other projects) down to an unacceptable level. These guys need that time away. He said the decision to leave, was one of the most difficult he’s made, but for him, in he final wash, the right one. Apparently CBS/Sony/Bell is doing this to all the actors.

      • Michelle

        I just like to know what is wrong with the writers of these storylines! I think I can say for most of us the Steffy/Liam/Hope merry go round is enough! And I Loved KKL, but why do they have to make her such a slut on the show! Is it really necessary?!? And yes KKL does deserve an Emmy, I so agree with that. Instead of cutting out these veteran actors, how about getting some new writers! The story lines are just plain boring and repetitive so bad!

      • Devin Devasquez

        It’s Brad Bell’s show and his ego so blame him. He uses recycled scripts and the emmys that show finally won when the show was overlooked for years went to his head.

  8. I agree. Some characters are so unique that they can’t be replaced to the satisfaction of the fans. B&B could have brought in TK as a new character and love interest for Brooke. I’m still watching but I miss my Ridge who can only be Ronn.

  9. Carol Bainbridge Reply

    Hi Devin, the glass is always half full & never half empty.Your husband & you still have jobs 2 fall back on. Your modeling & his music. Many out there can barely find work or,keep a roof over their heads or feed their families today because the bad state of the economy which got worse since R last 2 elections etc. Enjoyed so much watching your husband over the years as Ridge. Thorsten a very passionate actor that I have followed in 3 different soaps & other shows will be a new & different spin for B&B..What ever Bell has in mind for the new Ridge;it will soon be seen & hopefully benefit B&B. Best Regards,Carol

    • I bet, if Tridge was now bells fav, she would be fine with TK recast. TK does a terrific awesome Job! This new Ridge Forrester can get into a total new direction. Bring back Taylor and the Tridge family! Fans, special many Longtime viewers like Huntress fanbase is, accept New Ridge! Can not wait a bridge or Kridge vs Tridge!

      • Devin Devasquez

        I’m pretty sure the new direction with be putting Ridge with Katie, which again is so not Ridge, so why even call him that?

    • If you don’t like what Devin’s right to express her opinion then stay off her page. She does not need for any of you to harass her or bother her with your very rude and critical comments about her husbands acting etc. If he were that bad in the role of Ridge he would not had the role 25 years. He is an outstanding man and so is his wife who loves and supports him. Just leave her alone and Ronn and get off her page with your nonsense. She is a nice lady and can make any statement she feels. If you don’t like it delete her. There are plenty of people who do like her and Ronn. 🙂

  10. hi devin. I would not worry about because the bold and dreadful is on its last legs. everyone i know cant stand this sick and crappy show. i predict it will be cancelled in 2014 especially since all of the veterans are gone.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      I truly believe all the daytime soaps are on their way out but the actors will be just fine elsewhere. Daytime actors are the most under rated and under paid actors and they are actually some of the best because they have made stupid writing believable. So because of the Internet these networks will become extinct and Apple and Netflix will take over with original programming so there will be lots more opportunities for these talented actors. I see the daytime genre of soaps dying soon.

    • Tracy I am so hoping its cancelled sooner than later. I have been on a a political campaign..making sure TV’s are not on during Bold.
      My mission is easier than I thought

  11. Girl, you need to let this go. Yes Ridge/Ronn was a vital part of B&B, but let’s be real, your husband cannot act to save his life. B&B will be fine without him and his lack of talent. Perhaps he could model scarves or something like that in the meanwhile. TK and heck, even my pet rabbit could act circles around Ronn. He’s gone from the show and what’s done has been done. Get rid of the sour grapes and MOVE ON.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Ok if you say so that’s why he originated the character and made the show a hit cuz he can’t act for 25 years. Do you know how stupid you sound for saying that especially on our blog?

    • Carol Bainbridge Reply

      First of all Chrissy A kind word of advice; please don’t critique or judge anyone’s skills what so ever unless U can do much better now or U have done much better yourself. When U get a chance Chrissy audition 4 a soap.I too am part of the arts & know how it feels to have 1 who doesn’t know anything about what U do & what U go through 2 get there place unkind judgment on U. Second of all Devin has the right to stand up 4 her husband. If anyone publicly slammed my husband on line or anywhere else; I would stick up 4 him to. B&B had Ronn on for 25 years because he had great chemistry with everyone there, his acting skills were fantastic 4 the character of Ridge and he did very well selling the show along with the other characters. Not too many soaps keep the same person playing a character for 25 years straight. B&B had high ratings over the years when Ronn was there.I feel the soap industry on TV had it’s better days in the past. There has been so many cancelations of many great soaps that I thought 4 sure they would still be up & kicking at this time. But they are canceling them because of the changing times of the internet,high tech & the bad economy.

      • Devin Devasquez

        well said Carol and I couldn’t agree more.

    • Camilia Pagan Reply


      • Devin Devasquez

        Thanks Camilla, I tried to explain this to these TK fans and I feel sorry what will happen to him as he will never be accepted overseas that’s for sure. They just wrote out 2 of the main characters on Y&R, but weren’t stupid enough to replace them. What Bell did to Ridge is just a shame and so dumb. My heart breaks for all the fans around the world who are feeling like I feel and if I can’t watch I know their not watching. I think Bell thinks Heather Tom and Thorsten Kaye will be a super couple overseas I guess? And they will of course put Brooke with Bill.

    • CHRISSY You are the one who need to move on Cause you are missing the point but I guess you are just an air head who cannot read & understand

    • Cherie & David Reply

      You have more nerve than a brain. Why are you here, again. Somebody is jealous.

  12. Veronica Rickman Reply

    You tell them Devin!! I miss Ronn Moss as Ridge and I do not like the new Ridge. And I have been watching the Y&R for 40 years and I am upset for what they have done to Adam and Billy! They are heck of actors and any show would stach them up. Now one can play their parts like they did. And I read that in a few months they will recast Adam with someone else. And bring David Tom back to play Billy is funny and disastrous all at the same time. My Grandmother always said about soaps “they think that the people that watch soaps are stupid. She would say that every time they would change actors, bring someone back from the dead after 10 years or and think the fans forgot the real story line. We are smart people and we know these story’s better than the writers.

    I want to wish you and Ronn a Merry Christmas and a bless New Year!!
    I am the sister of Deloris R. Who is one of Mr. Moss fans.

    • Carol Bainbridge Reply

      Madeline U sound like your such a expert with allot of writing experience along with having all this time on your hands 2 judge.Write some material for a soap or a play instead & see if U do better.

      • Sarah Sullivan Churnac


    • Faith "down under Sullivan Reply


  13. This has certainly been an entertaining read, everyone has such strong opinions on Ronn. It was a whole bunch of actors who made B & B, not just Ronn. For the record his acting does suck dog balls, even though he has gotten better over the years, but then a lot of B & B’s actors suck. I personally never liked Ronn, the Ridge character sure but Ronn, no. Honestly why you are getting your panties in a know defending Ronn is beyond me and most of the world. You just make you and Ronn look childish and incredibly stupid but then I guess what does one expect from someone who takes their clothes off for a living. Says a lot about Ronn, lol guess he prefers his women slutty and stupid. Stop bashing others and take a look at yourselves, two (2) aging people who are wanna bes in Hollywood.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      You are the only person bashing here and you look pretty stupid cuz you don’t know anything about me obviously. So get the hell off my page and look at yourself, I’m sure what you see isn’t too pretty.

      • Susan Beigel

        Devin, I have been watching Ronn since I was 18yrs old and now I am 53. Please don’t let these negative people get to you. Cher for one. People that are negative and feel that judging ronn and you for what you did as a living is none of their business. I think that ronn was a great actor on the Bold and Beautiful. It will never be the same without him. I loved Brooke and Ronn together on the soap. For you my dear. I think that you are one classy lady and a very hard worker. Ronn is lucky to have such a wonderful and caring wife. Please ignore the stupid ass comments from the negative people with no class or education. Love ya Devin and I hope you are feeling better sweetie.

    • Cher, your a pretty rude woman….didn’t your mother ever teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing….seriously, this is Devin’s site and your quite hateful in your comments…you may not agree with what someone is saying, but be respectful….I for one came on this for my sole purpose is to let Ronn and Devin know how much Me and my family miss watching Ronn as Ridge…that is a role NO other actor can replace.

  14. Sharon Wells Reply

    I do miss Ronn on as Ridge and it will be hard to get familiar with this new guy. He is so not like Ridge at all. Ridg was always very clean and prepie looking and showed he had emacquate training in how to present himself in any situation. Maybe TK is dressing that way to show he has been about off his rocker all this time away from Logan.Maybe they plan to clean him up before he tried to make up with Brooke. He sure needs to . I see now what you were speaking of before we saw him interact with any other characters.I know that Ronn was ready to leave the show and he seems to be so happy with Dev as his wife and doing what he wants to do. I get tired of hearing people say Ridge can’t act. That is a lie. He sure did keep an audience alert for 25 years. For anyone who can’t act that would be a hard thing to do. I will keep watching for it is on at a good time for me and see how he works out. One thing I must say to Ronn, You are definatily “The Well Dressed Man” and know how to show off the best. I so wish things would have worked out differently but you are doing great and with the few soaps we have left, I am looking for them to shut down at most any time. I wish for you to find a good primetime show that you can rock your talent and us get to see our favorite star. Friend in La. That was thrown off website for defending you. Love Shaorn

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Oh trust me Ronn has some great gigs lined up and for all those stupid people bashing his acting he sure kept you watching Ridge. Now that character is so important it has to be recasted? I swear these people saying this are the ones who are making themselves look like idiots.

  15. Becky turner Reply

    I quit watching B&B when Ronn and Hunter left. I watched the show when I heard Ridge was recast. To me nothing against TK or anyone’s acting, he was not a match! There is no such thing regarding loyalty. It’s dollars and cents. I thought a long time ago that Brad was an idiot. His storylines, Hope for one thing I cannot watch her, talk about bad acting hello world! Nothing against KKL I think she must control the show. I was a Tridge fan and to me it was the most romantic storyline ever on daytime, it brought tears to my eyes when they filmed their engagement in st. Thomas!

  16. I loved RM as Ridge but he choose to leaveand I love Tk from other soaps and I think he will make a great Ridge if Ronn has so much line that means he is doing well then there is no need for all thiRM was not the only one who made BnB for successful this just shows everyone can be replaced

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Tell that to the worldwide audience who will not like this recast and have already dropped the show in many countries. And no not everyone can be replaced as I think you will clearly see in a few months when this blows up even bigger than it is. In any event, I wish you guys well with your new Ridge while you have him. Do you guys not read? This is about respect for something created for 25 years and you think someone else can replace it in a few days? I think you are in for the biggest surprise of your life once the rest of world starts voicing their opinions and it’s not going to be pretty.

    • Faith "down under Sullivan Reply


      • Devin Devasquez

        OMG Faith you are cracking me up! You guys from OZ get it more than the US and have a sense of humor about it, that’s what I love about you guys!

  17. Ronn Moss is Ridge and it was very disrespectful to recast. I hated Bridge but really enjoyed watching Ridge over the years. I was a Tridge fan for many years. I didn’t care for Ridge towards the end. And I felt that Ronn deserved a better exit. It made no sense what so ever. This soap lost it flavor a long time ago.

    • Thank you Trish..
      Maybe you can explain that to people like BOBBIE-JO in US language. Because “Dumbo” just don’t understand my language

  18. Hi devin. I stopped watching this show ever sine SF,JMW, HT and RM left. There is nothing to look forward to anymore. I would rather watch cooking shows

  19. I did stop watching Bold after Ronn left. Wish this stupid replace Bell just confirmed that he has absolutelly no respect for Ronn and his work.

  20. Sharon Wells Reply

    Devin, I am so sorry that some of the comments are speaking so disrespectful to you on your own site. I love you as Ronn’s wife and I agree with you, Ronn had to be a special person to have held the eye of the Center of attraction of that show with KKL. Hunter Tylo is another story, but Ronn could make that look believable too. He even made that awful Bridgett story look real – and I hate Bell for subjecting Ronn to that kind of crap. Ronn is both so handsome and talented. He is excellent physcial health and So manly to look at. Dev, you are beautful and can’t you see that these people are jealous of the two of you? Just deleate the post that are that way and forget them. I know Ronn will not have a problem with work. With his talent he will be snapped up and surprise all of us. I am looking forward to next year when he does Come out for all to see. You need to be taking care of yourself too hon. It hasn’t been very long at all since your surgery. By the way, I heard Ronn singing Butterfly yesterday and it was so sweet and good. Tell him it’s a winner ! Love and good wishes and a Merry Christmas from Louisiana

  21. Ciao, Devin:)
    I’m from Italy. I like your candor and the fact that you truly are a soap fan. The Bold and the Beautiful is the only american soap that is airing in my Country. General Hospital, One Life to Live, All my children, As the world turns, Days of Our Lives, Another World were cancelled in early 90s (due to budget cuts and failing ratings). Capitol, Search for tomorrow, Loving and Santa Barbara ended their entire run till the last Us episode. The Young and the Restless and Guiding Light did always good ratings. Unfortunately since the 90s they had been treated badly by their network tv (frequent changes of timeslot, episodes that lasted less than theirs original episode lenght). Y&R was cancelled in 2009 ((2007 Us episodes) and GL in 2012 (2007 Us episodes): they weren’t renowed because they were considered too expensive in time of economic crisis.

    In Italy B&B started to air in 1990. It was an istant hit. People loved it: Ridge, Brooke, Caroline, Stephanie, Thorne became popular in a way american viewers can’t figure out. In the 90s B&B achieved 7 millions viewers in daytime: it was the most followed show on tv. Half the country watched it, and the other half knew the characters because B&B was really a cultural phenomen, the one people always talked about. I was a teen at the time and I love everything about the show: style, music, glamour, writing (it was so good!), storylines, cast (handsome men and beautiful women, talented and charismatic actors), the unique sense of intimacy between characters. I miss those days: B&B was at its peak.

    Until early 2007 B&B was able to maintain really high ratings in Italy (5 millions a day). Since then the show has been facing slow ratings erosion. Now it achieves 3,5 millions daily (we’re 9 months behind Us telecasts). The show is still popular and doing well, but not huge as it used to be in the past. Viewers like the new generation of characters (Steffy, Liam, Hope, etc) but don’t adore them in the way young Ridge, Brooke and Taylor were loved.

    Ronn Moss is iconic, everybody in Italy knows, respects and love him. He is beautiful outside and inside. He has the star quality and he’s a down to earth, funny and smart guy. His Ridge is irreplaceable. I’m sorry he and Bell didn’t achieve a financial agreement. The rush closure between Ridge’s Ronn and Brooke didn’t do justice to the characters. It was awful.

    I can understand why Bell wants a new Ridge. He’s always considered Brooke the central character, the pivotal one. Ridge was, has been, is and will be her prince charming. Bell he’s putting the idea of Brooke and Ridge as couple ‘written in the stars’ before the identities of the actors who play them. Right or wrong?

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      You’re absolutely right Ridge is her Prince Charming and he’s gone now. Trying to replace him after 25 years isn’t working for me who knows the history, but everyone is entitled to their fantasy.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      wow thanks for sharing! I know what the show and Ronn means to your country because I’ve been to your country now too many times and it’s like a second home. We never get tired of Italia and there is so much love for Ronn and what that show means to to Italy and that can’t simply be replaced. So I can see why the show is declining and how much it’s changed. We know very well what Ronn means to Italy and he loves you guys so much as do I.

  22. Funny… Ratings are all up since last year. BNB is doing better then ever without the two core characters of Stephanie and Taylor and Ridge (HT AND SF and RM). Sure some things are changing but all story lines are recycled IMO… This isn’t new.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Okay Zara believe everything you read and just watch and see what happens, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • Ellen Clinton Reply

      This information is incorrect and I am not going to waste my time proving it. But you should check it out to see who is right.

    • Teresa K Ramirez Reply

      B&B is gone to the dogs so is the ratings.. Since that guy with the lizard voice I call it THE BOLD & THE UGLY.

  23. Wassim Razzouk Reply

    Dear Devin,

    I am 40 and I started watching BB since I was 18. That’s more than half of my lifetime 🙂 I started watching because my mom and my aunt used to watch the show and were absolutely in love with Ronn and his character. He made the show for them worthy of watching. For my sisters, the show was so important that my mom learnt to use the video player to record the episodes for them to watch ridge after they returned from school. 🙂 that is when I started to watch Ridge too because I used to watch the episodes once a week in a bunch which made the show for me more interesting. Ronn was and still is my IDOL. He is an amazing and fun actor. His character and charisma is timeless (besides his unique looks and amazing physique). He never quits to surprise with his talent and I would like to pay him great respect for Dancing With the Stars! At 60 he was dancing and jumping around that stage flaming it up better than his 25 year opponents and the crowd would cheer him like crazy. I have lost interest after Ronn left. My mom, my aunt and my sisters have definetly stopped watching after Ronn left. Soap was filling out empty time before the internet back then, Ronn is what kept us faithful to the show after the internet. Now that the real Ridge is gone, the whole magic has gone too. I would rather dig out those old VHS tapes and watch the magic again or search YouTube to get back that sweet taste of what was and will always be the most respected actor of soap history, a character and a show that lasted 25 years because of ONE MAN. respect to Ronn Moss. I will always be faithful to this guy and thank god for his creativity and for you who appreciate our dedication as fans and for posting those blogs and for giving us our own dose of Ronn which this stupid TV betrayed and stopped it for us. Keep doing what you do guys, keep it coming. We love you both so dearly. RESPECT 🙂

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Wow thanks so much for this. It’s so nice to see for a change. I get tired of hearing some of these people bash Ronn and his acting yet they have been watching him for 25 years. It’s really annoying and frustrating because I know it’s so not true. And I know and have seen the love firsthand everywhere we go. I promise you 2014 will bring more Ronn to everyone and it’s so much better than Ridge could ever have been? I’ve never seen anyone work as hard and give as much to his fanbase as Ronn has and still does everywhere we go in the world.

  24. Wassim Razzouk Reply

    Oh and btw, you both are still invited to come ride with us here in The Holy Land on our Harley’s. 😉 look us up on Facebook: Harley Davidson Holy Land Bikers.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      OMG Ronn would love that. He’s loves to ride his Harley!

      • Wassim Razzouk

        So please go ahead and plan a visit. Spring is beautiful here. We will take care of everything for you 🙂 you will be our guests

  25. They should not have replaced the character. Actually, nobody can fill his shoes….I just saw the recast for the first time today, and “thumbs down!”

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      I’ve stopped watching officially and all this has done is compared TK to Ronn which isn’t fair to him. Ronn is rapidly becoming a legend and many people agree TK should have been given his own role, everyone would have been much happier and it would have made much more sense.

    • Lindsey Abbott Reply

      Thanks Jody I give your comment a “thumps up” and that Jonie gets a THUMPS DOWN She needs to go get a life and facts before she start writing trash. WHO THE HELL IS SHE? And Devin should not have waste her precious time replying to her ignorant crap. Somebody wrote she (Jonie) had a bone to pick with Ronn. Well she needs to go somewhere else and suck on her bone. And she needs to stop following DevRonn on this blog Twitter & Facebook. I thought those sites for fans, who love Ronn & Devin. Not the Devil who wears Trash.
      I am a Down Under Fan who loves DevRonn 🙂

  26. Devin.. You are clearly a bored woman with wayyy too much time on your hands. Ronn made his bed and now he has to lie in it. It’s no secret today that all soaps are suffering & will soon enough be off the air completely. Ronn refused to take a pay cut therefore they let him go. Even if the paycut was big then deal with it bc all the actors will face cuts to their paycheques or will be cut. And guess what.. He WAS replaceable. Ronn by no means carried that show, he was a mediocre actor at best.
    I’m embarrassed for you and Ronn (his reputation) that you go on about TK like some crazy fan. If you had any class you wouldn’t even say anything about TK as Ridge except wish him well. I get it that the money isn’t coming in anymore since Ronn is now basically unemployed but we all make choices. Move the hell on and stop making a fool of yourself & Ronn. Happy New Year.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Lady you really should learn to read here and you have no idea what you are saying. You my dear are making yourself look like a complete moron to even comment on my page on a subject you have no knowledge of, but hey that’s okay I’ll wish you happy holidays anyway and hope you enjoy the show.

      • Devin dont listen to these idiots they dont make any sence.Dont let them get you upset you are recoverying from surgery an they know that.We have your back.Hope you guys have a happy holiday.

      • That’s right, Devin! Exactly what Linda said. People like “Elizabeth” need to take about SEVERAL SEATS and shut the h……..(ok, I’m going to be nice) **clears throat** she needs to be quiet . “-) It does make me wonder if she even has a husband though because if she did, she would know the meaning of “standing by your man”. It’s not about bashing (the new Ridge) but the truth is the truth…….he sucks @ being the new Ridge! I’m not saying he can’t act( well, I really don’t know that because I have never watched AMC, from which I heard he came from) but he damn sure can’t do Ridge!!! Let’s be real! I am honestly shocked at anyone who thinks otherwise and for the people that do think otherwise, they aren’t TRUE fans, so block all the B.S. they are talking out. They are irrelivant! Oh and to address one more thing to “Miss Elizabeth”….. how bored are YOU to even take time out to respond to Devin’s post? Girl, bye, you need to get your life! #TEAMRONNFOREVER

      • Elizabeth

        I have no idea what I’m saying? Well in this interview here Ronn says part of the reason he left was bc he was asked to take a sizeable paycut for work he had done for 25 yrs: unless you are calling your husband a liar I know exactly what I’m talking about. It was a negotiation that didn’t go his way, happens all the time. However he says he is excited about the future. Now you sitting at your computer tweeting, facebook-ing, and blogging about how B&B is “ruining the character of Ridge” and trashing Brad Bell is really contradicting everything that Ronn is telling the media. His wife can’t seem to move on and focus on the future. Also it would be a good idea not to contradict yourself so much– you wrote back to Jonie “So I’m happy you like the recast, enjoy it and TK, I truly could care less and so could Ronn.” .. lady all of your comments that are all over the internet say otherwise.
        And whether I am married or not has nothing to do with my comment. However I would NEVER talk trash about my partner’s former employer that they worked for, for 25 years as that just creates a bad reputation for them in their industry. If you were so smart you would think about that before typing away on your computer with all of your opinion. You have a right to them but doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do. Sometimes it is smarter to be quiet.
        Your twitter says you are: Author, Entrepreneur, Pinup Model, Actress, Realtor, wife, chef, party planner and Stepmom .. if you are all those things then you should be way too busy to be carrying on arguing with everyone on here trying to have the last word.
        I, on the other hand, am legitimately busy so I will not be commenting any further.. go ahead, have the last word.

      • Devin Devasquez

        First of all Elizabeth Ronn was hired by the creator of B&B Mr.William Bell who is Brad Bell’s father. He is who created Ridge the character. Brad Bell is trashed all the time by so many people because he is the writer and producer now of B&B since his father passed away and his decisions effect the show and his cast. Brad Bell is one who lied in print after Ronn left the show saying he hoped that if the character of Ridge returned that it would be played by Ronn. Those were his words and his threats of recasting almost immediately after Ronn decided he didn’t not want to resign another deal with Brad Bell was insulting to what Ronn gave, which was most of his life to that role. I am not contradicting anything said, I’m stating facts that were public knowledge in print well over a year ago. Ronn is very excited about his future and has many projects already in the works. The fact that Brad Bell didn’t even bother to phone Ronn and disrespected his request to not recast that character after he spent 25 years of his life giving his heart and soul to that show over and beyond the call of duty was in fact disrespectful and Ronn indeed has lost all feelings for that show now because of that. He doesn’t care to ever work in daytime TV or ever want to again. Bell burned that bridge with his disrespect of the character and the role his father created. So you all can bash the storylines and Bell for his decisions but you think I can’t? I’m sorry, but my husband isn’t at the mercy of Brad Bell who inherited his father’s show and destroyed the main character of it, not to mention a friendship with Ronn because of his blatant disrespect. This isn’t just my opinion either. It has been over two weeks of this non stop talk and bashing of my comments on this recast and I’ve gotten to the point in which I don’t care anymore and have stopped watching the shows. I only watched because of certain friends and now I have better things to do with my time.

      • Susan Beigel

        Devin, There are so many people out there that just love to hate. Please ignore them. My father taught me never to judge anyone. He never judged anyone and always thought the best of everyone. People that say hateful things on your blog don’t like themselves and just want to get under your skin. Just block them. Love you and Ronn.

  27. Have you completely missed the INCREDIBLE reception the recast has gotten? Certainly there are some that aren’t in favor of it but there is an OVERWHELMINGLY positive response to Thorsten Kaye. Not just from those that followed him to B&B. I’ve never seen him before this and I’m (for the first time in YEARS) interested in the character of Ridge. In my opinion, which is JUST as valid as yours btw, Ridge NEEDED Thorsten to breathe new life into the character. Not that I didn’t like Ronn, not by any means, but I think Ronn’s heart just wasn’t in it anymore. And it showed.

    Btw, you shouldn’t be using MM for your argument. He did wrong. SONY fired him. Not Bell, Not CBS.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      No the actors can only do what the writers give them. I see nothing new in the writing just a new actor. The response you are seeing is what B&B wants you to see. Many people who dislike this recast have told me they were kicked off these boards and not even able to post their views.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Also Jonie I know Sony owns Y&R now and rents space from CBS. But Bell still owns a piece of that show also and many characters have crossed over these two shows over the years. Again I wish TK the best and am not putting him down at all. Many people as I are not buying him as Ridge and he’s not breathing any new life into that character, nothing is new with the writing and all it’s doing it’s making millions of fans around the world compare him to Ronn. I’ll state it again for the millionth time, he should have been a new character and that role never should have been recasted. Maybe you TK fans are buying into it and maybe some Ridge haters are, but it’s not going to work in my opinion not after Ronn played it for 25 years. By the time you get use to him as Ridge, the new characters will be the major focus of the show and that’s the direction I believe Bell is heading.

      • I wasn’t a TK fan. I am now. Never saw him on screen until his first day as Ridge. I adore him and I was most definitely a fan of Ronn. Being a fan of Ronn doesn’t mean I can’t like a new Ridge. Many people probably aren’t buying TK as Ridge. But many MORE are. And rather than drive up Ronn’s fanbase, you are driving his fans away. You have made being right more important than your husbands career. You have decided that putting your foot down and demanding that you have a right to your opinion is more important than his reputation. There are those of us that were fans of Ronn that are totally turned off by you. Not just me, I can find several more. I can back up everything I’m saying.

        Here’s what one person commented on an article about you & Ronn:

        “OMG. This is beyond embarrassing. And not the first time for her, either.
        This woman reminds me of a twisted geriatric version of Courtney Stodden!
        Not a smart woman. Who would even touch RM after this, knowing what a
        narcissistic explosive kook he’s married to? She did him no favors at all.
        Let her keep running her mouth off, RM will be flipping burgers by the time she’s done with him. LOL!”

        Similar sentiments have been expressed all over the internet. I can get you at least 100 more that have the same point of view. We all know you have a right to your opinion. That’s not what the point is here. Just because you have a right to it, doesn’t mean it’s in everyone’s best interests (specifically your husband’s) if you share it. 😉

      • Devin Devasquez

        I was a soap fan, gave my opinion and got nothing but useless bashing for it. I’m also a writer and an entrepreneur and a lot of these people do nothing but talk all day long about this show and these characters and can’t seem to separate the actors from their characters. If you are judging the role of Ridge and Ronn based on my opinion of the show then you really aren’t a fan of Ronn’s and no matter what I say is going to help you. I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion, simply gave mine. I certainly don’t go around boards talking about it, only on my own facebook and twitter in response to others and this happens to be my blog. So I think you guys are ones that have the issues here especially with me just cuz I’m married to Ronn. I think Ronn’s reputation, career and who he is speaks volumes without saying a word. If you guys hate me so much for having an opinion that you don’t happen to like so much so that you can’t stop talking about me then I truly feel sorry for you.

      • No need to feel sorry for me. I haven’t embarrassed my husband or made a countless number of people be embarrassed FOR him. I’m not bitter. I have no trouble separating the actors from the characters. That’s why I can accept the recast. If YOU were able to do that you’d have no problem with the recast. I don’t need “help”. I don’t have a problem with you “just cuz” you “are married to Ronn”. The problem I have with you that because you are married to him you think your opinion is more important or the only correct opinion to have. I also have a problem with you because you think you are able to lay out the rules concerning those of us that are fans of Ronn but have moved on with the show since he left. It’s all very black and white with you. You also can’t seem to realize that you are literally running off people that at one point would have supported Ronn in his future endeavors.

      • Devin Devasquez

        I have had quite a number of people that have said the exact same thing I did Jonie, that Ridge was not a role to recast and that TK should have had a new role. Don’t see how that’s embarrassing my husband, that’s my opinion as a viewer and it was a matter of respect to his work for 25 years in which he totally agreed with. You seem very angry as did others that I had an opinion about it at all. I did not think my opinion was that important at all and the fact that it was blown up by so many angry people attacking me for it was the issue and on my own social pages. Now I could see if I was going around to different boards talking about it all day long and not stopping but that wasn’t the case and I’ve so moved on from this and don’t even watch the show anymore. It just happens that I’m responding to people good and bad btw on my own pages here. I even said how much I liked TK and thought he was sexy and would have loved to have seen him play a sexy Frenchman that all the Logan girls were drooling over. I gave scenarios to other ideas Bell could have done to write Ridge out instead of a text message and thought he should have written a better exit for the role of Ridge after all that time. So again seems like you and many others simply don’t like me because I’m married to Ronn. He doesn’t care what I had to say about the role and what I said was also the opinion of many others. You have your opinion on this recast and I have mine of which I was asked about many many times for many many months and when I gave it all this craziness started. So I’m happy you like the recast, enjoy it and TK, I truly could care less and so could Ronn. I gave my opinion and the sensible thing would have been for all of you who are bashing me to simply accept it and move on too.

      • I am going to address your response line by line because it seems you get confused and off track quite easily.

        “I have had quite a number of people that have said the exact same thing I did Jonie, that Ridge was not a role to recast and that TK should have had a new role.”
        -Very valid opinion. Again, while there are in fact people that agree with you, if you look you will find that most people disagree with you. See the links I posted above.

        “Don’t see how that’s embarrassing my husband, that’s my opinion as a viewer and it was a matter of respect to his work for 25 years in which he totally agreed with.”
        -Every person in the world would expect you to disagree with the recast, including myself. If it were my husband I would most certainly do the same. However, I would do it behind closed doors. It is HIS celebrity that has garnered you the attention that you are getting. Not yours. Again, see what people are saying. You are dragging both your names through the mud.

        “You seem very angry as did others that I had an opinion about it at all. ”
        -I’m not angry at all that you have an opinion. Again, if it were my husband I’d have an opinion as well. There is a way to do it and not seem like you are bitter and that future employers should be concerned that if you don’t get your way you will bash them publicly all over the internet. I’m angry that Ronn’s wife has very publicly defined what should be classified as a fan of Ronn. I have watched him since day one on B&B. You don’t get to say who is a fan and who isn’t.

        “I did not think my opinion was that important at all and the fact that it was blown up by so many angry people attacking me for it was the issue and on my own social pages.”
        -You played along. You enjoyed it. Even now you are instigating it. And don’t get your ego fluffed up. YOUR opinion is of no importance. Ronn’s wife’s opinion, on the other hand, (no matter WHO it is) will always get attention.

        ” I gave scenarios to other ideas Bell could have done to write Ridge out instead of a text message and thought he should have written a better exit for the role of Ridge after all that time.”
        -I’m not arguing the writing. I haven’t even brought that up. That’s all you just trying to say negative things just for the sake of saying them.

        “So again seems like you and many others simply don’t like me because I’m married to Ronn.”
        -Nope, didn’t not like you the entire time you’ve been married to him until now. I actually tried to support you in the beginning BECAUSE you were married to Ronn.

        “He doesn’t care what I had to say about the role and what I said was also the opinion of many others.”
        -There is a chat video of you that shows that it is clearly a sore spot between the two of you. You aren’t even allowed to discuss it in front of him anymore?? There’s not caring and realizing that you have no debate skills and continuously go in circles and avoid actual points.

        “I gave my opinion and the sensible thing would have been for all of you who are bashing me to simply accept it and move on too.”
        -Oh but you just keep on posting and posting and posting. I will never accept that your opinion is superior to mine. I will accept that it is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I will even fight for your right to have one. I will even say that I understand where you are coming from. But with your facebook (deleting comments that didn’t agree with you), your twitter (where you untag yourself if you don’t agree), and your blog it appears as if you will continue fighting until your opinion reigns supreme. THAT I don’t respect.

      • Devin Devasquez

        Okay Jonie I’m going to respond to your detailed comments back in detail so that you clearly understand and see I’m approving your posts and responding to them, so I’m not sure where you get I’m deleting people who don’t agree with me? I delete people who get utterly rude on my pages and people that I have responded to many times that still continue to get rude period. The people who are disagreeing with me were mainly fans of TK who didn’t know the history of B&B and many were bashing my husband’s acting and blaming him, saying I was bitter etc. All of that was total nonsense. I simply gave my opinion.

        I don’t need my husband’s celebrity as I’ve always had my own and my own career. Again I was responding to people on my own social media pages and blog no where else. I am an Internet blogger, social marketer and have written this blog about us for 5 years. I am also a long time soap fan that watched all the 4 shows currently on the air. Ronn does not watch the soaps and has no interest in speaking about them at all as he’s done so for B&B for over 25 years. It’s not a sore spot, he’s bored with it and rather talk about music and other things than Ridge or the storyline of that show period.

        As a fan of soaps, a celebrity and a writer I was and am entitled to my opinion and never did I try to change anyone else’s or get angry at them for disagreeing with mine. Many of you guys however bashed me, said rude horrible things on my social pages and blog and put down my husband who created the role and deserved way more respect from so called fans.

        I played along, don’t think I was playing when I’m defending myself, my husband and my right to freedom of speech on my own social pages. I’m very vocal and understand the Internet very well as I’ve been on it since 1998. I’ve never untagged myself on twitter not sure how to even do that and I’ve tired to respond to everyone good or bad on the controversy. I’m sure you can understand that was most probably Bell’s intention to have controversy over such a recast.

        Personally, the fact that you have had to go on and on to me about how embarrassing I’ve been regarding my response on the Internet and the postings is kind of funny. I have a strong Internet presence from years of marketing which is what I love to do. I’m also open and receptive to answering most people back quickly and efficiently unless they become unbearable, rude or just plain obnoxious.

        The many fans that Ronn has garnered around the world for 25 years will also start speaking out and they have a platform in which to do so here and on our social pages where they know they will be heard and responded to. I’m sorry you think that’s not okay and I hope now you have a better understanding of me. Happy New Year!

      • You have deleted many, many comments on facebook that were simply disagreeing with you. Even people who have been watching B&B for YEARS. You are just assuming these people aren’t as well informed as you and therefore are just wrong.

        Whether you want to believe it or not, in this particular instance, it is Ronn’s celebrity that has gotten you the attention over this. I’m sure there are other circumstances that you are a celebrity in your own right but when discussing Ridge and B&B, it’s Ronn’s wife that we are interested in. Not your Playboy history, not your spice, not your book, etc. I don’t doubt that all 11 people that have bought and reviewed your books on Amazon is a big deal.

        As a human being, no matter your status you totally do have a right to your opinion but I haven’t insulted Ronn so please don’t lump me in with “you guys”. Sure, some have, people get nasty. I get that. I’m not trying to be nasty. It’s when you refer to people as “so called fans” that I get offended. You are again judging and alienating Ronn’s fans.

        I FIRMLY agree that you have freedom of speech. Bell really isn’t getting controversy though. He’s pretty much got whole hearted support from the majority of the viewers.

        I’m glad I could amuse you 🙂 Your “strong internet presence” is amusing to me when it results in only a dozen or so people participating in a live internet chat with both you and Ronn and even less when it’s just you 🙂

        I never said that it’s not okay for Ronn’s fans to have a place to be heard and to be responded to, please explain where you got that from.

      • Devin Devasquez

        I have deleted again people who were annoying and bashing only. I have many comments on my pages that are still viewable that I should delete and haven’t because I just don’t care or have the time for it anymore. I’ve been laid up recovering from surgery so I had a lot of time to view alot of comments and respond.

        You again are being insulting to say anything regarding celebrity and seem still very angry toward me. Just like you as a viewer of soaps or any TV show I have my right to freedom of speech and my opinion.

        It is also your opinion that this recast is a such a huge success in what only two weeks? I will not tolerate anyone being rude on my social pages period. You can express yourself without bashing others and when people start to bash me personally I delete them.

        Your comment about my book or our chats which we have just started btw having only a few viewers seems again very insulting. Many people are just finding out or understanding how livestream works fyi and I’ve sold many autographed books on my website and Ebay in the past. I’ve not even had much time to promote my things as I’ve been ill and traveling with Ronn and dealing with many other personal issues of which you have no knowledge. But just that statement alone shows your disrespect on my blog here and your apparent anger for what I’m still trying to understand?

        I have answered all of your issues and you keep saying I’m entitled to my opinion and freedom of speech, but what you didn’t like is that I made mine more important than yours. That’s simply not true. I talked about the role and the disrespect of the recast from my point of view in which many people agreed with. You didn’t and that’s okay, but I have never once bashed you for it.

        You have claimed I played along with postings and I told you these are my social pages and I am very savvy with the Internet, so if I post something and it gets shared and retweeted and reposted and you keep seeing my postings that’s because others are sharing and reposting it not me. The fact that it’s been two weeks of this non stop bashing of me just because I said this role should not have been recasted and it was disrespectful to the 25 years Ronn gave to the role and that I didn’t see TK as Ridge and thought he should have had a new role has shown me that some of YOU can’t stop talking about MY opinion.

        I even said I was sorry if I offended TK or anyone else as it was not my intention that I was speaking out as a fan and on the role and the disrespect from Bell period. I wished TK and all you fans that love him the role of Ridge love and am not trying to take that away from you. I simply am not buying it and the show has become a joke to me as a viewer because of recycled storylines. I also have this opinion on my favorite soap Y&R, which is why I blogged about it.

        I cannot be anymore detailed in my opinion than I’ve already been now. So please enjoy the show and have a wonderful new year!

      • Devin Devasquez

        Oh sorry I forgot to answer your last question that came from many people telling me they were kicked off of B&B boards for expressing exactly what I’ve been saying about this recast and not liking it. Seems some boards only want to post the positive responses to the recast not the negative ones.

    • Sarah Sullivan Churnac Reply

      BOBBY JO
      Did I miss anyone? Well I guess I missed your crap

      Heeey Devin & Ronn I know you guys are Laughing ur ass off. Take notes. I see a book/movie in your future. lol

  28. Jonie, I can relate to Devin rather well & been in a few similar situations in the past where I to had publicly defended my loving husband Sonny.Just wasn’t impressed by your recent juvenile reply Jonie.You & others have no right to judge Devin or anyone else & need to learn how to respect others while expressing yourself on line or anywhere else. Devon has First Amendment Freedom Of Speech Rights to her opinion and the right to write about anything that she wants to on line in her posts & replies etc. Devin & Ronn are a beautiful couple & deserve respect. It is suggested one should leave ASAP; if one doesn’t like or respect them both,the blogs, posts, comments or replies. Regards, Carol

    • Of course she does! I have never once said she didn’t have the right to her opinion. I’m just drawing attention to the responses it has gotten. By the same token, I don’t have to agree.

      I’m curious though, how has she had to publicly defend Ronn?

      Also, how is my reply juvenile? Please be specific.

      • Jonie,Why is it any of you business in the first place Jonie?? Are U on B&B’s payroll??Are U one of the B&B writers or a soap writer? It seems by your disrespectful comments;that you don’t know how 2 post on line in a respectful manner and U are probably not employed by any of the above. Because if U were U would be more professionally discreet & not replying without couth in the first place or not replying at all..Devin has the right to defend Ronn because Ronn is her husband. As a artist myself; I know how it feels to be slammed by others like you Jonie who don’t know or understand what they R talking about. If U would place yourself in Devin shoes maybe U would be more understanding. One can catch more flies with honey than vinegar Jonie.”It is a matter of artistic taste.”Now do U understand??? Take it or leave it & now waste your time barking only 2 yourself if U choose to.

      • Carol, REALLY? You seriously ask why it’s my business in the first place?!? This is a PUBLIC blog, placed on the internet. It’s referencing a very public situation involving very public people. You should know good and well that the “why is it my business” angle will get you nowhere. You could ask yourself the same question regarding MY opinions.

        I have not claimed to be, nor have I given ANY indication that I’m affiliated with B&B at all, therefore my professionalism is irrelevant.

        Sure she has the right to defend Ronn. I just missed the part where he needed defending and again I ask, could you point that out for me please? I have not slammed Ronn at any point, why did you say I did?

        P.S. I’m not trying to catch flies.

      • Swetlana

        Jonie is a public fool REALLY!!! Don’t be jealous of Devin now. fool. She is the best and she has the best looking man ever. So say me & all the fans in Sweden, italy, Monaco, Australia, England, Finland.& Russia

      • Julia & Brad

        You are too stupid to understand. But i can solve your problem. EXIT AND DON’T ENTER AGAIN

  29. Carol Bainbridge Reply

    I believe Janie that the reason 4 the pathetic malarkey in your replies is that U envy Devin because of her sincerity, warmth, talent, her beauty and most of all because she is Ronn’s wife since U claim your indifference is with her doing & not her husband’s. If U were a happy contented individual Janie;U would not B judging her or uploading opinions that don’t matter what so ever as U are doing @ this time. ATT: Janie get out there and start catching those flies with HONEY instead of VINEGAR then U will no longer have the desire to be so darn TOXIC.

    • Do you have an issue with commenting on what I’ve said instead of fighting like a 12 year old girl? Just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t mean that they are jealous of you despite what your mother told you. You are just insulting me for the hell of it instead of addressing what I’ve actually said.

      And again, what’s the obsession with flies? I have no interest in catching flies. I’m not here to make friends.

      • Faith "down under Sullivan

        Damyum!!! Jonie Go get some bungy lessons cuz you can never
        bring sexy back” But I would really like to know how old you are…..too old to get it, huh?

      • Iris Churnac Wilson


      • Lindsey Abbott

        If the new ridge is such a good actor then he should not be in a soap opera..if he’s so great then he should be on the big screen. a soap opera leading man must have certain qualifications: must be able to take off his shirt and look good with some kind of “pack” 4-6-8 will do. must be able to be a good on screen kisser…Do you really think anyone want to see that junk shirtless or kissing anyone on TV…HELL NO………I rest my case in Peace

      • Ellen Clinton


      • Alizander

        REALLY!! RESUME?
        What the hell has a resume got to do with it. If that Kaye have a “RESUME” he should be on Wall Street. Who cares what he has. ITS WHAT HE DOES NOT HAVE AMERICAN PEOPLE

        Lord have Mercy..These people need your help

      • Devin Devasquez

        I understand completely what you are saying but these TK fans just don’t get it and I think in time it will be very apparent when the whole world starts to speak as you have. This guys isn’t Ridge and never will be in millions of people’s eyes not after 25 years of Ronn creating that role. It’s plain stupid. Bell should have made him a new character especially if he wanted him to be so different and if he wanted the world to accept him. By the time he realizes this it will be way too late for him to do anything about it. Most of world hasn’t seen the new Ridge yet only on youtube and it’s not flying with them just as it isn’t with you. You can’t fight a whole country TK fans so get over it, cuz you will have over 100 countries to fight over this. TK isn’t and never will be Ridge, sorry.

  30. Sharon Wells Reply

    Devin and Ronn, I am here to say I am so sorry for all the backtalk and backstabing you are getting from people that seem to know you on a personal bases. There is constant repeats of the same old story over and over. I have personally been kicked off the big site because I made the comment that this new Ridge was not a good replacement to me because he is so opposite from Ronn or Ridge. I have my own pack of comments that burns me up when people make fun of Ronn in his private and TV life. When Ronn was still playing Ridge, he was really dressed up and wore a lovely scarf with his dress suit. I thought he looked great and very Well Dressed for any kind of meeting. Of course if he was going to be at a sports event he would not be dressed that great, but with him as Handsome as ever, still the website cut him down and made fun of his scarf. I think it was light purple or Lilac in color. He was over the top for me and I loved it. I also want to say that as casual wear it is fine for him to wear a scarf with me. WE are all wearing them now with jeans or dress wear, only a different made scarf. Yet people want to slur Ronn down for even his casual wear during the day when he is relaxing. It is Ronn’s call if he wants to wear them and I think it is sort of a trademark things with him. He was Hot in the 80’s and scarfs were a big thing since the 60′ and 70’s too. Ronn comes from California where they were first started wearing as peace signs and totally ok to be seen with one on. Yet what means a lot to Ronn others want to put him down. Another thing I get tired of is him being put down in acting. To me Ronn is a great actor to make us all believe the same old crap that he has to play day in and day out. He never showed me a bad day. Even when he probably wanted to laugh out loud as the show was taping but he didn’t and delivered the scene with great performance. I stated on sites that some of the waffleing he did was making me hate Ridge, but not Ronn. He was acting out what his lines were. I think it was things like this that may have helped Ronn make his decision to leave the show. I feel that the show should have used Ronn to sing during all of these years except the few times he sang to Broke and the spider song to Taylors kids. Ronn has a beautiful voice and Jack Wagner sang often and while I did like Nick character, I will say that Ronns voice was much better, softer and sweeter. B&B really messed up there. As for the nuRidge, He just doesn’t cut it for me, Maybe I will like him better once he cleans himself up for that is how I see Ridge as a designer in a Fashion industry that is known worldwide. Ronn will get through this and come out better and better. I think one (and this is only my opinion) reason Ronn decided to leave is because he was sick of Taylor and Brooke / etc. and also Bell had already ruined Ridge and he felt like he knew Ronn was unhappy because of the things he forced Ridge to do. Such as the rape of Brooke, which I can understand Ridge wasn’t aware of Brooke being on medication for anxiety and the character was to act as if he was making love to her. So many people called him a rapist, and ugly names. Ronn has a life to and I know the talk must have made it back to him. What I have took up an hour to type is that I agree that the nuRidge sure is not like the first Ridge, but maybe that is the plan to try and take those memories out of our minds. I can see how Devin could think that someone more like Ridge should have been cast or just write him off. He did give Ronn a lot of time to come back to the show and I would have loved it without Taylor there.
    One more thing — You people that claim to be Devins friends are not because she is very delicate now since she had surgery only a couple of weeks ago. When a woman has the kind of surgery she had causes her harmones to be all over the place and I haven’t heard a one of you say that you know she has had an emotional surgery and wish her well. Instead you have her in a whirl wind having to try and give her opinon on the nuRidge and how different he is to Ronn. That is really all she has said. The other trash about his scarfs and no acting abilities, and how much you love the nuRidge and glad Ronn is gone is so brutal and you have gave her that instead of making a comment to agree with her or let it go. If I were her I would deleat everyone of you and not worry of defending her husband any more. You all have had an attitude that she is not up to defending and shouldn’t have to. I thnk Devin is a wonderful wife to Ronn and he loves her deeply and they have a private love that many of you are plain Jealous of. Just give this a break and move on to something different for it is for a surety. So many of you do not want to see happy thoughts but rather keep some trash going to keep her fighting back to protect her husband from visicous opinions. He hasn’t asked her to do it, She does it for love.

  31. Carol Bainbridge Reply

    Jonie,At least I’m being considered as a 12 year old from one who is considerably beneath a preschooler’s behavioral level. So I don’t take your false accusations about me offensive because U honestly know nothing about me & U aren’t a behavioral health expert.Yes Thorsten is a wide range excellent actor & so is his wife Susan Haskel.Thorsten’s resume states that he was a Shakespearean Actor, Port Charles, All My Children “Zack Slater” & now B&B’s new Ridge etc..I have viewed Thorsten in all. “I very much enjoyed watching Ronn play Ridge on B&B & Ronn did a excellent job for 25 years as Ridge.But I never said that Ronn wasn’t a good actor. Ronn is also a excellent musician and has a beautiful singing voice. Yes Ronn is multitalented and will never ever have a problem getting a gig of any kind in the Performing Arts.” *Remember Jonie; everyone has their own individual taste regarding who is the better Artist. Only time will tell if this new Ridge will be as popular as the other Ridge was. In my opinion;I hope & pray that soaps will have a few more years on television because of the internet entertainment is getting more popular by the day.

    • ****I**** never said Ronn was a bad actor! That’s kinda my point! I never even said that Thorsten was better!!!!

    • What in the heck did I falsely accuse you of?! I never said I knew anything about you. I didn’t say I was a behavioral health expert. I don’t understand why you keep harping on me and responding to things I haven’t even said. Geesh!

      • Camilia Pagan

        HEY JONIE
        I know what the problem is..Ronn is the the one who got away huh? So now you have found a way to bash him. Nothing you say have merit or fact. You have a 100 people that say you are right. I have over a million that say you are wrong WANNA BET? You can start by checking the US ratings for B&B since Ronn left It went down. Now that they replaced Ronn with your guy (TK) its at its lowest..AND European stations have dropped the show & more countries are dropping it this year. My husband owns one of those TV stations. So you have no facts to your comments SO YOU GIVE IT UP & GO FIND YOURSELF A MAN OF YOUR OWN.

      • These replies are the result of drama queens with absolutely nothing of substance to say and that have to resort to school yard mud slinging. I bet they are so proud of themselves upon clicking “post comment”. STILL no one has addressed ANYTHING I’ve ACTUALLY said.

        And Camilia, you may want to check with your husband because B&B’s ratings are higher than they have been in YEARS (including when Ronn was on there).

      • David & Cherie Knight


      • Petunia J Hollingsworth

        Devin I see that Jonie & BOBBIE-JO finally got the boot of your page. I think I am replying to Jonie re her comment that nobody is actually replying to anything she has “actually said” BECAUSE SHE HAS NOT SAID ANYTHING. AND NOW THAT HER MAN THORSTEN IS OUT OF THE CLOSET..THE DRAMA HAS JUST BEGUN.

        Devin you be happy…. Ronn is a smart cookie
        I am listening to his song I’m Your Man as I write this

      • Devin Devasquez

        I don’t think Ridge will be gay, Bell is probably trying to get the gays to watch a storyline devoted to AIDS or something. I’m sure he will try and make Ridge be different because of a friend’s death or something along those lines.

      • David & Cherie Knight


  32. Carol Bainbridge Reply

    Oh Janie,Today I had to change my Facebook password because Mmmmm someone messed with my posts & comments.Mmmm wonder who would have all that EXTRA time on their hands to do this kind of mischief while replying ? ((A Internet TROLL of course.))

  33. Devin please don’t waste your time replying to people like Jonie Micheal Teale or anyone who likes that ugly duckling as the NuRidge. Its a disgrace to recast him as Ridge Forrester, after your handsome Ronn Moss made that role…AND NO ONE CAN TAKE HIS PLACE. I was hoping they would just kill the character. B&B was a must see show over here in Europe. Not anymore. No Ronn Moss no ratings from us. The producers/writers have found that out and there will be no B&B over here sooner than later. The storyline has been so stupid and now this washed up looking actor with a voice of someone with throat suppose to entertain us. THAT IS A LOAD OD USA BULL

    • Carol Bainbridge Reply

      Hello, I want to wish everyone here a fantastic New Year 2014 filled with much love & happiness.I’m being honest in my replies & trying real hard not to hurt anyone’s feelings by all my replies here. Devin is beautiful,seems very sweet, considerate & honest with her replies and Ronn is a handsome,very talented actor, singer & musician in my opinion. No one should be considered “That ugly duckling” because they aren’t handsome, beautiful or good-looking in a individual’s opinion. Thorsten has a intense interesting kind of attractive look that isn’t considered handsome to me in my opinion. It is way too soon 4 me 2 decide if Thorsten will do the character of Ridge any justice or not.One’s opinion of what is good looking, handsome or beautiful and who is the better performer is individually interpreted as a matter of one’s individual taste.””It is Bell’s problem if Bell wants to gamble his soap away by hiring someone that may not work out.I’m starting 2 not watch B&B anymore & loose interest in B&B’s storyline because of the way it is being written at this time. Actually I don’t like the way things are going with “all the soaps” in general because the story writing regarding all of them is getting real sloppy.Soaps on television will most likely become a thing from the past in the near future because of the daily increased popularity of internet entertainment.””

      • Swetlana

        My new year cannot be “fantastic” if I have to watch than “duckling” ruin my 25 fantastic years of Ronn Moss as Ridge Forrester. He (the duckling) has shattered my memories of B&B. And if you were a true fan of “Soaps” you would know its not about the acting its about “the look” that gets you hooked 24/7. And real fans of Ronn will not settle for anything but the best.
        I am speaking for all his fans in Europe & we don’t need your reply. It would be a fantastic year if you didn’t.

      • Devin Devasquez

        Ronn loves all his fans around the world and you guys know what he has given to that role and what he still gives to everyone and he so appreciates you guys. This has been the most disrespectful thing anyone has ever done to him considering he gave almost half his life to this character. Trust me he’s happier and doing so many amazing things. But, this disrespect has taken the love he felt for the show and the character away from him and me.

      • Carol Bainbridge

        Swettana, Pleased to meet you. Remember the glass is always half full and never half empty.
        “Just politely letting you know here in the USA we have First Amendment Constitutional Rights for our Freedom Of Speech” This means I have the right to state my opinion on line as long as I do it in a proper polite manner even if anywhere else or anyone else in the world doesn’t need my reply or like the way I go about doing it..I did no wrong by politely stating my honest opinion about the way the writers of all of the soaps are going with the storylines & how I feel the direction of the soap industry is going without trying to hurt other’s feelings. Yes and I am into viewing “the acting & I never judge anyone by their look” when I have a chance to watch a show. That is just the way I am. Sorry it seems that some don’t accept the way others reply or others having a right to their own opinion as long as they are going about it in a polite manner.Wishing all a very happy new year.

      • Crimson Pietro

        Devin this is Crimson Pietro, from Monte Carlo. I have not been frequent on your blog as much as I would like to but my sister Alizander is big fan too of Ronn you. I lost track of who said what about the replacement of Ridge. But I will say this much to the person who wrote that you should not call Thorsten Kaye ugly. Yes you can & Yes I will.
        Mr Kaye is tooo ugly. He does not have a attractive bone in his body and if he was to come to any part of Europe or Australia as Ridge Forrester..He would be stoned..& crucified like Jesus Christ


  34. Devin Devasquez Reply

    This fighting over the recast of opinions is exactly what I was talking about from the very beginning when I gave my opinion and got bashed for it. After 25 years of Ronn playing and creating that role it was disrespectful and outrageous to recast it. Better for Ridge to be dead and this guy play a new role. All this has done is caused people to fight and compare. Which there is no comparing two weeks in a role to 25 years, I’m sorry but that in my opinion is rather stupid. I know the rest of the world is seeing this and it will get worst before it gets better if it ever does. However, we are extremely happy about 2014 and wish you all a wonderful grand new year of blessings!

  35. Wassim Razzouk Reply

    Happy new year dear Devon and Ronn. Wishing you a great, successful year and future.

    I believe that Devon has the right to express her opinion and everyone should respect it especially since this is her blog and folks are being given the privilege to reply and write their opinions, and that should be respected and not abused to bash around and disrespect.

    Devon, you are beautiful and the fact that a great guy like Ronn chose you to spend the rest of his life with you separates you from all the others and that means that you are truly special and, yes I agree with you, many would be ‘understandably’ super jealous! Especially because it is obvious that you make Ronn happy and unfortunately sometimes human nature is just not right and humans can be cruel with their comments and their jealousy.

    Another point that I would like to mention here as a reply to another opinion that I find very cruel and wrong, is the fact that someone mentioned that Devon’s strong opinion is pushing Ronn’s fans away! Well that is so wrong to say because a fan is a supporter that appreciates and loves unconditionally, if you don’t like something about the actor and you are a fan, you support and love and only spread the positive energy to them regardless. They need your support and love in those moments of difficulty and not only in the good times, just like how true friends should be. If you are a fan that is driven away by anything, then you are not a true fan and probably never was and the actor is better off without you in the first place!

    Ronn, Devon, look to the future and focus on giving us, your true fans, the best of you guys because we love you and support you.

    Faithfully yours,

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      thank you so much. I do love and adore my husband and will also speak up if I feel the need to or if I feel someone is bashing him or me. I don’t tolerate that on our social pages. I’m happy you guys like that about me, lol.

      • Dinah Jameson

        OMG Devin
        I never expected to see so many nor have I ever seen so many comments.reply on any topic on your blog/ What’s going on? It took me so long to get to the end where I could leave a comment that now I don’t have the time to write my view;
        So i will conclude for now & say that Australia aka Down Under is on F-I-R-E we burning up over the decision to replace Ronn as Ridge. That is the dumbest thing I’ve every heard & why is that dumb looking guy on that Google link
        2 B Con’d

      • Devin Devasquez

        I caused a firestorm 3 weeks ago from simply saying what everyone else is saying now that to recast Ridge was stupid and disrespectful not only to Ronn, but to long time fans from all over the world that have been loyal to these shows. This guy should have had a new character and all I got was totally bashed for it in the US by fans for this guy cuz he came from another cancelled soap here in the US. I shouldn’t have an opinion you know just cuz I’m married to Ronn, forget I’m a viewer and have invested years into these shows myself. So yes I had a strong opinion of this stupid recast and all hell broke loose, lol. Then I blogged about all the upsets after that and the changes on the these soaps and it hasn’t stopped with the infighting over the whole thing, lol. I come here to laugh my ass off everyday about it now and have stopped watching the soaps.

  36. Kim Reardon Reply

    Bravo! You nailed it! It’s time the executive producers and writers listen to the people who help them get paid. THE FANS. I have seen some great recasts. Peter Bergman taking over Jack Abbot decades ago was brilliant. As was Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. The recast of Ridge was one of the worst I can remember. Ronn made the character classy refined and believable. The new guy looks like he needs a good bath and a shave to start with. Just can’t stomach it. I wish you and Ronn much love and success.

    • Faith Sullivan Reply

      Only you will be watching. I guess you have a strong stomach. The rest of us vomited on Thortson

  37. Faith Sullivan Reply

    Wait a minute Devin
    Are you a fan of that guy who is the new Ridge? I see you wrote a lot and I am on vacation in the caribbean and don’t have the time to read why you have a picture of “him” on your blog. I almost had a stroke to see his face pop up as soon as I logged on. Even if you are a fan.. please remove his photo. But I love the one of Billy & Micheal. Those are my leading men since Ronn left the CBS building. Anyhow, I will be back to read what has been written. Seem like a lot of bashing & cursing going on on the topic of “THE NEW DISAPPOINTING RIDGE”
    I am the best Ronn as Ridge anyone who is not is gonna get a tongue-lashing.

    Faith from Australia (hanging with friends in BVI)

  38. Its A Soap Opera Its Not Reality TV If Ronn Moss Didn’t Want The Character Recast, He Should Not Have Retired. It Was His Decision To Leave, And That Does Not Mean The Show Should Revolve Around Him. That’s What They Do On Soap Operas They Recast All The Time, What Makes Him So Special???

    • Sarah Sullivan Churnac Reply

      Woman if you have to ask “why” Ronn Moss is special you should not be watching any soap. But let me give you an some FYI Soaps are about the beautiful..not the ugly.
      I am Sarah a UK fan of only the “beautiful”

    • Carol Bainbridge Reply

      It is so sad to see the unfair disrespect of Devin and Ronn on their blog. If one chooses not to reply in a respectful mature manner; it would be best if one doesn’t choose to post their comment. If one still disagrees with Devin and Ronn and still chooses to reply; their reply should be done politely without disrespecting Devin and Ronn or others.

      • Carol B
        This is for you. I have read all comments..and are you aware that you contradict yourself the most…Keep on the same side of the war..Don’t be flip flopping… And when it comes to Soap Operas in any country. a leading man that is suppose to mesmerize his female viewers cannot be ugly..AND PLEASE DON’T MENTION ABOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN YOUR USA..BECAUSE I AM NOT FREE TO SAY I DON’T LIKE GAYS..I AM NOT FREE TO SAY I DONT WANT TO WALK AND SEE SAME SEX PEOPLE GROPING EACH OTHER..I AM NOT FREE TO SAY…k I DO NOT WANT GAY PEOPLE TO MINGLE WITH ME. SO NEVER SAY YOUR HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH Now I just open a different kind of worms, but it just pissed me off when you people talk about you are free. FREE TO BE HYPOCRITES. AND FREE TO KISS ASS
        I am from a beautiful island with only straight people..Thank God

  39. Devin this one is for you
    Did you hear what TMZ reported about Micheal who plays Adam on Y&R? Please say its not so. Apparently he was accused of groping a 20 year old female co-star.AND did you know he was 38 years young. He look damn good for 38. 🙂 It took me a while to get use to Micheal when he took over from the original Adam (who was adored a lot) I wonder who will be taking his place. And don’t feel bad that Billy Miller is leaving the show. He belongs in Primetime. I wish him all the best. Anyone can take his role..but for Adam they better bring “sexy” back. His role is like a “Ronn as Ridge” Gotto to bring it. So we ladies can watch 🙂
    btw my sister is Camilia..if you & Ronn ever get to Sweden let her know. She & Brent will Jet you over to Luxembourg for a Meet..n for a King & Queen. Not only is Lux one of the sweetest countries to boast some of the most luxurious castles.

    Oh btw..the reason I ended up on your blog is because I click a link you or Ronn posted on Google with that face of TK..WHY..WHY. WHY are you showing his face. Please zip-it asap

    • Carol Bainbridge Reply

      Pleased to meet you.
      Because it is “Ronn & Devin’s Blog” they have the “FREEDOM” or “THE RIGHT” to, show any face that they want to on it, post, comment and reply as they wish to as well as 1 has the choice to change their mind about a subject once 1 learns more about it. One has the choice not to read it or not view it if they don’t like it or if they wish not to do so. By the way it takes 2 to tango in any business matter.If they don’t agree regarding a business matter; they are better off without each other & moving on to different or better things.”Accept it or not because that is the way life is.”
      Have a great day.
      Carol Bainbridge

      • i just read a load of crap. Lady put your apron on and go cook some soup because you are squashing the writing..we will all have a great day Ms. Carol B if you would just read not write. Ceeeeee I JUST EXERCISE MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND I TOO DON’T WANT TO SEE ANY PIX OF .TK.

      • Carol Bainbridge

        That is too bad Iris & Dana that 1 can’t have their way all of the time by typing in “Capital Letters.” That’s the way life is.((Now That is My Right To Freedom Of Speech!)) Take it or leave it because I don’t care what you or anyone thinks. By the way; Now Dana while I’m typing this I’m cooking homemade chicken soup for my loving husband that is So Very Mmm Mmm Good! Iris it’s not nice to put down others because they have the choice to their own personal orientation on how 2 live their life with who they wish to.And I will write all that I want in the proper style that I wish to even though some don’t like it because they don’t want to hear The Facts Or The Truth. Amen. The End. I go in peace.

  40. Faith "down under Sullivan Reply

    Hey Carol B
    I can read between the lines. There is no husband and there is no soup so go in peace AMEN

    • Hey Faith bet U have never had a husband! The soup was good and my husband of 40 years is always fantastic! HA HA U wouldn’t know or understand the truth if it was right in front of U ! Now do U get it ??? Duh! Again the truth always wins and the vicious lying envious ones like U always LOOSE big time!

      • The losers that give toxic replies to others here always are the ones that are so paranoid of others that they don’t believe the truth about them so have to envy them & find fault with them to so they can make themselves with such low self esteem feel some what better. I have no need or reason to envy others because I am quite happy with my life.

      • Crimson Pietro

        You loose Carol B Faith have my continue to dream making soup for no one. If you gonna be ignorant & childish in your replies. Well we are gonna make you choke on that soup you think you’re making for the husband you think you have. More than 2 can play that game. Didn’t you write you are gonna go in Peace. Where is the “peace” in your comments.

        I know what you are saying now. “The devil made me do it” duh!!!

      • Crimson Pietro


      • Julia & Brad


  41. Sharon Wells Reply

    Sometimes a person types in capitals to make a huge statement. That may have been the case here or the peron may like to go in capitals to type faster. I find it is much faster that way. But, Ladies – There is no need to slur off on what Dev did for a living. I would be proud to know I had a body that looks as good as she does, And the bunny thing proves that she was very beautiful and is remembered at partys etc. that ole Heff has. We all are growing older with each day, and as bad as we hate it, IT will come. So lay off Devin and Ronn. I do agree that I don’t think this man is a suitable man for Ridge. It may be the reason Bell hired him. To set Ridge in another direction. That does’t mean I won’t miss Ronn, but I will watch to see if it ever seems right. KKL didn’t even act as she did with Ronn. I guess it will take a few getting use too. Much love for Dev and Ronn.

    • Crimson Pietro Reply

      That is correct Sharon, about writing in caps…Who made it a rule that you are shouting when this is don’t online or in a text. I would like to reply to some of these comments using a “36” font size.
      Have a nice day

  42. Devin is still very beautiful for her age and Ronn is still quite handsome. Both are lean,fit ,very much in love with each other and very talented to. It seems like allot of people that reply here with their toxicity are very envious of Devin and Ronn. The ones that envy others are only hurting themselves. Have no need 2 envy others. Just know & understand so well how it feels 2 be on the receiving end of this green toxic monster called “envy.”.

  43. There are some replies that are nice,mature also respectful here but the majority of the replies here are naïve & toxic without the truthful facts. Feel no need to continue to reply with the ignorant disrespectful envious ones on here that aren’t logical what so ever because they don’t understand the difference between “fact and fiction.” Devin and Ronn seem like a lovey couple. Sending the best to them always.

    • P.J. Hollingsworth Reply

      So you are gone. Good for the real fans of Ronn & Devin

      Now who is next to go?

      btw are you the Carol making soup. Do you know that in Europe when a woman says she is making soup for her husband. It means he’s no longer getting the other “S” Be careful what you brag about.

      • LOL….That is so true. I had forgot about that.

  44. Marie Natalie King Reply

    Okay, I hear people over here need some counseling. Going to have to reserve a 24/7 to catch up on DevRonn. In the mean time those bitches who are bashing Ronn Moss. Go get a life.
    Happy New Year to you Devin & my marvelous one & only

    • I was about to write that “those bitches need to get a life” Esp BOBBIE JO. She is the biggest idiot of them all. Second in line is Carol B (flip-flops on her views) must be that soup. Anyhow “Bitches/diots” I don’t have a country to back-up my comments..but I do have a source from CBS. Mr Kaye cannot not take the heat & will be breaking his contract sooner than later….so MS BOBBIE-JO, you can take that to the press.

      PS: My country (USA) don’t like TK as Ridge. I have an app for that

      • Cherie & David

        LOL LOVE IT
        OUR COUNTRY (THE BAHAMAS) Going to get a app for that.

  45. Sharon Wells Reply

    I am wondering when this will end. Devin and Ronn have a blogg and believe me it has been busy for the past few weeks. I watch the show sometimes after 6:00 PM due to I am central zone, and I am still in the state of shock over replacing Ridge with this TK. I am sure he was great on other shows and may end up to be ok on this one, but Never did Ridge let the public work place or Press see him as ranchy as he looks now. WE know Ridge to be a perfect man from the start even if he did waffle an awful lot. Still he presented himself in the most Positive view of a well kept man. I can’t understand why this man didn’t clean up before coming back for Brooke or even since he has been home. That hair is awful and he doesn’t even look clean.They must be trying to forever erase the Ridge we all knew and loved,(Ronn Moss) to make us accept Ridge now as not the true love of Brookes heart. I say stay with Dolla Bill Brooke, and let Ridge do his own thing with Katie. It seems to be written in the cards. You bickering people need to give this a rest. Who said this today may change their minds and tomorrow get the same feeling I am having now. Since Ronn didn’t want to come back, Let’s see what Bell has in mind. He sure had to have a reason in not having a better looking actor and one to carry on the tradition of Brookes Ridge.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      You really need to get off of this page now Jonie and go have a nice life. Stop with this nonsense and I truly don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of my photos. The fact that you guys are still talking about me and trying to bash me speaks volumes about you.

      • Hi Devin & Ronn
        I have been hearing about the bashing over here on your blog from my children, nieces,sister’s & friends all over Europe. You guys know you are the best. So don’t ever waste your time on these people who don’t have a life they love.
        So how was your “Happy Holidays” I have not had the chance to read t your Xmas & NYE post, yet. Hope you(Devin) felt better enough to attend the NYE party at the Playboy mansion. I know you guys like to ring-in the New Year over there.
        Anyhow,I wish you both health, more wealth & many loves. 🙂
        One Love
        Heather Churnac

    • Jonie what is your problem?. Don’t you know when to quit? Don’t you know when you are not wanted in person or words. Looks like you need the Blog Police to get a retraining order out on you. If you have sooo much to say. why don’t you get your own blog and stop trying to get “15-minutes” of fame off of Devin & Ronn.
      No need to reply, my dear
      Heather says so

      • Sade J. King

        BRAVO!! this should shut that Jonie & the others the “F” up. Have a nice day to everyone else. We love you for being loyal to Ronn as Ridge.also we love Devin for standing by her man.

      • Right, because I’m interested in 15 minutes of “fame” merely by using the name “Jonie”. There are too many Jonie’s in the world to even come close to knowing which one I am. Lame theory. Try again.

    • David & Cherie Knight Reply

      OMG!! you are right Devin looks good & Hot in those pictures. I betcha you wish you could look like her..Dont–Cha?

      • Yes, I dream of the day I can get ridiculed on the internet.

      • David & Cherie Knight

        Who cares what’s written on the internet. I don’t care. & Devin don’t care. and Ronn loves her photos more than I.
        Still know you wish you were here..There you go stalking her blog at 2am in the morning. Damn, you lonely desperate & ugly. inside & out..

      • So because it’s 2 a.m. where you are means it’s the same time everywhere? Brilliant.

      • Devin Devasquez

        why are YOU still here, get lost Jonie, no one cares to hear from you anymore, especially here.

    • Faith Sullivan Reply

      HEY JONIE!


  46. Hi Devin
    This has gotto to be the best blog in town. I surely have not had the time to reply to the haters but I’m making notes of what certain people have been writing..and I’m going to copy & paste and let it go viral. However, my dear you keep loving Mr Wonderful..the one and only Ridge Forester..your man Ronn Moss…Nobody else matter…Halo!!!!

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Thanks Simone, spread the word that people are able to express themselves here on our blog, but haters and extreme rudeness is not appreciated.

      • Simone Grant

        Hi Devin Have you seen what I’ve heard? I am afraid to watch. Heard it was only photos showing TK getting up close & personal with a man. People were getting sick at the thought of such a thing. This week has gone “bananas” on all the soap. Did you watch Y&R yesterday? I wonder who did they kill off and who walked away from that accident with Billy Miller & Micheal Muhaney. Poor Victoria if its Billy & poor baby Connor if its Michael..And over @GH..its a horror show over there. They bringing back the dead & making the living insane.

  47. Iris Churnac Wilson Reply

    Hi Devin
    Don’t worry yourself about those haters. You got the worldwide love. Just keep on sharing your thoughts, ideas, & love for Ronn. We love reading what’s going on with you guys. And our husbands love to hear about what we read. Give then an idea how to keep things hot & fresh 🙂
    I am in touch with THE LOYAL fans in European, Australia, Canada USA & The Caribbean and they all have the same sentiments for DevRonn…esp those photos you posted on FB (Devin wrapped in red hold a gun…looks fabulous) We did not realize they were taken recently) My husband said you don’t have to “bring sexy back” in your relationship..because it never left. He says “that’s a good-girl… blurred lines lol
    Have a Nice Day
    From Iris

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      I love that we have a great group of gals from all over the world that aren’t afraid to express themselves here. I welcome that because that is who I am and I think you guys have gotten to know me over the past decade that I’ve been with Ronn and for the past 5 years of this blog. I intend to empower other women to be strong, sexy and intelligent women who aren’t afraid to be vocal. There are always going to be those who want to challenge me in some way, but after 50 years on this planet, I’ve learned a few things and fear isn’t in my makeup. So I say bring it on whatever it is and I’ll be able to handle it! I love you girls that enjoy this blog and what I’m trying to offer all women out there. Those who get who I am are the only ones I want to deal with. Those who don’t, I wish them peace and love in life because truthfully that’s what really matters.

      • Ellen Clinton

        Devin, what can I say..You & Ronn are Mr.& Mrs Wonderful
        Words are impossible for those who don’t get you. But what I don’t understand is..”Why are they on your blog?
        Anyhow, wishing them “peace” won’t help their issues.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      men are visual creatures girls and there’s nothing wrong with being sexy even at 50! Look at Christy Brinkley at 60. I will always be sexy and empower women that understand there’s is nothing wrong with it. It’s actually very powerful.

      • Ellen Clinton

        Love this reply too, Devin.
        I was born in 1959..and to me at my age..its not about the humpin around when the sex starts..its all about that orgasm. Want to know when its good. When you loose your vision for about 30 seconds, its over…like a outta body experience just happen…..i call that “sweet sensation” for grown folks. Because, its not only wine gets better with age 🙂

  48. Julia & Brad Reply

    My mother-in-law is cracking up and agreeing with what Ellen Clinton wrote.about “her outta body experience” She said I have to get to Fabulous-50 & Sweet-60 to understand the 30-second blackout. Guess I’ll have to wait another 30+ years….lol
    Okay its Adios for me now I will leave my M-I-L to continue reading.

    Have a nice day DevRonn

    • Crystal Joy Reply

      I am cracking up & agreeing with Ellen too. When you are living “Fab-50” its all about “the gasm” Right Devin? ha ha


    Hi Devin
    I spent Xmas in London…now I am back home in Australia and i see there is a lot going on here, but not enough time for me to read, but I will be back.
    Much blessings to you & Ronn

  50. Deanne Williams Reply

    Hi Devin,
    I have watched Y&R and B&B for years. B&B is not the same with Ronn. He is the only Ridge. I think it was wrong to recast him as well as the other actors as well. Some actors just can’t be replaced. I miss the “Real Ridge”. Good luck to Ronn on his future with what all he does. He is the Best!
    Have a great day Devin and Ronn,

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      Thanks Deanne and yes I’m much better now. Sorry this recast has made it unbearable to watch that show anymore, at least for me and it’s taken away so many amazing memories. Very stupid of B&B to do this.

      • Teresa K Ramirez

        Devin …u r not alone. And its not only B&B screwing our memories, so is the other soaps. GH has lost my time. Not sure if you watch, but they just gave someone the viewers hate..a role that is so ridiculous. Some serial killer is now Chief of Staff at the hospital. Like my husband said to me “Good,, now go get a job” I think I might just do
        Thanks for sharing. You are a marvelous writer. Maybe you should be writing the script to keep our memories ALIVE!!

      • I can’t believe they have that woman as chief of staff over @GH. Now i have to ask the same Q,,as Devin? What is happening to our soaps. And I can answer that Q…They are suds that are going down the drain, and eventually they will all be wash away
        Peace to all

  51. Faith Sullivan Reply

    Hi Devin & RONN fans
    I have some bombshell news that is gonna give you closure that Ronn left the building as Ridge.
    The rumor down here in AussieLand the writers has flip the script and the role of Ridge is now “Bold & Gay. If this is “fact” Well that Thorsten Kaye….fits the part.

    • Really Faith?
      That would be shocking “burn the script” news.. on B&B
      Well today it was sad watching two wonderful leading daytime hunks in their last appearance on Young & The Restless. No more Billy & Adam. I wonder who will get the Emmy Nomination. I would have preferred to see Adam turning himself into the police. & I’m happy he finally got to point out to Billy that its his fault his daughter died because he left her by herself. As to Victor (when is he leaving? All hell gonna break loose when everything comes out about his blackmail plan?


    • Alizander Marquez Reply

      We have not been on youtube to see what’s going on (B&B is no longer an item in Monaco) My sisters says that Brooke is engaged to That mad hatter kaye (the imposter Ridge) So what happen to the the Gay script? Do tell you you know.

  52. Rosa Terrasini Reply

    Devin I need to get the Jones to keep up. So far I gather that the TK fans don’t like The RM fans..and some of the TK fans bashing each other.
    Whew! I just got back from Italy and never had time to read any blog..but Ronn’s fans in Italy still talking about his exit from B&B. And they are very upset Ridge was replaced by someone..who is not easy on the eyes. That is a quote from a TV broadcaster..Of course, it was said in Italian.
    Can’t imagine what will be said when they see today’s episode. Everybody on the “homo-wagon. From the politicians to the Man in the Mirror and its All about the $money$. Gay’s are now the “cash cows” So its “ca-shing! to survive on these networks.

    Take Care

  53. Sharon Wells Reply

    I haven’t seen today’s show, but I agree there has been plenty of gab about the new Ridge. I can see that Brooke, KKL is doing the best she can. but he heart isn’t in it as it was with Ronn. Too bad that Ronn did leave the show, although I understand why. It is plain to see that Don Damontt is the Super Slick replacement for the Playboy Ridge. So with nuRidge not wanting KKL or Brooke it makes it easy for me to like Bill and Brooke that much more.

    • Well Sharon I hope you have seen it by now..Its worth watching just to see what Brooke is gonna do or say. We predict she’s going to try & turn-back-the-hands-of-time and sex-him-up-again. But if Thorsten is suppose to be gay..Why is he hitting on Katie? I guess we will just have to wait & see it on Youtube..because B&B was cancelled in Melbourne

      • I live in Melbourne and it was cancelled when Ronn did not go to Stephanie’s funeral. But i think its still airing in Sydney & the Northern cities. You do know it was always a week or two later than USA shows. Well its now 30 days late, because the ratings dropped when Ronn quit. But eventually all stations will stop airing. We all started to hate the script, even before Ronn left. His role was getting crappy,,because the writers made it crappy. One reporter down here said..they wanted the viewers to hate Ronn as Ridge so when he was replaced they would like the new Ridge..but that backfired. Even our men hate that TK on the show. They say he should be in the basement @Forester’s sweeping the floor.
        Well we all hope Ronn is happy in his new lease on life…. his happiness is all that matters & yours too Devin. Hope you are fully recovered from that operation.
        God Bless You Both

      • Devin Devasquez

        Lindsey I wish you would tell these two idiots Jonie and BobbieJo who are relentlessly saying how great this Ridge is and they keep coming on this blog to try and put down Ronn, where it’s at down under. These people are clearly delusional and need someone from your country to set them straight, lol.

  54. Diane Gordon Reply

    Hi Devin & Ronn
    All my time go into reading your blog and I never can find the time to reply. And I so wanted to drop in my 2cents on the changes on the Daytime Soaps.
    So all the time Ridge was in Paris, he was in the closet?. Well they not only should have kept him in Paris they should have also kept him the closet sealed with some crazy glue.. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.
    Well, to hell with Bold & their stupid writers..Lets move on to Y&R..Did anybody watch the climax of Billy & Adam?. Wondering about who got burnt & who walked away? Well Adam (Micheal) is gonna walk..unto the set of General hospital as Patrick YES Dr. Patrick Drake is following in Ronn’s footsteps..and is leaving the GH bldg & Micheal will be the next hot doctor on daytime “Hello” I will be watching that.
    Okay Folks “time up” :-).

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      yes Adam is supposedly dead and I love GH,so I’ll be watching that one!

      • Julia (Lily) & Brad

        Well a little birdie ( my mother in law) told me Adam is alive. She is hoping they use Trevor (Todd Manning ) from OLTL to replace Micheal Muhaney.. He would definately fit into Young & The Restless. I am into the media casting business I know know for a fact that some roles cannot be substituted like Eric as Victor Newman, Maurice as Sonny Corinthos, Ronn as Ridge Forrester Steven as Jason Morgan (GH) and just a few more. Some females on that list like Michelle as Phyliss.. If she is physically going to appear on Y&R…they are going to make sure they get the best or nothing at all. Unlike Bill Bradley..They just settled for the worst possible person to be “The New RIdge” There should be a law to arrest those bastards over @CBS.

      • Devin Devasquez

        I hear ya and can believe that. All I know is that Ronn is very much a wanted man all over the world and TK isn’t, so whatever happens to this show is Brad’s fault and those inflated supposed ratings isn’t flying, cuz B&B has never had a younger audience. From what I can see, people are telling me daily that they have stopped watching and Days of Our Lives is getting more popular, as well as, GH. I predict Brad will finally come to his senses when one of those shows takes his place and by then it will be way too late for that show. His father is probably turning over in his grave at what a joke this show has become. I hear it everyday from all over the place. So either he’s living in his own little world, or he’s just got too big of an ego to admit it yet, but that show has gone to the dogs now.

  55. Sharon Wells Reply

    I don’t claim to know the first thing about show business. In my every day TV watching I must say that it seems Bell had been hashing over a plan like this in Ridge’s life for a long time. It is a giant step for him to take. We all thought it would be Thomas that was gay, and it would really upset Ridge – but and still maybe it is that way. Has anyone thought that maybe the photo’s that Bill has are just innocent and a friend was being comforted or hugged on because of some good news of some sort, and Ridge did know the man well and felt comfortable to hug him? My Two grown boys often times will just hug the other one if there has been a while since they saw each other. I know it is innocent and out of love as siblings for them. But, if in fact Ridge did have an affair with a Gay man maybe he is either way. Maybe he is going through a mid life crisis and had to come back and see Brooke to know if he still had it for her, but instead has the hots for Katie. I just wonder how Katie will take it if she see’s the photo’s. Could be that Ridge explains them to Katie and there is nothing to them and that will build even more of a bond between them. One thing is for sure. I am just relieved that Ronn didn’t hang around to let this be him. He is way to manley and sexy for anyone to imagined Ridge doing this. Ronn was just too much of a man the past 25 years to change overnight.

    • You got that right about Ridge being too manly & SEXY to be hugging any man..You have no idea how many people is relieved they did not have to see that.
      So on behalf of all The Ronn as Ridge fans..we thank him from the bottom of our hearts..Whew!!

      But I don’t think the writers was just going to make it look like he’s gay. They know that Thorsten could never fill the shoe Ronn was wearing. TK JUST CANNOT DO SEXY ON ANY SHOW..DON’T EVEN THINK HE DOES SEXY IN HIS OUR BEDROOM 🙂 They must have gotten him real cheap on that payroll or maybe he working for free Friday was a good show.for once..We love that Liam ousted Wyatt & Hope left them stranded on a beach. She needs to get some notes from her Mother’s Rule Book. Cause she ain’t getting lucky in the men department :-).

      Hey Devin How you doing?

      • I’m doing so much better thanks Lindsey. Wow, had no idea OZ cancelled B&B and the show has become such a laughing joke down under. Doesn’t surprise me though, you guys don’t take any bullshit and what’s happened to this show is just sad. Ronn couldn’t be happier and we hope to visit OZ soon!!

  56. Recasts are never easy and Ronn, having been on the show for so long, certainly has many fans around the world. I had never seen TK before, but I just watched some episodes with him and really liked his acting. He brought emotion and a new dimension to the role. I was never a fan of Ronn’s acting, but understood his appeal amongst the viewers. I think both TK and Heather Tom deserve better than what B&B has to offer. It would be nice to see them on a better show.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      sorry Erika, but I see none of that with TK, his character has been rather boring and not much there. What emotion? Seems like you are here to put down Ronn’s acting and boost his? Again, Ronn did that role for 25 years, so if his acting was so bad why were so many people tuned in to him and have tuned out to TK? I’m getting rather tired of people putting down Ronn’s acting, it just crazy. I saw Ronn do a wonderful job when his daughter died, when his wife died in his arms and when he dug up his dead wife. So don’t tell me about Ronn’s acting, go somewhere else and put him down, but don’t come back here and put down my husband.

      • ACTUALLY, if you check the ratings, you’ll see that people ARE tuning in to see TK. Even more than they were when Ronn was on.

        Just sayin….numbers don’t lie 🙂

      • Devin Devasquez

        Why are you back here Jonie? No one wants to hear anything you have to say. Again believe what you want, but let’s see what happens by summer when this stupid show drops drastically. No one likes TK as Ridge sorry.The show has already been cancelled in many countries and didn’t even get nominated for a writers guild award. Days of Lives which was in last place won this year. When Days takes B&B’s place and B&B drops down to last place we’ll see how many people are tuning in. You need to get a grip and get off our blog!

      • Devin: I did not put down your husband. While he has many fans, which I also stated, you cannot expect everyone to be a fan of his acting. Heather Tom has 5 Emmys and I am sure there are people who are not fans of her acting. There is no unanimity of opinion, even for Oscar winners. How can one expect it for soap actors? Ron has great presence and appeal. His acting, in my estimation, is forced and not natural. Other people will think differently. It is my opinion. I have no interest in boosting TK. His acting appealed to me, that’s it. You think differently. That is fine. I don’t know about ratings and if he will be off the show or whatever else. If that happens, so be it. I understand it is personal to you, but for us it is just a TV show. All the best.

      • Devin Devasquez

        Good to know Erika and yes everyone is entitled to their opinions and you are right about it being a personal preference.

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      You are really delusional. Go ahead and believe that if you want. Why don’t you read what Lindsey posted from Australia below. Whole countries hate him. When this stupid show gets cancelled and your precious TK is gone by summer then we’ll see who is watching. I already have inside info that he’s on the back burner and mark my words this show is going downhill fast because of him!

      • bobbiejo

        Thorston kaye…is the. New. Ridge….deal with it

      • I find it odd that I can back up everything I say with links & numbers and all you have is opinion. And as we all know, you are certainly entitled to it.

        Give me links! Show me where people hate him.

    • Julia (Lily) & Brad Reply


      If TK’s fb had an option to post comments the haters would be on there like gravy on rice.
      I have not watch B&B for about a year now but I know there is only one Ridge why bother SO YOU DEAL WITH THAT.

  57. Sharon Wells Reply

    I am glad that maybe some of the reason Ronn left the show is because he saw the writing on the wall for what Ridge would be doing in the future. It would just be laughfully to think that Ridge would want any part of a man. This TK man will probably not be gay but is a weak man and is falling into the Katie trap and that is fine for me. Our True Ridge has left the building !!!


      • Devin Devasquez

        thank you Heather. I’m being featured on a cooking show next month called, “American Food Battle” for Finland. There are lots of other things in the works right now, a few feature films and a possible talk show for Ronn, as well as, music tours and campaigns, so we are quite busy.

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